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+ - The Ottawa Linux Symposium needs your help! Two weeks left!->

Submitted by farrellj
farrellj (563) writes "The Ottawa Linux Symposium (OLS) has been a fixture on the Linux community for the better part of two decades, and at the helm Andrew Hutton has been doing wonderful work in putting together the event year after year. But he needs help, as costs have slowly crept up, and bushwhacked him financially.

Here is what Jon maddog Hall says"
"The economy, along with what we will call an “unfortunate sponsor situation”, has forced a financial burden on the main producer of the event. In a last ditch attempt to keep the event alive, he has turned to an Indiegogo “crowd-sourcing” project to help raise awareness to the situation and to raise funds for the next event. He has created a page with “perks”, which include discounts to future OLS symposia, assuming they happen.
For those of you who have gone in the past, and for those of you that want to go in the future, think about donating a bit of money to help get this symposium back on its feet. Even the smallest donation on the site will show potential sponsors that symposium like this are important.

The Ottawa Linux Symposium has been a major player over the years in bringing many of the main people behind Linux together, and many major developments have come out of the face-to-face time this event has provided to the community. It would be a shame to let it slide away...please help if you can!"

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Comment: Re:Tell me again... (Score 1) 538

by farrellj (#46376651) Attached to: U.S. Students/Grads Carrying Over $1 Trillion In Debt

It's another bubble, and we shall see who is going to suffer when the education bubble bursts. I know students who would have to work half their lifetime to pay back the "student debt", but the same universities are attending have dramatically cut the number of tenured profs, while "part time" profs and TAs have to cover more and more of delivering the course load...and are purposely kept at "part time" status to the point they school will drop courses to make sure they don't work more than the number of hours the law says you must treat them as full time staff.

Universities, like governments, should not be run like companies, since education suffers when you do so.

Comment: Re:amused that they talk about the DT environs (Score 1) 136

by farrellj (#45380053) Attached to: Slackware Linux 14.1 Released


I do know all of those operating systems, and many more. But, I was trying to inject a bit of humour too! If you take Linux, or anything (hint *BSD/Debian users...) too seriously, you annoy people, and make them less likely to use your operating system. Slackware (come on, *think* about the name!!!) is never going to be able to take itself too seriously! And that is why I still use it, as well as Mint, Mac OS, and Windows 7 (at least on this system...). One of the few nice things you can do since Apple switched to Intel from Motorola/PPC hardware!

Comment: Re:amused that they talk about the DT environs (Score 4, Insightful) 136

by farrellj (#45364079) Attached to: Slackware Linux 14.1 Released

Actually, us Slackware Users us whatever the fsck we want, because we know how to do it all! CDE, KDE, Gnome, Enlightenment, raw X, screen, and anything else we can dig up. We not only know how to use it, we customize it so that other users on the same machine have a hard time time using it! What's more, we probably also know how to use Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, RHEL, CentOS, SUSE, Debian, Arch, *BSD, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Mac OS (7-10), and another dozen operating systems that most of you haven't heard of! We can even make Windows useful! We Kick OS BUTT!

All single OS users must cringe in the shadow of our awesomeness!


Comment: Re:Personally (Score 1) 655

Even that's not good enough. I work in the electronics industry and the educated and schooled engineers fuck up far more than the merely "educated but unschooled" I.T. staff. And this is saying a lot, because we are a Windows shop.

Well there's your problem!

Windows aims to be a simple OS for the opposed to Unix which is aimed at computer geeks and engineers.

I would be surprised to see the same comment ending in..."AIX shop" or "Solaris shop" for example.


+ - GPS Patent Troll takes it on the chin!->

Submitted by farrellj
farrellj (563) writes "Dovden Investments, labelled as a Patent Troll by many, got more than they bargained for when they went after Ottawa developer Larry Dunkelman. Mr. Dunkelman wrote BusBuddy, an app that takes GPS and scheduling data from OC Transpo, the local city bus service, and predicts when the bus you are waiting for will actually arrive. But when Dovden came along and asked for $10,000, as a "licensing" fee, Dunkelman got angry, and decided to fight. He hired an ace intellectual property and started chipping away at the company's claims...very successfully! And it went so good that Dovden has discontinued the suit, probably for fear of having a precedent established against them, and are now being chased by Dunkelman and his lawyer for legal costs. But Dovden has worse problems...the Canadian Urban Transit Association, representing transit agencies national wide, has filed suit to have Dovden's patents declared invalid!"
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Comment: Re:Movies (Score 5, Funny) 322

by farrellj (#44761319) Attached to: What's your favorite medium for Sci-Fi?

Books can be very immersive! For example, back when I first read Larry Niven's book Ringworld, I had an interesting experience...

I was bicycling through a bunch of allotment gardens, and noticed on plot had nothing but sunflowers...and I started to panic. SUNFLOWERS!!! Then I realized that it was cloudy that day, so I was safe....then I figuratively kicked myself...I was on Earth, not Ringworld!

That's Immersive!

Comment: Re:Until /tmp fills up (Score 1) 251

by farrellj (#44620407) Attached to: Why the NSA Can't Replace 90% of Its System Administrators

Unix, and by extension, Linux does exactly what you tell it to, no more, no less.

First of all, if your server is filling up so fast, why don't you have any tools that monitor it? Even simple tools like old Big Brother (Or one of it's open source clones) will notify you with an email, SMS message to your phone, or even a voice call. Also, if all your logs are not compressed except for the current ones, then you don't have logrotate.d configured properly, and if you have lots of servers, then you probably have a devoted remote logserver.

Basically, what you are complaining about is that *you* don't know how to set up logging, monitoring and management on a Linux system.

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