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Submission Minecraft Gamer On Smoke Break Sets House On Fire In Live Stream Facepalm->

MojoKid writes: Minecraft is a hugely popular game around the globe, and Microsoft was wise to snatch up its creator, Mojang AB, for $2.5 billion last year. Given its popularity, it's not uncommon to see Minecraft gamers live stream their digital exploits for all to see. What is uncommon, however, is to see such a mundane activity disintegrate into utter chaos and mayhem in a matter of minutes. A 40-year-old Japanese gamer, who goes by the name Daasuke, decided to step away from his mouse and keyboard during a Minecraft streaming session for a smoke break, giving some camera time to his fancy new oil match lighter. During the lead up to the main event, we see Daasuke pour oil into his lighter, after which he spends the next two minutes attempting to light a flame. Around the 4:50 mark on the video, things go horribly wrong. The entire lighter goes up in flames and Daasuke quickly drops it on the floor. He then places the striker in what appears to be a bag of paper or tissues to his right, which immediately goes up in flames. The events that follow are a textbook case in what NOT to do when you accidentally start a fire indoors.
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Submission Japan Display Squeezes 8K Resolution Into 17-inch LCD, Cracks 510 PPI At 120Hz.->

MojoKid writes: By any metric, 8K is an incredibly high resolution. In fact, given that most HD content is still published in 1080p, the same could be said about 4K. 4K packs in four times the pixels of 1080p, while 8K takes that and multiplies it by four once again; we're talking 33,177,600 pixels. We've become accustomed to our smartphones having super-high ppi (pixels-per-inch); 5.5-inch 1080p phones are 401 ppi, which is well past the point that humans are able to differentiate individual pixels. Understanding that highlights just how impressive Japan Display's (JDI) monitor is, as it clocks in at 510 ppi in a 17-inch panel. Other specs include a 2000:1 contrast ratio, a brightness of 500cd/m2, and a 176 degree viewing angle. While the fact that the company achieved 8K resolution in such a small form-factor is impressive in itself, also impressive is the fact that it has a refresh rate of 120Hz.
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Submission List Of Motorola Devices To Receive Sweet Android 6.0 Marshmallow Upgrade->

MojoKid writes: Google's Android 6.0 Marshmallow update will begin beaming down to Nexus devices starting this week, and soon after, we'll see Android OEMs providing the update to their most recently released devices. If previous Android releasers are any indication, that rollout schedule may take a while — after all, as of September 7th, just 21 percent of Android devices are running Android 5.0 Lollipop a year after its release. Luckily for owners of Motorola smartphones, the company has already compiled a list of its smartphones that will receive Marshmallow. The list includes recent releases like the Moto X Pure Edition but also legacy devices like the Nexus 6, DROID Turbo and Moto G.
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Submission Some Apple iPhone 6s And 6s Plus Smartphones Mysteriously Powering Down Without ->

MojoKid writes: Apple's iPhone 6s and 6s Plus were two of the most highly anticipated smartphones to launch so far this year. The excitement surrounding Apple's new refresh cycle flagships was so great that Apple reported record first weekend sales, with 13 million devices finding their way to customers. However, it appears that some of those customers are having a puzzling issue with their brand new iPhones. Owners are reporting that their phones are turning off randomly when left alone — even when the smartphones have sufficient battery remaining. "New Phone 6s 128GB turned off for no reason the last two nights," wrote Joachim Frey in an Apple discussion thread. "In the morning you then have to push the power-on button for a long time to get it started."
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Submission SolarCity Says It Has Produced The World's Highest Efficiency Solar Panel->

Lucas123 writes: SolarCity, one of the country's leading solar panel makers and installers, today said it has been able to create a product that has a 22.04% efficiency rating, topping its closest competitor SunPower, by about one percent. While the percentages may appear small, SolarCity said the new panels, which will go into pilot production later this month, will produce 30% to 40% more energy with the same footprint as its current panels, and they will cost no more to make.
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Submission ICD-10 Medical Diagnosis Coding System Goes Live, Healthcare Holds Its Breath->

Lucas123 writes: After years of deadline extensions, the new, the vastly expanded ICD-10 medical classification list went live today effecting every U.S. healthcare provider and insurance company. The new system offers 68,000 ways healthcare providers can describe diseases, symptoms, abnormal findings, patient complaints, causes of injury or illnesses and even social circumstances. Some of the diagnostic codes can be archaic or absurd. Code Z63.1, for example, describes "Problems in relationship with in-laws," and code V97.33XD covers patients who were "sucked into a jet engine." Healthcare CIOs have been upgrading databases, data storage systems, server memory and staff to deal with the increased number of codes, but what still remains to be seen is if any glitches emerge as payers receive new claims. Linda Reed, the CIO at Atlantic Health, said she's deployed an "army" of staff to help patients attain the correct codes for their treatment and prescriptions. She's hoping the ICD-10 changeover will be like Y2K — all build up, no catastrophe.
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Submission Anchor Schooled By Troll Continues Interview In Snowden To Scissorhands Hijack->

MojoKid writes: There are trolls, and then there are troll masters. Jon Hendren is clearly an Epic Troll, and his performance today on a segment of HLN's "The Daily Share" will go down in history as one of the greatest live interview hijacks in recent memory. We can't say that HLN producers weren't forewarned about what could possibly happen; after all, Hendren's Twitter handle is @fart. The actual segment started off innocent enough, with show host Yasmin Vossoughian presenting an intro on how Edward Snowden joined Twitter yesterday to great fanfare, amassing over one million followers within 24 hours. The show's host then goes on to interview Hendren, who is introduced as a "Snowden Supporter." Hendren doesn't immediately draw attention to himself. However, he eventually transitions into glorious full troll on video not just audio, noting: "...just because he was created on top of a mountain by Vincent Price, and incomplete, with scissors for hands and no heart," Hendren adds. "Edward Scissorhands is a complete hero to me." Now we don't know if Vossoughian simply didn't comprehend what Hendren said or was simply trying to gracefully move on to her next talking point, but if you check out the footage you'll likely lose it right there (not sure how Hendren kept it together himself). Regardless, HLN's Vossoughian proceeds as if she were interviewing a legitimate guest and not being taken by this epic troll hijack.
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Submission NVIDIA Launches GeForce NOW Game Streaming Service->

MojoKid writes: NVIDIA has championed game streaming for a number of years now. Whether it be from a GeForce GTX-equipped PC to one of its SHIELD devices or from its cloud-based GRID gaming beta service to a SHIELD, Today though, NVIDIA is kicking its game streaming business up a notch by launching a new service dubbed GeForce NOW. The service streams PC games from the cloud to SHIELD devices at up to full HD 1080p resolutions at 60 fps. It may be tempting to call GeForce NOW an official re-branding of its GRID game streaming beta but that is reportedly not the case. The GRID beta is going away with the launch of GeForce NOW (an update will replace the GRID app with GeForce NOW), but according to NVIDIA, GeForce NOW was re-architected from the ground up to provide a better overall experience. NVIDIA sees GeForce NOW as sort of a "Netflix for games." There is a small monthly fee of $7.99 for a subscription, which gives customers access to a slew of games. There are too many to list but top notch titles like Batman: Arkham City, Ultra Street Fighter IV, GRID 2 and many others are included. In addition to the games included in the subscriptions price, NVIDIA will also be offering GeForce NOW users access to AAA-titles on the day of release, for a fee. The games will typically be sold at a regular retail prices but not only will users get to play those games via the GeForce NOW streaming service on SHIELD devices, they'll also receive a key for playing the game on a PC as well. To use GeForce NOW you'll need an NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV, SHIELD portable, or SHIELD tablet (with the latest software updates installed) and a SHIELD-approved 5GHz router. Your broadband connection must also offer download speeds of at least 12Mb/s. 20Mb/s is recommended for 720p / 60 FPS quality, and 50Mb/s is recommended for 1080p / 60 FPS.
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Submission Network security weaknesses plague federal agencies->

coondoggie writes: “Federal agencies’ information and systems remain at a high risk of
unauthorized access, use, disclosure, modification, and disruption. These risks are illustrated by the wide array of cyber threats, an increasing number of cyber incidents, and breaches of [personally identifiable information (PII)] occurring at federal agencies

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Submission Tests Show Apple A9 Processor In iPhone 6s Puts Up Impressive Benchmark Numbers->

MojoKid writes: Underneath the hood of Apple's new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models is a new custom designed System-on-Chip (SoC) that Apple has dubbed its A9 processor. It's a 64-bit chip that, according to Apple, is the most advanced ever built for any smartphone, and that's just one of many claims coming out of Cupertino. Apple is also claiming a level of gaming performance on par with dedicated game consoles and with a graphics engine that's 90 percent faster than the previous generation. For compute chores, Apple says the A9 chip improves overall CPU performance by up to 70 percent. These performance promises come without divulging too much about the physical makeup of the A9, though in testing its dual-core SoC does seem to compete well with the likes of Samsung's octal-core Exynos chips found in the Galaxy S6 line. Further, in intial graphics benchmark testing, the A9 also leads the pack in mosts tests, sometimes by a healthy margin, even besting Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810 in tests like 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited.
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Submission Microsoft Leaves Junk Behind Upgrading To Windows 10, Here's How To Clean Up->

MojoKid writes: Microsoft may have given you a free Windows 10 upgrade but it's not without some left over file clutter that some folks don't realize is left on a system after migration. It's not rocket science but there are a few key strategies to tidy up the file bloat an OS migration can sometimes leave behind and to further optimize an upgraded Windows 10 installation. The ability to roll back to your Windows 7 or 8.1 installation within 30 days is a very easily overlooked feature of the Windows 10 upgrade process. The feature is a lifesaver if you encounter issues, such as missing or incompatible drivers, and need to quickly recover without starting from scratch. This ability doesn't come without consequences, though. In order to offer this feature, Windows 10 is essentially keeping another completely separate Windows installation on your PC. This will need to go, once you've determined that you are sticking with Windows 10 and everything seems happy enough. These files are scattered throughout your system and include a number of hidden directories, with the bulk of them located in Windows.old and the hidden $Windows.~BT and $Windows.~WS directories.
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Submission Intel Launches SSD DC P3608 NVMe Solid State Drive With 5GB/Sec Performance->

MojoKid writes: Intel just launched a new NVMe-based solid state drive today dubbed the SSD DC P3608. As the DC in the product name suggests, this drive is designed for the data center and enterprise markets, where large capacities, maximum uptime, and top-end performance are paramount. The Intel SSD DC P3608 is somewhat different than the recent consumer-targeted NVMe PCI Express SSD 750 series, however. This drive essentially packs a pair of NVMe-based SSDs onto a single card, built for high endurance and high performance. There are currently three drives slated for the Intel SSD DC P3608 series, a 1.6TB model, a 3.2TB model, and a monstrous 4TB model. All of the drives feature dual Intel NVMe controllers paired to Intel 20nm MLC HET (High Endurance Technology) NAND flash memory. The 1.6TB drive's specifications list max read 4K IOPS in the 850K range, with sequential reads and writes of 5GB/s and 3GB/s respectively. In the benchmarks, the new SSD DC P3608 offers up just that level of performance as well and is one of the fastest SSDs on the market to date.
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Submission NVIDIA Announces GeForce GTX 980 GPU For High-End Gaming Notebooks ->

MojoKid writes: NVIDIA is taking things is a slightly different direction today, at the ultra-high-end of their mobile graphics offering, introducing a "new" mobile GPU implementation, that's not really a mobile part at all, the GeForce GTX 980. Notice, there's no "M" on the end of that model number. NVIDIA is betting that the enthusiasts that are most likely to buy a notebook with a GeForce GTX 980 in it are savvy enough to understand the difference. Through some careful binning and optimization of the components that accompany the GPU, including the memory, voltage regulation module, and PCB, NVIDIA was able to take the full desktop GeForce GTX 980 GPU and cram it into mobile form factors. The mobile flavor of the GeForce GTX 980 features selectively binned GPUs that are able to achieve high frequencies at lower-than-typical voltages. And those GPUs are paired to 7Gbps GDDR5 memory and a heat sink with up to 2X the capacity of typical solutions. Notebooks powered by this GPU will be unlocked, and fully overclockable.The performance of the GeForce GTX 980 will also allow notebooks powered by the GPU to push multiple screens or power VR gear. NVIDIA was demoing a GTX 980-powerd Clevo notebook at an event in New York, connected to a trio of 1080P monitors, running GTA V at smooth framerates.
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Submission Apple 'Walled Garden' Bulldozed As GhostXcode Malware Infests iOS App Store->

MojoKid writes: Apple might have one of the most secure app stores on the planet, but someone was bound to find a hole somewhere. Such is the case with whomever modified Apple's official coding software Xcode to bundle malware with any app compiled with it. That sounds simple, but despite the origin being China, this malware is far-reaching. According to security firm Palo Alto Networks, a malicious version of Xcode was released to Chinese networks about six months ago. While the software is free to registered developers, some users in China took advantage of this unofficial download. It's noted that unofficial versions between 6.1 and 6.4 are affected. When developers compiled their apps with this malicious tool, it injected malware dubbed "XcodeGhost." While it might seem like Apple would detect this kind of malware as it passes through its verification process, it didn't, which allowed these malware-laden apps to be downloaded by anyone. Some notable examples are CamCard, WinZip, and WeChat. Once news broke of this malware, Apple was quick to purge all of the guilty apps from its store. Likewise, many developers who meant to do no wrong have recompiled and released updated versions of their apps.
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Submission Battle Of The Hybrids: Microsoft And Others Stiff Competition For Apple iPad Pro->

MojoKid writes: When Microsoft first announced the Surface Pro back in 2012, many Apple fans snickered. Here was Microsoft, releasing a somewhat thick and heavy tablet that not only had a kickstand, but also an odd cover that doubled as a keyboard. And to top things off, the device made use of a stylus. Steve Jobs famously said in 2010, "If you see a stylus, they blew it." But Microsoft forged ahead with the Surface Pro 2, and later with the Surface Pro 3. Not only were customers becoming more aware of the innovative and powerful tablet, but competitors were also taking note. We've seen Lenovo introduce the ideapad MIIX 700, which incorporates its own kickstand and an Intel Skylake-based Core m7 processor. And most recently, we've seen Apple pull a literal 180 on this design and platform approach, announcing the iPad Pro — a device that features a fabric keyboard cover similar in concept to the Surface Pro and a stylus. Dell and ASUS have also brought compelling offerings to the table as well. However, the big head-to-head competition will no doubt be between the Surface Pro 4, which is set to be unveiled early next month and Apple's iPad Pro when it finally goes on sale. It's ironic to see Apple following in this product space but it shows the company is not so proud that they won't retrench on a product when a competitor edges past them.
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