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37 States Join Investigation of Google Street View 269

Posted by samzenpus
from the loking-into-the-lookers dept.
bonch writes "Attorneys General from 37 states have joined the probe into Google's Street View data collection. The investigation seeks more information behind Google's software testing and data archiving practices after it was discovered that their Street View vans scanned private WLANs and recorded users' MAC addresses. Attorney general Richard Blumenthal said, 'Google's responses continue to generate more questions than they answer. Now the question is how it may have used — and secured — all this private information.'"

The Pirate Bay Sinks And Swims 347

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the whac-a-mole dept.
mikael_j writes "This morning the German ISP that had been hosting The Pirate Bay's website and search engine shut the site down. A few hours later the website was back up, this time with hosting provided by the Swedish Pirate Party, which issued a press release (in Swedish) explaining why they have chosen to host The Pirate Bay."

Texas Schools Board Rewriting US History 1238

Posted by kdawson
from the nation-chosen-by-god dept.
suraj.sun picked up a Guardian (UK) piece on the Texas school board and their quest to remake US education in a pro-American, Christian, free enterprise mode. We've been keeping an eye on this story for some time, as it will have an impact far beyond Texas. From the Guardian: "The board is to vote on a sweeping purge of alleged liberal bias in Texas school textbooks in favor of what Dunbar says really matters: a belief in America as a nation chosen by God as a beacon to the world, and free enterprise as the cornerstone of liberty and democracy. ... Those corrections have prompted a blizzard of accusations of rewriting history and indoctrinating children by promoting right-wing views on religion, economics, and guns while diminishing the science of evolution, the civil rights movement, and the horrors of slavery. ... Several changes include sidelining Thomas Jefferson, who favored separation of church and state, while introducing a new focus on the 'significant contributions' of pro-slavery Confederate leaders during the Civil War. ... Study of Sir Isaac Newton is dropped in favor of examining scientific advances through military technology."

Bach Launches Updated MP3 Format 279

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the more-than-just-hinderance-a-novel-idea dept.
An anonymous reader writes to tell us that Bach Technology has rolled out an updated MP3 file format in a bid to combat music piracy. Dubbed "MusicDNA," the new format offers embedded "updatable premium content" like lyrics, videos, news updates, and album artwork. "Using the new technology, music labels and bands will be able to send updates to the music files – with tour dates, interviews or updates to social networking pages – while illegally-downloaded files remain static. ... No major labels have signed up to use MusicDNA so far, but British record company Beggars Group and US label Tommy Boy are both on board. However, the files are likely to be more expensive than MP3 files – according to the BBC – and will have to compete with Apple's iTunes LP, which already provides additional content such as bonus tracks, lyrics and video interviews."

+ - Dual Screen Laptops ->

Submitted by smitty777
smitty777 (1612557) writes "Judging by the recent Slashdot poll , many of you out there will be as excited as I am by Kohhinsha's new dual screen laptop. The screens can be rotated 180 degrees for viewing and fold for transport. The image gallery shows the device in a single display mode, so I'm assuming this is configurable on the fly. The site also claims the laptop is only .75 inches thick when folded."
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+ - UNIX turns 40

Submitted by IndioMan
IndioMan (411484) writes "The systems world will shortly be celebrating a major anniversary milestone. UNIX is turning 40 years old! Most of us know the story of how UNIX was born, but what about why? Was it born strictly because its founders wanted to play a computer game on a different platform? And why does UNIX continue to thrive 15 years after an (in)famous Byte Magazine article that asked: Is UNIX dead?"

+ - NASA Nebula: Cloud Computing in a Container->

Submitted by 1sockchuck
1sockchuck (826398) writes "NASA has built its Nebula cloud computing platform inside a data center container so it can add capacity quickly, bringing extra containers online in 120 days. Nebula will provide on-demand compute power for NASA researchers managing large data sets and image repositories. "Nebula has been designed to automatically increase the computing power and storage available to science- and data-oriented web applications as demand rises" explains NASA's Chris Kemp. NASA has created the project using open source components and will release Nebula back to the open source community. "Hopefully we can provide a good example of a successful large-scale open source project in the government and pave the way for similar projects in other agencies," the Nebula team writes on its blog."
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+ - Working Totally In The Cloud As a Web Developer

Submitted by tedcarew
tedcarew (1691364) writes "Lately, with or without realizing, everything is moving to the cloud so fast. I no longer use MS office software or have a 2nd harddrive to backup my data. They are all in the cloud.

After reading an inspiring article: "100% Web-Based Working For Web Designers", realized that it is already so possible to work in the cloud without the need of any software but only an internet connection.

There is an alternative for every desktop application in the web: file management, image editing, storage, etc. Working in the cloud does not only mean portability but also a huge decrease in the licensing costs of softwares used, no need to purchasing stronger computers every year and so. What do you think, is it worth and possible?"

+ - Scientists step down after CRU Hack fallout->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "In the wake of the recent release of thousands of private files and emails after a server of the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia was hacked, Prof. Phil Jones is stepping down as head of the CRU. Prof. Michael Mann, another prominent climate scientist is also under inquiry by Penn State University."
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+ - LCD Motion Blur: Fact and Fiction->

Submitted by WesternActor
WesternActor (300755) writes "ExtremeTech has a story written by Raymond Soneira, the president of DisplayMate that addresses whether motion blur is still the problem with HDTVs it's always considered. He set up an elaborate test over several months to measure motion blur, and goes into a lot of detail about the process and his findings, some of which run counter to a lot of what you hear about HDTVs. It's very interesting to read about how this one-time problem has been distorted by both time and the manufacturers themselves who are trying to "market" around the "problem," and only end up making things more confusing for everyone."
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+ - Seattle CTO and OpenSource... NOT->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "This post by the CTO of the City of Seattle is vehemently pro Microsoft. What is amazing is just how much so. Consider the opening rationale: "Microsoft provides 40,000 jobs in my area" and then another gem: "But I’m somewhat baffled that any CIO of a large government would seriously consider using open source software for our mission critical systems and services. This seems a little bit like using cell phones to dispatch police officers and firefighters or outsourcing your help desk to India. It will save money in the short term and work pretty well “most” of the time ""
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