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Comment: Re:Alternatives? Same problem.. (Score 1) 490

They. Are. Not. Destroying. It.

They are refusing to work with it, correcting a bug in their earlier software.

Neither the counterfeit chip maker, nor the counterfeit chip-using device maker, nor you have any expectation to use their unlicensed software.

Sucks to be you, the end user, but your beef is with the device maker, who should produce their own driver.

Comment: Re:Alternatives? Same problem.. (Score 1) 490

So jokers around here expect the driver to write nice, useful changes to the chip and OS, even if counterfeit, if part of the update?

But not to write changes so their driver won't work with it?

So the frauds get to shove their hands down your pants but you can't return the favor?

"You may shove your hamd into our pants to do good things, but not pinch us in the ball."

Myyyyyy, how magnanimous everyone ie with other peoples' efforts.

Comment: Not gonna make it (Score 1) 618

Chili's has these little kiosks at your table, a little unwired screen on a stand. Yo can swipe your own card and pay without waiting for a check.

I don't like it. Rarely do I "wait" for a check, and it seems like lazy on their part.

Ahhh, when can I perma-plug in to a virtual net with an autodoc to tend my body?

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by ozmanjusri (#48218477) Attached to: Assange: Google Is Not What It Seems

Somewhat true, but really as another Australian it's obvious that our country is being increasing run by the USA

I think it would be truer to say that both the USA and Australia are being run by the same plutocrats. They're aggressively expanding their oligarchy worldwide, with collusion from most of the governments they interact with, including our own exceptionally sycophantic pack.

Comment: Re:When you are inside the box ... (Score 1) 259

by ozmanjusri (#48218091) Attached to: Assange: Google Is Not What It Seems

You mean like how we in the US can see that China and Australia indoctrinate just as much, albeit differently?

Sort of, though someone actually living in the US won't have much visibility of the reality of Australian or Chinese life. It's more valid to say someone from the US visiting or living in Australia or China would have that insight.

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by ScentCone (#48218081) Attached to: Shooting At Canadian Parliament

Actually, we are sending several fighter jets to bomb ISIS, right now. Odds are that's what is precipitating these attacks.

No, nutballs who decide to kill soldiers on the street because they are part of an organization that is taking some modest steps to help stop other nutballs from killing more innocents as those nutballs attempt to institute a medieval Islamic thugocracy in as many places as possible ... that's what precipitated these attacks.

If the crazies weren't mad at the concept of having their Islamist wet dream torn down, then their followers in places like Canada wouldn't be getting the message to go out and kill soldiers in the street. None of that would happen without theocratic wackadoos deciding to kill those who are trying to stop their tactics. The attacks in Canada were precipitated by religion, not by Canada's involvement in trying to stop any army of tens of thousands of religious murders.

Comment: Re:When you are inside the box ... (Score 5, Interesting) 259

by ozmanjusri (#48217341) Attached to: Assange: Google Is Not What It Seems

You acting superior because you're from somewhere else is equivalent to an American acting superior because he's an American.

It's not about acting superior, it's about being able to see the system with clarity.

People who work within a system for their whole lives adapt themselves to it, and either find workarounds for aspects that restrict them or learn to conform to the restrictions. If they don't, they don't thrive or sometimes even survive. Someone coming from outside, from a culture with different (though sometimes overlapping restrictions) will feel those constraints more strongly, as they haven't adapted so closely to them.

So for an Australian (like me or Assange), or a Chinese (like Taco), the American socio-political constraints are clearer, and the flaws more glaring, not because we're better, but because we've grown up outside them.

TLDR: Sometimes it's easier to see things from the outside.

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by kesuki (#48210267) Attached to: Will Fiber-To-the-Home Create a New Digital Divide?

first of for the record, internet speeds are measured in bits per second this is also the case with video, but not everyone is a movie head. ergo a 60mbps connection is actually a 7.5mBps connection. says a typical 720p will use 2.5 mbps and a 1080p 5 mbps. this is wrong for many reasons. how many audio channels does it have if it's more than 0 it needs at a minimum 64 kbit/s per horrible lossy audio. then the problem with especially rapidly changing graphics causing encode time spikes where the data is not all capable of being stored at the given bitrate, then there is network routing delays and dropped packets. a buffer will usually smooth that out though.

okay then lets see here, every device that is used for youtube and netflix has to work simultaneously on all devices at the same time. sure a 10 mbit/s stream will let you get 2 streams of data, maybe if they're crappy quality you tubes. 60 mbps and then you can possibly stream 8 streams if they're meant to be shared on the internet. while you can thus say 60mbps is plenty fast for home users, there was a time (holidays) when there were 12 people on the wifi at the same time. and consumer wifi can have 50 connections, so realistically people need 375 mbps, so everyone at a party can stream at the same time. no that was a joke... with 6 antennas it is hard to run 50 connections anyways, even with them all being trancievers.

there were people who swore that dialup was enough for them, at the time who would have dared dream of being able to drop $120 for a 128 GigaByte chip the size of a fingernail so saying gigabit networking has no use for home users (though there clearly are for businesses, someone made netflix you know) is to be shortsighted.

Comment: Re:Just keep it off the servers.... (Score 1) 345

by kesuki (#48209173) Attached to: The Classic Control Panel In Windows May Be Gone

"Prepare for the steering wheel in new cars to work in exactly the opposite way, and for the brake pedal and accelerator to be active when released rather than pressed. Surely you won't get into much trouble on the road now that I've told you about that in advance."

nono its no use using a facetious quip. the gas can will now be on the passenger side, not the drivers side, but company b is putting them behing the rear driver plate. or wait the turn signal needs to be on the left side with the lights, no thats where we'll put the cruise control and the wiper blade activations. no wait lets move the lights to their own switch on the dash, no wait we need to put the wiper blades and the lights together...

had you used a real driver issue like the ones all real from above you would have gone further with the software/car analogy.

A failure will not appear until a unit has passed final inspection.