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Comment: Why is it even a problem? (Score 1) 1

by fireman sam (#48806243) Attached to: Do Female Programmers Have a Confidence Problem?

Perhaps there are not many girls in IT (any fields) because it is a shit job in where the smartest people (the devs) are always told what to do by the dumbest people (the managers).

Devs are require to build a bridge at a level not much higher than the molecular level without proper instructions and with the possibilities of huge structural changes that would result in either an unstable system (dev's fault) or a broken system (dev's fault) or a system that does not match what the customer thinks they want (dev's fault).

Fuck, if I could do my time again I would be as far away as possible from computers.

Comment: I call BS (Score 1) 3

by fireman sam (#48198941) Attached to: 80s ads are responsible for the lack of women coders

Computer science sucks as a career option. Once it was seen as an art form, now it is nothing more than a place on a factory production line with fucked up deadlines set by people who have no fucking idea what it takes to write a hello world program. Of the two sexes, women were the smart ones who saw that computer science was heading for the shitter and got out early. It's just the dicks like myself that sit in a dark room squinting at a bunch of monitors with chronic back pains and little social abilities that have continued in the career choice of everyone's bitch.

I fucking hate computers.

Comment: But... (Score 1) 1

by fireman sam (#48015677) Attached to: The Physics Of Space Battles

The assertions based are based on current technology and surely at that point in our future where we find ourselves locked in an interstellar battle against aliens, we would have developed flight systems that are capable of simulated planetary based flight (that is, deal with all the thrust to change directions crap) as well as a vast improvement in weapons technology to allow high intensity energy weaponry be accurate enough over long distances.

Comment: Call them (Score 1) 1

by fireman sam (#47923323) Attached to: Previous owner's call activity log available on prepaid phone numbers

Have some fun with the numbers. You can assume that some of the recipients will still have your number in their phone so when you call them they will think it is the previous owner.

Some ideas:

- Pretend you're an emergency worker and there has been a serious accident
- Pretend you're previous owner's boss/teacher and enquire as to why you saw them working at a brothel
- Pretend you're the police and the phone is evidence in a murder investigation.

- for best results it's best to do some background checks on the previous owner. Send SMS messages in different tones to different numbers to ascertain what gender and age group the previous owner fits.
- don't actually do this (but if you do, post your results)

Comment: Re:meh (Score 1) 2

by fireman sam (#47811617) Attached to: Did Microsoft Just Reveal the New Windows 9 Logo?

What is the point of this minimalistic approach to UI elements these days. We all have computers capable of displaying millions of colours yet we have UI designs that are more plain than a blank piece of paper. Perhaps they know that after WWIII we will all be using C=64 or (insert 80s tech here) and the minimal approach will be necessary.


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