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Comment The heckle's bombing (Score 1) 211

This is the "heckler's veto" writ large.

The hecklers's veto is when government claims the power to silence you because other people might get violent over your speech. (This is separate from "them's fighting words", as they are not statements directed to provoke a particular person.)

In the US these inevitably get tossed as unconstitutional. As should something like this. We, The People, choose to take the risk of gathering. Your permitted job, government, is to secure that right.

That is the only power we have granted you.

Other countries without serious constitutions, that follow vox populi vox dei, YMMV.

Comment Re:Waste isn't much of a problem (Score 1) 284

Fujashima was due to the one two punch of an earthquake followed by a tsunami. The earthquake knocked out the plant's energy generation itself, and the backup power lines to other plants, then the tsunami flooded the basement with the backup generators. Then no power to control the cooling pumps.

Tip top equipment wouldn't have helped.

Comment Re:Why do you insist for yourself what you refuse (Score 1) 66

Properly speaking, democracy is a subset of freedom, not the other way around.

A vox populi vox dei concept, where everything under the sun is doable as long as you can stir up a transient 51% majority, is nothing to be proud of, and is the source of the collapse of past democracy.

You seek to give the nasty shitheads of history the power to censor. And by nasty shitheads, I mean the elected leaders who command men with guns to do the silencing.

Why would anyone have confidence such a system will hold up in the long run?

Better to strip government of all that power, and suffer the occasional downside as the price.

Comment Re:GM producers are shooting themselves in the foo (Score 1) 514

Correct. It is fraud to complain there is something wrong with it, and hence for government to mandate fraud.

Other, illogical concerns are not the government's perogative to force on people.

Religious issues aside, should government mandate kosher or not kosher labeling because some folks are concerned with that? Halal? No elves killed while making these cookies?

People concerned with GMO can search out products free of it.

Comment Re:GM producers are shooting themselves in the foo (Score 1) 514

"If we tell them what is and what is not GM, some people will refuse to buy the GM, even if they are not sure the non-GM is better."

Well, some others will choose to buy the GM, even if they are not sure the GM is better. Stupidity works both ways, you know?

I was under the impression that all this fuss about "free market" required "perfectly informed parties", right?

"It might even end up killing the GM industry"

And favoring the GM industry might even end up killing the Organic Foods industry. Didn't know it was some kind of government mandate to favor a side of an industry against any other.

The issue is government mandates. Government should have real science behind reasons for labelling (or banning.)

For that matter, a company voluntarily labeling "GMO-free" may be satisfying illogical consumer demand, but that is a scam.

Comment Re:Red Mercury = Wildly Batshit Insane (Score 1) 330

people who are wildly batshit insane keep yakking about the mythical "red mercury"

Or they watched Star Trek's "Red Matter" plot....

I immediately thought the opposite, that whoever wrote red matter into the plot was aping the legend of red mercury.

Hmmmm, I wonder what protomatter, which every ethical scientist has denounced as dangerously unpredictable, was aping.

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