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Comment Re:Nuclear Power? Germany? (Score 2) 95

Germany migrates away from nuclear fission power, yes. But Germany is still funding science, and that not only if there is "return on investment" to be expected before the next elections.

Might be that fusion power won't be required right when it becomes feasible. But humankind might be happy to have it at hand during the next ice age.

Comment Intel will not allow AMD to die (Score 1) 80

Intel knows pretty well they would be knee-deep in anti-trust trouble if AMD died. They'll see to this not coming. A permanently struggling AMD that still sells mediocre x86 CPUs is in Intels best interest. And actually, AMD CPUs still deliver good bang-per-buck, if you don't need a high-end system, which few really require.

Comment Re:Not a big deal (Score 1) 220

Entertaining yourself watching others frustration of losing doesn't even require a computer.

I vividly remember a guy decades ago in school who was so reproduceably upset by losing (soccer games, card games and alike) that others started to intentionally play bad whenever they happened to be teamed up with him, just because it was so much fun watching him getting upset.

The whole time, he never seemed to realize that it was no coincidence people were losing when playing on his team.

Comment Sports will be dominated by "optimized" athletes (Score 1) 64

20 years or so from now, people not genetically "optimized" for a certain sport won't make it into the top ranks.

I don't mind, though, since everyone else can still enjoy sports for the fun of it. It's not like people stopped playing chess just because a PC is better than a grandmaster in that discipline...

Comment Re:Humans can go to Mars. But why should they? (Score 0) 101

When I go on vacation, I always use an unmanned probe.

It's cheaper and there's less unnecessary risk.

Most people I know go on vacation to have some pleasant experiences and relaxing leisure time, which is quite the opposite of risky exploration tours in harsh, life threatening environments.

Don't get me wrong: If somebody wants to personally go to Mars, for whatever reason, that's fine with me, as long as he does not expect tax payers to pay for his hobby.

Comment Re:Humans can go to Mars. But why should they? (Score 1) 101

For the massive costs that were required to build life-support into the moon mission, automatic drills, returning samples to the lander, could have been built. And by the time a manned Mars mission can start, chances are that AI's are good enough to even locate and visit the most interesting nearby drilling sites from an unmanned Mars lander.

Comment Humans can go to Mars. But why should they? (Score 0, Troll) 101

Humans have been on the moon, but except for a moment of feeling proud of oneselves, that didn't really earn us more insight than unmanned probes, so it was only plausible that decades went by without further manned visits there.

It won't be any different with Mars. Somebody will go there one day, for earning the fame "to have done it first". He will find the same boring dust there that we already know about. And again, decades will pass that don't see somebody repeat the stunt.

I wished that mankind would invest more into exploring the very interesting places that still remain largely unexplored on earth, like the depths of the oceans. And using unmanned probes is fine there, too, it's just much cheaper and means less unnecessary risk.

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