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Comment: Re:Lost the "tech" in tech support (Score 1) 210

by Greyfox (#47565015) Attached to: Comcast Confessions
Just use the Google public DNS. Also, Windows 7 can have intermittent DNS issues like that when waking up from hibernation. It can ping fine by IP, just not domain name. So if the problem keeps happening after you switch to Google, that's probably why. From poking around on the Internet, Microsoft's answer to that seems to be "Try another network card." Mine is, "The problem doesn't happen with Linux."

Comment: Re:Radicalization (Score 1) 802

by Chordonblue (#47560867) Attached to: Gaza's Only Power Plant Knocked Offline

Just imagine - for five seconds what our response would be if, instead of illegals, Mexico decided to lob rockets at us.

The idea of 'proportional response' becomes a bit fuzzy. You want it to stop. You want them to understand that the consequences will NOT be proportional. You want them to fully realize the fist of God that is our military might. The fact remains that Hamas provokes the situation because of people like you. People who seem to think singing 'Imagine' at them will cause a sudden peace to breakout. People who provide aid and comfort to those who start lobbing rockets at civilian areas, who excuse their actions, and then expect Israel to just sit there and take it.

What would you suggest? That Israel lobs a proportional amount of rockets at random locations in Gaza? Look, these people don't WANT peace. I know that's hard for your type to understand this mindset, but from a young age, Palestinians are taught that Jews are the enemy. There is no peace to be gained in this situation, now or in the visible future.

And the provocations will continue. And the response to said provocations will continue.

Tell me, do you think Hamas is somehow surprised at Israel's response? Really? Where is this compassion for the Palestinian people when it comes to the actions of Hamas? Why aren't we calling for war crimes on these provocateurs?

Comment: Like So Many of Humanity's Woes (Score 3, Interesting) 802

by Greyfox (#47556983) Attached to: Gaza's Only Power Plant Knocked Offline
This one seems to be caused by a tiny percentage of assholes on both sides. Peace will never be in the assholes' best interest as it will reduce the amount of control the assholes have over their populations. Dozens of times during my lifetime peace has been within reach, only to be shattered by some asshole on one side or the other. Until such time as leaders arise on both sides who are interested and committed to a peaceful solution, this situation will not change.

Comment: Re:All software is full of bugs (Score 5, Funny) 143

But we don't do that. We never do that. As developers, we hide our head in the sand until we absolutely can no longer ignore then problem, and then we say "Whoops! My bad!" As consumers we assume that professionally published software should be reasonably free of bugs or exploitable code. And people start being held accountable by law for their shitty software, the status quo will never change.

I was demonstrating to a shitty software developer the other day how all his input sanitizing routines were in the javascript front end to his web application and anyone bypassing the javascript could essentially have their way with the back-end database, and he told me "Oh you're making a back-end API call, no one will ever do that!" No one except the guy who's hacking your fucking system, jackass. People like that make me want to sign on as Linus' personal dick-puncher. Whenever someone writes some shitty software that pisses Linus off, I will find that person and I will PUNCH THEM IN THE DICK. Because I swear to god, that's what it's going to take. Congress is going to have to WRITE A LAW allowing me to HUNT PEOPLE DOWN and PUNCH THEM IN THE DICK over the SHITTY SOFTWARE they write. And when that day comes, with God as my witness, I will PITCH A TENT outside MICROSOFT HEADQUARTERS, and that will be the LAST TENT EVER PITCHED at MICROSOFT HEADQUARTERS!

Comment: Is There A Lot More Activity (Score 1) 157

by Greyfox (#47538323) Attached to: Soccer Superstar Plays With Very Low Brain Activity
Is there a lot more activity somewhere else in his nervous system? Perhaps we distribute the processing load as we learn the moves. IIRC I've read a couple of papers that suggest that more processing than we realize takes place in our retinas when we do object recognition. I'd guess if you measured the brain activity of someone who's been driving for a couple of decades while they're driving, you'll find a lot less brain activity than someone who's just started. Maybe that's why the newbie has so much trouble with it -- it's an activity that requires a lot of reflexive movement and the newbie hasn't learned those yet. I've noticed that when I get in a car where the controls are a bit different, my eyes don't know where to go to gather the information that I need right now and I actually have to think about it. Could be a symptom of that...

Comment: Re:Rick Perry finally thought pf the third one? (Score 1, Troll) 292

WTF is the Dept of Energy supposed to be investigating fucking climate change?!?!

The Energy Dept, should be only working on current and NEW forms of energy.

Of course funding should be cut for things that should not be part of their mandate.

This makes about as much sense as instructing NASA to make more efforts to placate muslims er oh wait.

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