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An anonymous reader writes "Through a Google Summer of Code project this year was work to emulate systemd on OpenBSD. Upstream systemd remains uninterested in supporting non-Linux platforms so a student developer has taken to implementing the APIs of important systemd components so that they translate into native systemd calls. The work achieved this summer was developing replacements for the systemd-hostnamed, systemd-localed, systemd-timedated, and systemd-logind utilities. The hope is to allow for systemd-dependent components like more recent versions of GNOME to now run on OpenBSD."
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Comment: no (Score 1) 729

> if (a = b) assigns the contents of b to a and executes the code following if b 0. Who the hell thought that would be a good idea?

There are indeed times it is useful but I 100% agree, using the _same_ syntax as assignment was full retard.

The same syntax as what exactly? = is just assignment, nothing else.

They should of used:

You should of used "have". And your proposal is utter crap.

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