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Comment: Re:Moving to seattle? (Score 1) 76

by emaname (#47092539) Attached to: Steve Ballmer In Talks To Buy Los Angeles Clippers


If I had any mod points, you'd get 'em all.

That is a great example of how these huge business entities increase the burden on taxpayers.

Speaking of entitlements... How about including crap like this in the discussion. Corporations/teams/whatever should pay their own way. No more taxing the people so billionaires can become even more wealthy than they already are.

Comment: Freezing the market (Score 1) 360

by emaname (#46790001) Attached to: Mercedes Pooh-Poohs Tesla, Says It Has "Limited Potential"

This sounds like "freezing the market." It's a marketing strategy.

I'm going to "cop out" and suggest (if you're interested) you should search on this: marketing strategy "freeze the market"

There are much better explanations/examples out there than I could ever provide.

I've been accusing MS of using this strategy for years and their name appears in several of the results re releases of Xbox and more.

Now we can include Mercedes in this auspicious group of hucksters.

Comment: Re:What a surprise. (Score 3, Funny) 248

by emaname (#46416135) Attached to: Steve Ballmer Blew Up At the Microsoft Board Before Retiring

I've always speculated that when MSFT was nailed for monopoly behavior, the DOJ gave the MSFT BOD a choice; MSFT would be broken up or put Ballmer in charge.

Instead of breaking MSFT up, the DOJ figured having someone like Ballmer in charge would be punishment enough. And ultimately achieve something close to the intended results of a breakup.

By using this strategy, the gov't didn't appear as though it's trying to tell a big business how to operate, but MSFT's growth certainly was stunted thanks to Ballmer's decisions.

Comment: Using the word Frack correctly (Score 1) 268

by emaname (#46179261) Attached to: Fracking Is Draining Water From Areas In US Suffering Major Shortages

Like "frack you," "go frack yourself," "you frackin' idiot" to show your displeasure with someone.

IOW, use "frack" in place of the all-purpose noun, verb and expletive that begins with the letter "f."

It certainly isn't much, but as a form of protest it makes a point.

Example: That frackin' beta sucks frack water.

Comment: Re:Privacy Issues (Score 1) 273

by emaname (#46117431) Attached to: UK Government May Switch from MS Office to Open Source

Pls cite some examples, because I have not experienced any compatibility issues or bugs. Note that I've been using OpenOffice and, in recent years, LibreOffice to edit content and fix formatting in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word documents. The only time a compatibility issue arises is when someone sends me a docx file. It's inconvenient, but I can get around it.

So, once again, pls cite examples. I am genuinely curious what kind of compatibility issues or bugs you're experiencing. I don't doubt that there are some, but I don't think it's as extensive as your question subtly implies.

BTW, I use software like OpenOffice or LibreOffice not because it's a "matter of philosophy or principle." I use open source software because it's stable, the UI is consistent (not subject to the whims of some UI "expert"), and it's maintained in a more timely and conscientious manner. And the bonus is I'm not locked in by some EULA. I can enjoy the freedom to use the software wherever I want on any platform I want.

I have friends who continue to use MS Office. Whenever there is an upgrade I hear complaints about changes to the interface. The "ribbon" is the most recent example. They wonder why MS did that. It seems more and more MS and Apple introduce changes simply for the sake of change. That way they can advertise something "new" has been added.

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