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Comment Re:Can I jump ship yet? (Score 1) 88

I hate that Linux has such bad graphical card support. Games are the only thing that are keeping me on the Windows platform. I think it really is the only thing that is keeping the world from a "Linux on the desktop" utopia.

Please don't copy-and-paste from 10 year old slashdot comments.

Comment Re:/facepalm (Score 1) 426

Just a day or two ago /. does the responsible thing and posts an article that actually discusses what is going on and shows that it's really not that big a deal. The very next day they're bad to spreading fud. Make up your mind, and stop trying to have it both ways.

But it's worse than that; this is an article telling noob users how to open Settings and untick a bunch of options. With screenshots. Any regular slashdotter should feel quite insulted having this article posted here. Seriously, somebody thinks we need to see some screenshots of how the Settings pages work.

Comment Re:MicroFocus has been trying for decades (Score 1) 86

Yes but personally I stopped using the 'visual' aspect of it years ago. Sure it makes for some nifty presentation videos, look you just drag one of these onto here and drag a whatsit onto that thingy and your program writes itself.... riiiight.

It's a great code editor, the 'visual' power for me is in good syntax highlighting. That is useful for most any programming or markup language.

Comment Re:MicroFocus has been trying for decades (Score 1) 86

MicroFocus has been trying to decades to get people to use COBOL off of the mainframe, but haven't had much luck

Could it be their pricing model? I was tempted to try it some time ago, as a nostalgia kick, but found it was quite an expensive platform, which nobody is going to pick up to try out if it means they would have to take on a major mission of convincing their employer that there was a future with it, when it wasn't even possible to find out how good it was in the first place.

Comment Re:Ethics? (Score 1) 190

I put a trap in my ceiling space to conquer a rat invasion. The first strike was within hours, but the next one I never heard and a few days later when I got up there to check it, there was a scattering of chewed bone pieces around the trap, none larger than a centimetre, and not a trace of anything else, not even fur.
So where is their ethics cut-off, and how to we measure ours against theirs?

Still, I would rather NOT be part of a project which uses coercion (torture?) such as depriving a bunch of rats of water until they do what I want.

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