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Comment Re:Next up: Stone candy. (Score 4, Insightful) 89

If your food is highly energy dense, it is easy to overshoot.

It doesn't matter if you "overshoot", as it just means there will be a longer time until you get hungry. The human body is way more precise in long-term energy intake regulation than any bean-counting diet can ever be. Just have a look at groups of people who diet mostly on energy-dense food, like those on ketogenic diets or ethnic groups eating mostly fatty fish and whale meat etc. - those sure don't have an obesity epidemic because of that.

Combine artificial food with an artificial avoidance of motion, and you are much more likely to become obese.

These artificial noodles are as useless to fight obesity as are artificial sweeteners and "fat-substitutes" in dairy products.

Comment Like a "normal" day in contemporary Iraq (Score 1) 728

Time and again it strikes me how unbalanced media coverage is with regards to reports on fatalities and risks of life in general.

In contemporary Iraq, for example, more than a thousand civilians are killed by acts of terror _every_month_ for quite a while now. The last day with more than a hundred civilian fatalities in Iraq is just two days ago. (Source: )

And other risks of getting killed - like traffic accidents or contracting diseases - remain vastly more probable than falling victim to terrorism in some western city.

And yet, the media coverage plays along both with the terrorists who, of course, appreciate the amplification of their publicity and it works in the hands of those in the west who want to abandon freedom, claiming that such was necessary to "keep us safe".

I would like to ask the media to spend the same amount of air time on every single human who dies from an unnatural cause, maybe people and politicians would then see what the actually relevant risks are and address them rather than fantasizing about "wars on terrorism".

Comment Robotic Fireflies do exist (since 2013) (Score 1) 109

German machine manufacturer Festo demonstrated an actually flying "Firefly" at the Hannover exhibition in 2013, see for more information/videos. But of course, some "old economy" company building such is not quite as "hip" with the crowd hipsters as some garage boys are ;-)

Comment Porno dialoges - scripted and synchronized (Score 1) 790

Those of you who haven't watched any ponography before the 1980s might have well missed a true marvel of human culture: Scripted (and if from a foreign country lip-synchronized) dialoges in porno movies.

Back then, before "home video" became technically feasible and inexpensive, pornographic movies just like any other movie required expensive equipment/setup/production. So naturally, significant effort was also invested to script their soundtracks and dialoges. Much unlike today, where "porno" means nothing but primitive, barely edited shots of people having intercourse, where the soundtracks is nothing much beyond moans plus sometimes irrelevant background music.

I recently found an analog (sound-)tape from the 1970s with excerpts of pornographic movies (obviously cut together as an advertisement), and it was absolutely hilarious to listen to it. The actors where speaking texts so well written that you could be sure they didn't spontaneously invent them during intercourse. And they were sooo politically incorrect at the same time :-)

Comment Re:Schools are operated by cowards (Score 1) 93

"... simply consolidate their children's educational data to a single 3rd party service." - There's not a single good reason to do that, other than to fulfil the fantasies of the founders of those "3rd party services".

If you want "personalized education", pay teachers for spending time on your children.

If you want colorful "management reports" on your childrens education project status, automatically derived from some formalized database entries, then of course, such a "consolidating 3rd party service" is great for you. I would then also advise to outsource the celebration of birthdays of your children to some event management company. And don't forget to hire a professional service to feed and bath them while they are young, before you can send them to boarding school. Consequentially, you should also outsource the fertilization and hire some mom-for-rent to hatch your offspring.

Comment Good to hear there are reasonable parents left... (Score 5, Interesting) 93

... who refuse to feed the data krakens.

I already feared that every parent of today is on the "total surveillance" trip, teaching their children to kneel before their corporate overlords from their infancy.

But then again, maybe those parents were only concerned about the collecting of data associated with themselves, not their children...

Comment It's still nothing more than a party gimmick (Score 1) 129

The "advertisement" video they posted on youtube actually delivers all the reasons you need to know why not to buy this camera.

The resolution is way too bad even for display on an ordinary 1920x1080 display. Stair steps visible all over the place. The color rendering is horrible, like in some old mobile phone camera. Plus there are artefacts to see where details should be.

Seriously, this is still nothing more than a party gimmick. "Refocus" your first few snapshots, enjoy for a minute, then the "something new" effect is over and what stays is the terrible image quality.

The only resonable use cases for lightfield cameras are currently industrial applications, and those are addressed much better by the Raytrix product line.

Comment Re:Intentional sabotage? (Score 1) 178

Maybe it's another attempt to separate markets for "cheap" and "pricy" cabling. Just convince some less price-sensitve people that you belong to some kind of "elite" if they buy your more expensive product, and enjoy a small but profitable market niche, where nobody asks what the actual advantage of your product is.

Already worked well for other cabling standards...

Comment Thunderbolt: The TIFF of cables (Score 3, Informative) 178

Thunderbolt always reminds me of the TIFF "standard" for image files: Theoretically you can put anything in it, theoretically it supports every imaginable feature - but in practice, it's of little use - because there's almost no common denominator of what different implementations actually can deal with.

Plus, the idea of defining a "cabling" for the consumer market where every cable is on its own with regards to how it implements the physical layer is a very bad idea. It renders cables terribly expensive and you cannot be sure that the cable from vendor A will work well with the socket from vendor B.

Comment Re:we don't know what happened AT ALL (Score 1) 582

Plus you can have a look at what the person who contributed the code and the reviewer programmed/did elsewhere in their lives, and by that you can judge whether you think it's likely they acted on purpose. In this case it seems to me the probability of this bug having been introduced intentionally is pretty low.

Comment Submit your 3D body scan now... (Score 1) 535

... such that everyone can watch your Facebook VR avatar from every perspective, and stick his "thumb up" in every orifice of yours. Next up: Sensor clothing you only have to wear such that when you fart, your avatar does, too. Imagine all the time you'll save typing to write about your latest fart on Facebook! Expect ads to jump on you from all directions.

Comment No one would be "freezing" in Germany (Score 1) 551

You are exxagerating. Yes, Germany does import a lot of natural gas from Russia, and cutting that supply would hit both the economies of Germany and Russia hard. But Germany is not some 3rd-world country without any options for heating other than with Russian gas. Heating one's house with electric or oil ovens might be inconvenient and expensive, but it is well possible. Germany had record exports on electric energy last year, and that despite the fact that some newly built gas power plants did not go into production (because of other plants being cheaper sources of energy).

If a large-scale crisis would really cut the Russian gas supply to Germany, alternatives would be found.

Be more concerned about Bulgaria, who import almost 100% energy from Russia and have much less alternatives.

Comment Re:History Lesson:German occupation of Czechoslova (Score 1) 551

The Bay of Pigs Invasion certainly qualifies as "invaded a peaceful neighbor", whether the US would have "invited" Cuba to join the United States had this invasion been successful has to remain speculation. Grenada is another example where a nearby country was invaded to overthrow a regime disliked by the US government. Usually, the US is fine with "changing regimes" to one made of string puppets after invading a company, and so is Russia - they just offer "rescued" regions to "join the Russion federation".

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