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Comment Too noisy. Now they figure that out! (Score 1) 153

The first time I saw the "Big Dog" as it was called back in the early days (2008?), I made that comment immediately. It's a remarkable piece of robotics, but it can't be used on a mission. The enemy would hear you coming from miles away. So what is the point? The device doesn't fit the application.

And now, 7 years later they finally figure that out. Wow!

Comment Re:Woodland, North Carolina (Score 1) 99

I have to respond to this. It's brilliant! I just shared the Woodland Big Solar thing with several friends and family members. I would've bet money that was an Onion article. Wow!

Anyhow, great comment. I was wishing I could mod your comment "hilarious" instead of just "funny." So I replied instead.

Comment Re:You need to watch Trinity and Beyond. (Score 1) 60

I haven't seen "Trinity" yet, but will include it on my list to watch.

I'm certainly not an authority re this subject, but I can recommend an episode of the PBS series called "Secrets of the Dead." The episode is called "The World's Biggest Bomb." I've watched it at least four times now. I thought it had great detail and was very informative. I also thought it had a decent amount of historical narrative re each of the significant tests in both the US and the USSR.

Program Summary: Beginning in the 1950s, American and Soviet scientists engaged in a dangerous race to see who could build and detonate the world's largest bomb.

Comment Paranoid since latest events (Score 1) 468

I support our local constabulary. Hell, I've generously donated to them on more than one occasion during my mid-life crisis. But I think this response is unnecessary.

My impression of the 'police stalker' is entirely the opposite. I think it's a 'police protector.'

When I'm traveling somewhere and see patrol car lights ahead, I slow down and move over, if possible, to give them more room. I'm sick and tired of hearing about self-involved, inattentive drivers who plow right into a policeman/sheriff during a traffic stop.

Give these officers a break. Slow down and, if possible, move over. Give them room to do their already scary dangerous job.

Perhaps another perspective on this is it might motivate the officers to be more attentive. Pay attention to your surroundings.

I also have to wonder if there isn't a way to manage the obviousness of their presence. There are places on the interstate where everybody adjusts speed and changes lanes because they are so familiar with a patrol car being there. I certainly don't need Waze there. So what are the options re new locations or unmarked vehicles?

Personally, I don't use it. I've nearly deleted it several times already and after this discussion, I'll consider dumping it again. I thought it would give me some useful info while our interstate gets a major 5-year overhaul. It just hasn't turned out to be useful. I've ref'd to it on several of our trips, but didn't see anything I didn't already know or expect.

Finally, if the US National Sheriffs' Association is so uncomfortable with this, then do some work internally so you prevent poorly adjusted individuals from becoming officers just because they can carry a weapon and intimidate people and assert some sort of manly image for themselves. Then your public image might improve and you won't feel as persecuted as you probably feel now.

I know they go through some evals, but (IMHO, IANAL, AFAIK) several of these terrible tragedies were on the officer for not following protocol. There is room for improvement and I certainly understand the demands put upon them by society. They are extreme. But, in the final analysis, you, the US National Sheriffs' Association, is responsible for how society in general responds to your actions.

Personally, I think if someone wants to target police officers, they'll always find a way. People like that are already motivated by hate towards authority figures.

Comment Belkin is out (Score 1) 191

Spent close to 2 hours with this in the AM. First, the ISP; ie, TWC. They directed me to Belkin. So I tried calling Belkin. It took an hour to get tech support. Their phone system kept disconnecting me. Plus I was trying to access their web site via my phone. Of course, their site was hosed, as well.

When I finally got through, it was to someone in India. She was very thorough, but ultimately no help. (Now I know why.) She assured me I would get a call back in about 2 to 4 hours with a solution.

After finishing the call and hanging up, I was out the door and headed to the nearest store. Bought a different router and am back online.

And what a surprise! Belkin never called me back with a solution. I was SO expecting it.

Comment Boeing... really? (Score 1) 200

So I guess they've forgotten how well the Lockheed Martin F-35 JSF project is going. That's not to say SpaceX might not disappoint in the same way, but to assume the bigger corporate entity will just naturally be better prepared to meet expectations is a bit naive.

This smacks of cronyism... again.

Boeing == Big corporate entity with plenty of lobbyists and political influence. So can you say "Program cost increases and delays." I'll bet you can.

So much for opportunity in America.

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