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Comment: Re:Maybe he should consider learning a language (Score 1) 470

For those who aren't aware, an idiom is a group of words that have a meaning other than their literal interpretation.

And in this case, the idiom is "I couldn't care less." Most of the time it's not literally true, but it conveys the sense that the person using the idiom considers whatever it is being described as being at or near the very bottom of the list of things he cares about. So low on the list that in practical terms, he couldn't care less.

So when someone says the opposite of that ("I could care less"), it's not even a nod to the actual concept - it's just someone making sounds similar to the sounds in the idiom, without actually thinking about the words they're saying. By your thinking, "I wooden flare lens" would also be an idiom because if you mutter it badly enough it also sounds like the real idiom.

Comment: Maybe he should consider learning a language (Score 0, Troll) 470

Like, perhaps, English. So that he could - after all these years as a professional who types out strings of characters that very specific meaning - understand that when he says "could have cared less about my career," he means "could NOT have cared less about my career."

Maybe he's been working all these years in languages that don't incorporate the concept of "not" or " ! " in evaluating two values. Are there any? I couldn't care less. Grown-ups who communicate or code for a living should be able to handle that one correctly.

Comment: Re:Bricking or Tracking? (Score 2) 285

so government a key portion of civilization is no longer needed once our corporate overlords take their place? and these $800 com devices that have $160 worth of parts every 18 months is better than taxes how? oh and hey the phone company will drop the price $200 if only you agree to pay $15 a month more cause a $600 phone is more affordable than if you pay $280 over time. sure there are pay as you go wireless... but they are carried in some markets they don't have towers in. same for contract based phones they will sign you up happily even if their computer says they have no towers where you live. because once the ink is there its final you have to pay.

the point of the government is to protect the people from companies and it has sadly failed many times many ways. lung black from coal miners goes untreated despite federal laws where are the government acting about that? obama care has the potential of killing a $3 billion dollar a year of fraudulent medical payments but no those are 'easy' jobs for the wealthy to profit off the suffering of the poor, so we can't let the program actually work now can we?


technology doesn't kill the need for government especially when it comes from corporations. the free market you say? then clearly they buy low sell high. even if granny freezes to death because propane went up in price when her social security payment went down. and IT IS REAL

the problem isn't that the government is too big, it is that it has not been doing it's job and is now more worried about how to keep the rich rich while allowing as many companies to be free of pesky regulations like preserving the quality of our water and air.

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by kesuki (#47715745) Attached to: Linus Torvalds: 'I Still Want the Desktop'

What really kills open source is that it doesn't have a functional GUI or a dearth of useful apps. It is because it doesn't have what marketing is looking for, vendor lock in for not giving competitors access to the same tools/data sets. It doesn't guarantee high profits, on low margins. It doesn't offer a user base of clueless clickers, who will pay because everyone else is charging for software, and think software means paying money...

Comment: Not an estate, and not huge. (Score 2) 105

by ScentCone (#47713995) Attached to: World's First 3D Printed Estate Coming To New York
When did having a pool turn a mid-size home into an "estate?"

And ... 2400 square feet is "huge?" I'm sure millions and millions of people will be delighted to discover that, all the sudden, they are living on huge estates.

Somebody's been watching too many "tiny home" hipster cult reality cable shows.

Comment: Re:No, not the cause of the breach. (Score 1) 85

by ScentCone (#47713917) Attached to: Heartbleed To Blame For Community Health Systems Breach

another car ran a red light and you plowed into them it would be all their fault?

Yes. The accident, as simplistically as you're describing it - which implies that "failing" or not, "you" were still able to drive around - is the fault of the driver that broke the law by running the red light. Without that driver's bad driving, the accident would not have occurred. Just like without the Chinese deliberately cracking in to take medical records, they wouldn't have thus been in receipt of those records. Which part of "the data theft cannot happen without a data thief actually acting to do the crime" are you unclear about? Though your car analogy is a bad one, it's very similar to, "You can't be in a collision with a person driving a car through a red light without that other person actually running the red." It's not complicated.

Comment: Re:Amost sounds like a good deal ... (Score 1) 376

by kesuki (#47700485) Attached to: Rightscorp's New Plan: Hijack Browsers Until Infingers Pay Up

remind me how many dollars sony was sued for over the walkman.

remind me how much has apple had to pay for illegal downloaded music playing on ipods.

the internet is a service, and with net neutrality it is not up to the isp to issue a court order to stop the infringement. they are not a court. neither is these stupid companies who harass people for using bittorrent or jigdo or ftp for crying out loud. the DMCA has clauses for takedown notices which the isp is allowed to essentially ignore unless the burden of proof is achieved. which these companies don't care about. this is shakedown money. and without net neutrality it is a forgone conclusion that to use the internet will require shakedown money for all future generations.

Comment: You get nothing. Good day, sir! (Score 4, Insightful) 169

If I were a schill for big business, I'd be all, "Yeah yeah! Do it! Let's compensate by geoengineering!"

DO NOT DO THIS. If it works and you overshoot, you'll induce another ice age, which can happen in as few as a couple of years. Unlike moving in from the oceans over 100-300 years (a nuisance, and less damaging to human life than slowing technological advancement by massive intervention in the economy) an ice age will indeed, and actually, and rapidly kill billions of people.

Lik Willy Wonka, I will sigh and burble flatedly, "No. Stop. Don't do it." but the children won't listen.

Comment: Re:It isn't only Windows 8 (Score 4, Informative) 302

In 5 years, I never had a Linux update break anything, no BSOD's or lockups either. The "other" PC, we'll call that "Windows" locks up at least once per day, BSOD's, nags about everything, loses its LAN connection configuration, won't do this or that, etc. Two identical PC's, one Linux, one Windows, only one is stable and trusted.

If you have Win7 or Win8 locking up once a day or BSODs etc, then the problem is you.
Seriously, it's you.

Have to agree with that sentiment. I have not had any major problems with win7 since replacing old outdated hardware. The last big problem I had was the AMD software which kept prompting me to update to the latest drivers, advice which I stupidly accepted; the AMD driver developers dropped support for 'old' chipsets but never modified the updaters to advise against installing drivers that were no longer compatible.

At the time I believed I was doing the right thing by keeping up with the suggested updates, this is not necessarily true all of the time. Sometimes you are trying to be too cheap instead of updating your old hardware. Also you should usually be able to track the cause of the BSOD and work out what hardware, driver etc. is being reported. Thats why the BSOD has all those scary numbers on it. So you can fix it. Instead of complaining about your daily BSOD.

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