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Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 329

Tell you what, let's invent this thing called "freedom", and let people be free to live their insane lives as they see fit.

So, regardless of your religion, or your politics-as-religion, your Great Ideas end where my nose begins.

No cake baking for ceremonies you are religiously offended by.

No orders to twitter to delete gay emojis.

My, what a nice, peaceful place.

Comment I'll by that for a dollar! (Score 5, Insightful) 183

Good. And, more specifically, the right to pay for things anonymously, much like you have the right to speak anonymously.

It isn't about thwarting justice. It is about forbidding government the tools of tyranny, including the ability to filch through your stuff and activities at will until they find something they can tag you, uppity person, with.

Comment Re:The problem is user error. (Score 1) 571

The problem isn't that the GPS is wrong, the problem is that the user is in error. In the Iceland case, the driver made a typo and wound up going to a similarly-named road 250 miles away. Had he entered the correct street name, he would likely have made it to his destination without a problem. I'm guessing the Belgium-Croatia case is similar.

The nav system can be in error if there has been recent construction. We tried to route in a rental car in San Diego to a restaurant and it got us looping infinitely in a little area where new roads had been lain but nonew buildings.

Comment Re:No global deletion (Score 1) 93

Most people posting on the previous story didn't seem to understand that rather important distinction either. My guess is that the AC who posted the story was similarly confused.

Allow me to chuckle at all those people who claimed Google would never agree to this and simply pull out of France too. I'm glad to see that European privacy laws have real teeth.

Translation: "I'm glad men with police behind them who deign to deny me their permission to read things they don't want me to have real teeth."

What a proud fuckin' moment for the free west.

Comment Re:Bad Summary (Score 2) 93

Because there would be too much outrage. This is where we in the US must differ from our European colleagues and demand the US impose its will on the world.

I hope in these countries for censored results, they return a page with "Certain results censored because a man with power demanded it, so you cannot see it because you do not have his permission. His name, address, and phone number are..."

Comment Re:Why not overseas .... (Score 1) 154

But quality and length of life is skyrocketting in India and China as they relax economic controls amd open their markets.

The average worldwide is thus increasing rapidly as capitalism continues to work its unparalleled wonders at improving the average person's life.

This is slowed but hardly reversed in America, for the moment. But if you care about the average person worldwide, you should be crying yourself to sleep with joy every night.

The proper measure isn't a Chinese factory vs. an overregulated US one, a rhetorical device. The proper measure is a Chinese factory and apartment vs. a literal dirt floor shack existence which preceeded it.

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