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Comment: Re:Alternatives? Same problem.. (Score 1) 447

They. Are. Not. Destroying. It.

They are refusing to work with it, correcting a bug in their earlier software.

Neither the counterfeit chip maker, nor the counterfeit chip-using device maker, nor you have any expectation to use their unlicensed software.

Sucks to be you, the end user, but your beef is with the device maker, who should produce their own driver.

Comment: Re:Alternatives? Same problem.. (Score 1) 447

So jokers around here expect the driver to write nice, useful changes to the chip and OS, even if counterfeit, if part of the update?

But not to write changes so their driver won't work with it?

So the frauds get to shove their hands down your pants but you can't return the favor?

"You may shove your hamd into our pants to do good things, but not pinch us in the ball."

Myyyyyy, how magnanimous everyone ie with other peoples' efforts.

Comment: Not gonna make it (Score 1) 557

Chili's has these little kiosks at your table, a little unwired screen on a stand. Yo can swipe your own card and pay without waiting for a check.

I don't like it. Rarely do I "wait" for a check, and it seems like lazy on their part.

Ahhh, when can I perma-plug in to a virtual net with an autodoc to tend my body?

Comment: Re:Is this legal? (Score 0) 686

by Impy the Impiuos Imp (#48206253) Attached to: FTDI Reportedly Bricking Devices Using Competitors' Chips.

The mfr. who used the counterfeit chip should pay for it. And you, as end user, should be aware you may be using scam hardware, the cheaper and more off-mainline brand you go.

Properly speaking, get upset at your fraudulent device maker, not the official chip/driver maker. And if you knew it was a counterfeit chip, well, you pays your money and takes your chances.

Comment: Re:I can already see it (Score 1) 172

by Impy the Impiuos Imp (#48186721) Attached to: Microsoft Gearing Up To Release a Smartwatch of Its Own

I bet it's called the X-Watch, has an x86 CPU and tries to cram the regular version of Windows into a 2" display with a tiny cursor controlled by a Kinect camera you wear on your head via the included X-BaseballCap.

Hehe. It's actually called the "M2, which is short for meeeeeeee tooooooooooooooo."

Comment: Re:Simple solution ... (Score 2) 57

A world where government runs roughshod over corporate centers of wealth (alternate power centers in memespeak) will continue to grow at the behest of The People until they do away with these alternate centers completely.

Then you get dictatorship or communism, neither of which can hold a candle to freedom with capitalism-as-corollary of freedom.

Comment: Re:Fuck you american money (Score 1) 57

You happily take the product of our astounding invention rates, while shitting all over the process.

You, and Europe, and the rest of the world should be more like us, not the other way around.

7 billion people churning out inventions at the same rate as the 320 million in the US would be magnificent for increasing the quality and length of life.

Anything else is literally mass-murderous.

Comment: Re:Baby steps (Score 1) 351

It's about politics. With one swift cut, you can save billions and stop your predecessor from getting credit for a new moon shot.

Obama killed off one such endeavor of Bush's.

he ideas consist of sending autonomous robots to various locations in space to create infrastructure using local resources with advanced manufacturing technology, such as 3D printing. The new aspect is that someone in the White House is publicly discussing these concepts.

Well, it's about time. I've been saying for years we should launch robots and what-not up to Mars and construct a functional base with food and the ability to grow more, and only then launch humans up there.

This "giant moonshot" standard plan is idiotic and prone to failure.

"How do I love thee? My accumulator overflows."