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Comment Re:Too late (Score 1) 435

Yeah and we are focused on fixing all the issues that have caused projects to move.

Great news, tho I kept my project on SF all along, and it never seemed to suffer.
Personally I feel that some of the bitterness or whatever you want to call it is a little over the top here, the packaged installers were awful but I never suffered any invasive installations myself as it was obvious when the installers were carrying more payload than the thing I was trying to install. I guess it was the ethics of it that enraged so many people.

Comment Re:Article paid by Apple to boo over it. (Score 1) 456

The whole "homogenize mobile and desktop" line of thought is what gave us garbage like Windows 8. Targeting all devices means you have to follow the lowest common denominator. That, or implement platform-specific code, which is basically what you'd be doing for any cross-platform program to begin with.

This is the biggest cock up of the all. Our enterprise workstations are on win7, and it will take several committees and quite a lot of time and money for a new O/S to be tested with all the applications in use, before preparing to test, train and upgrade thousands of staff and thousands of workstations.

Now there is growing interest in having certain key staff and data services going mobile with tablets and phones, but at this stage windows 8.1 is the approved platform for achieving that. Apparently there are parts of the development cycle for 8.1 which I cannot perform on win7, you have to have 8.1 components installed. On top of that, us in development cannot see the point in fapping around with 8.1 now, and would prefer to use one platform that covers all needs, which logically would be windows 10, but I can't see that being adopted for several years, given the total cost to the business that would be involved.

I am most likely being short-sighted and have not investigated too many options just yet, but microsoft seem to have really fucked up the entire development scene for large enterprises, shattering faith and confidence in the great .Net solution which was once supposed to end all disparity, and scattered development tools, frameworks and learning requirements across a range of platforms. We will indeed be stuck catering to the lowest common denominator, which microsoft do not seem to appreciate as they seem to believe businesses are happy throwing away all their currently running software and replacing the lot, every time they decide to mess things around.

Comment Re: Dat's racist (Score 1) 464

You would have to judge how old is too old, by meeting some of the racist old bastards who unfortunately have too much influence on others around them. I was not excusing them by any means, simply stating that, in my opinion, the older people are, the less likely they will be to change the attitudes that have been ingrained in them by their family or peers all of their lives.

Comment Re: Dat's racist (Score 1) 464

Not immediate death... They deserve the chance to learn that they were raised by and/or among ignorant people. Older generations maybe cannot be expected to change the racist views they were imprinted with, but younger people in this bigger more communicative world should be expected to see beyond that crap, and also be able to see that people of any race can be an arsehole.

Comment Re:Physicists correct me if I'm wrong. (Score 1) 257

How is that a hidden variable theory?
Its much the same as taking two balls of silly putty and pressing them against opposite sides of a coin. In a dark room. Then taking one of them down the road to your mates place, where he can look at it and know what the one you left at home looks like. Whats hidden? Its only the imaginary "I don't know" probability wave which you "collapse" by looking at one of them. All the rest is just a big mind-fuck. And Einstein was more concerned with the stupid theories people were making up about quantum physics than the challenge of broken locality.

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