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Here is an interesting page showing how to use DslrDashboard (open source) with TP-Link Battery Powered Wireless router along with LR Timelapse to have a really powerful way to control your camera. Except for the LR Timelapse portion, the DSLR dashboard is open source and you're using Open WRT. The hardware on the battery router is pretty much identical to a commercial offering (whose name escapes me right now) that is charging $$$$$$ for this type of set up.

I've got the components, and hope to find a weekend free soon to hook it to my Canon 5D3 for some time-lapse and other controlled shooting. I figured it nothing else, this would breathe a bit more useful life back into my old Motorola Xoom tablet.

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Yep, that's precisely what I was thinking...the iPad with the general public, has become a generic word for 'tablet'.

Kinda like Kleenex is pretty much any facial tissue you blow your nose on, Xerox is any copy machine, and in the south, Coke pretty much means any type of carbonated beverage (as in "hey, you want a coke or something?" "Yes", "Ok, what flavor?")

Coke-or-something being one word when asked...

But yes, I've heard before people asking, "what kind of iPad do you have there?"

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Arrays in C++ start at 0. I'm pretty sure you can set a pointer into the middle of the array in C++ and do this by indexing the pointer. I know you can do it in C -- a couple companies ago I deployed something that did that into production code, mainly to keep the design review board on their toes. They weren't, and it got deployed that way. I thought it made more sense that way anyway, so I never mentioned it. It's entirely possible it's already confused the hell out of a code maintenance guy, but hopefully he'll think it makes more sense that way too.

+ - The Ottawa Linux Symposium needs your help! Two weeks left!->

Submitted by farrellj
farrellj (563) writes "The Ottawa Linux Symposium (OLS) has been a fixture on the Linux community for the better part of two decades, and at the helm Andrew Hutton has been doing wonderful work in putting together the event year after year. But he needs help, as costs have slowly crept up, and bushwhacked him financially.

Here is what Jon maddog Hall says"
"The economy, along with what we will call an “unfortunate sponsor situation”, has forced a financial burden on the main producer of the event. In a last ditch attempt to keep the event alive, he has turned to an Indiegogo “crowd-sourcing” project to help raise awareness to the situation and to raise funds for the next event. He has created a page with “perks”, which include discounts to future OLS symposia, assuming they happen.
For those of you who have gone in the past, and for those of you that want to go in the future, think about donating a bit of money to help get this symposium back on its feet. Even the smallest donation on the site will show potential sponsors that symposium like this are important.

The Ottawa Linux Symposium has been a major player over the years in bringing many of the main people behind Linux together, and many major developments have come out of the face-to-face time this event has provided to the community. It would be a shame to let it slide away...please help if you can!"

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