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Comment Re:It was the first standard for video? (Score 3, Informative) 406

The connector is gone, but the need for something equivalent persists. Network, adapters etc are nice, but they are very complicated to use; complicated enough to require a device driver [stack], which implies a booted operating system.

Until the OS is booted, all those ports are dark, IOW, one cannot use them for debugging the boot process, or the (booting) loader and kernel. The IBM PC, as much as I despise it, makes using the serial port trivial, since the BIOS effectively has a device driver for it (although manually driving it isn't much of a big deal either).

It takes:
mov ah 1
mov al <char>
mov dx 0
int 14h

to vomit <char> out the serial port from 16-bit real mode (i.e. the mode the loader starts in)

So one way or another, a serial port (equivalent) will persist. It might get a little harder to access, though (e.g. some Android phones have their serial console going out the audio jack...), but it can't be done away with altogether.

Comment Re:Year of the Linux desktop! (Score 1) 200

I hope you don't mind me disregarding your "It is so because I say so" comment.
And about that premise thing.. That's conclusions or implications, not analogies. The requirement for an analogy is that it is analogous (duh), and frankly, it is. You know what? Because I say so. I recommend doing a little research.

Comment Re:Year of the Linux desktop! (Score 0) 200

No, building something on top of something else usually means that the something else is, as a whole, the foundation of the something.
E.g. pfSense is built on top of FreeBSD. Ubuntu is built on top of Debian. Mac OS is built using some parts of various ancient BSD userlands, presumably because of the convenient licensing.

Car analogy: If I build a car that uses your transmission and your steering wheel, I haven't built my car on top of yours.

Submission + - NetHack 3.6.0 released

An anonymous reader writes: After 11 years, a new version of NetHack got released.

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