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by LesFerg (#48135043) Attached to: Hawking Radiation Mimicked In the Lab

Hawking radiation doesn't "Escape" a black hole. In empty space, there is a constant seething foam of particle-antiparticle pairs that get created all the time.

My understanding is that those particles in "empty" space are virtual particles, but the intense gravitational field at an event horizon coerces them into becoming real particles. The ones that escape were a product of the black hole's gravity energy, hence they have taken some of its energy away with them. This could even cause a black hole to shrink over time, apparently. Its been a while since I read any of this stuff tho.

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by LesFerg (#48134659) Attached to: Secretive X-37B Military Space Plane Could Land On Tuesday

Was that information you received from the dental implant containing the transceiver you were given following the anal probe procedure during the last "visit"?

You may joke, but getting a dental implant via anal probe is no laughing matter. Its also not a recommended method for flossing.

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In 5 years, I never had a Linux update break anything, no BSOD's or lockups either. The "other" PC, we'll call that "Windows" locks up at least once per day, BSOD's, nags about everything, loses its LAN connection configuration, won't do this or that, etc. Two identical PC's, one Linux, one Windows, only one is stable and trusted.

If you have Win7 or Win8 locking up once a day or BSODs etc, then the problem is you.
Seriously, it's you.

Have to agree with that sentiment. I have not had any major problems with win7 since replacing old outdated hardware. The last big problem I had was the AMD software which kept prompting me to update to the latest drivers, advice which I stupidly accepted; the AMD driver developers dropped support for 'old' chipsets but never modified the updaters to advise against installing drivers that were no longer compatible.

At the time I believed I was doing the right thing by keeping up with the suggested updates, this is not necessarily true all of the time. Sometimes you are trying to be too cheap instead of updating your old hardware. Also you should usually be able to track the cause of the BSOD and work out what hardware, driver etc. is being reported. Thats why the BSOD has all those scary numbers on it. So you can fix it. Instead of complaining about your daily BSOD.

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Even with a non-functional kernel, you can boot from a rescue disk and add other kernel versions in there, can't you?
My Debian install usually has a couple of kernels to choose from in the boot menu.
Graphics driver problems shouldn't stop you from getting a working command prompt, allowing you to fix or replace the driver.

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I can usually find some way to boot into a repair mode and get things running again in Linux (I usually go with Debian) without having to follow the Microsoft approach of restoring my whole O/S from the install disk - which some people have been forced to do with these recent update bugs as they can't even get a boot into Windows safe mode.

I have never had an update hose my Linux system so badly that I cannot get in there and replace or remove the offending driver or whatever.

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by LesFerg (#47627809) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best PDF Handling Library?

Oh, and I don't even want to research this myself, I want others to do the work ... for free.

Thats a bit unfair. I had a need to convert some output into PDF a while back and started looking thru the many proprietary and open source options, and there were a lot to choose from. It was awfully hard to determine which were quality and which weren't. Installing and trying to program a working solution against each API would have taken up a huge amount of time. There is nothing at all wrong with asking if others have been thru some of that process and found a favorite. I certainly would have liked to see some comparisons or good product reviews to help me decide.

Also, one thing I started to suspect; a number of the supposedly proprietary PDF tools and API's that I investigated appeared to just be a GUI and some wrappings around a GPL PDF library, usually Ghostscript, with little or no attribution given. Once again, there is nothing wrong with asking for other peoples experience with these tools and libraries; you don't want to find out you have breached GPL licensing AFTER you have created your solution, do you?

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by LesFerg (#47603957) Attached to: Sony Tosses the Sony Reader On the Scrap Heap

I love my PRS-T1 too, but sadly the dictionary app got grundled and if I accidentally activate it the unit freezes and needs to be rebooted.

It would be great if Sony could unlock these readers to allow us to add different reader apps. There are a few hack instructions on the web but they seem to apply to specific regional versions, so I don't want to brick the thing entirely by taking the risk.

The main issue with putting a standard Android app on the T1 appears to be getting its display mode modified to remove scrolling and unnecessary animations, also they need to be lightweight apps that the slow CPU won't have fits on.

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by LesFerg (#47445953) Attached to: How Deep Does the Multiverse Go?

A better analogy would also represent the space time continuum and the gravity well relative to the ant.
See if your ant is walking on a large rubber sheet, then you drop a bowling ball on the spot the ant is currently at... oh wait, the universe just made my ant 2 dimensional.
But you will notice that it is travelling much slower now...

The reason that every major university maintains a department of mathematics is that it's cheaper than institutionalizing all those people.