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Comment Re:All while adding ads ... (Score 1) 271

"Stuck" may have been hyperbole on his part, but I'm in a similar situation so I sympathize.

20 years ago I had a dialup internet connection from BellSouth. The associated email address was, and still is is, my first name I've had that email address for two decades, two moves, four jobs, and several ISP changes. When I no longer had a need for a backup dialup ISP and I stopped paying BellSouth (AT&T at that point), they let me keep the email account for free. That email address is known to most of my family, friends, coworkers, former coworkers, and various other business associates and acquaintances. It's been on my resume and my business cards. It's been used to register for numerous services I've long since forgotten about but might want to access again someday. I haven't used it as my primary email in years, and I don't usually give it out to anyone anymore, but it's been in circulation for so long that I have to check it, so that it stays active and so that I don't miss anything interesting or important.

AT&T offloaded its customers' email accounts from their own interface to Yahoo several years ago. I normally use an IMAP client instead of the web interface, but that's beside the point: there are a lot of people who are somewhat involuntarily attached to Yahoo Mail, either an account they created years ago, or with their current or former ISP email address. Yes, people could just abandon those addresses and never interact with Yahoo Mail again, but that isn't a reasonable option to me, all things considered. I am, in a way, "stuck" with that address until I die or AT&T decides to shut it down, whichever comes first.

Comment Re:Go back (Score 1) 271

I agree entirely when it comes to "tolerable" and "reasonable" and "obnoxious." Even if we completely ignore the fact that Yahoo's advertising network has been repeatedly compromised and used to serve up malware, the "legitimate" ads they display are from the gutter of the internet.

Going to any Yahoo site with ads enabled is like visiting a newsstand in the red light district. Lots of pictures of scantily clad women being used to promote something entirely unrelated; that's a grenade waiting to go off if you visit Yahoo at work. Lots of pictures of gross skin conditions and other medical problems. Lots of click-bait captions ("Surprising Ways Coconut Oil Can Change Your Life!," "20 product features you never knew existed!"). Lots of trashy, scammy sounding ads that remind you of the junk you see on TV at 3AM ("Search For Mesothelioma Lawyers," "How Much Can You Save By Refinancing?"). And on many Yahoo properties, each page will load a dozen or more 300x156 images all down the side of the page. Seriously, fire up a sandbox VM and go scroll through this page on Yahoo News without an ad blocker, it's unfuckingreal!

Yahoo Mail also insists that you enter your cellphone number in order to create an email account. This is a hard requirement and can't be bypassed. Gmail will try, and if you don't enter your number they'll remind you at every opportunity, but as of yet won't force you to link your email account to your pocket government GPS tracker. I know a lot of folks are attached to long-held addresses but surely nobody new is signing up for this shit.

Comment PC Reviews are False (Score 0) 367

Any of the Critic reviews were false reviews of the PC version, and we've known that for a while now. The only versions of the game that were released early to the critics were PS4, and XBox One. Many of the reviews disclosed that early in their reviews, and most of them released what version they were reviewing. By reading the reviews you can tell by reading the negative reviews. Console user reviews have more positive then negative, and the PC has more negative than positive. Heck even one of the PS4 negative user reviews cites "-poor optimalization on a pc " as the reason for the negative review. The XBox One has a stutter issue that Probably should have been fixed before release, but by and large the major issues are a poor PC release that you should have understood before. As for the critics they very rarely consider giving different scores for different systems for the same game. They only have time to review one version. Most rational PC gamers understand that the platform is buggy and a head ack for a large sample of games, and that there is only a short period of time where the consoles are at their End of Life that the PC wins hands down because the consoles are holding back development by their static specs. Only the new, nieve, and master race PC gamers are upset because they thought the days of PC buggyness was over.

Comment Re:How can there be? (Score 1) 622

Your implying that they haven't upgrade? You can't honestly not remember when 256k was the bee's knees, can you? Back in the ADSL days it maxed out at 1 meg up, and 10 megs down if you where lucky, and very few areas had enough fiber and t1's to support everyone at those speeds. Now with VDSL2 it can go somewhere from 50 to 200 megs as its cap depending on the version. The providers still should only sell what they have the ability to provide if they're smart so we're a ways off from maxing it out, but the simple view of the history shows that yes they have been upgrading for quite a while now. Now maybe they didn't spend the money to get you personally up to 1 gigabit, but that's hardly not spending the money. And maybe they could have spent the money better, but in reality if it was that easy to just toss money at it to get everyone 1 gigabit then Google fiber would have launched everyone, and not just in the select few areas that it was financially possible to do.

Submission + - Bright light seen from Mexico, CA, AZ. ( 2

Duhavid writes: A bright light was reported seen from many locations.
The consensus seems to be that it was a Trident missile submarine test launch from near Point Magu, CA.

I saw it myself, leaving a restaurant in San Diego, CA ( Mira Mesa blvd ). It did not look like what I would expect a meteor or a missile launch would look like. It held fairly steady in both height above the horizon and bearing. Color changed from orange-ish to white, then it looked like white through fog. Apparent size changed little during my viewing. How could it have been a Trident launch? It is a ballistic missile, how could there not have been significant altitude change?

Comment Re:Security isn't a product (Score 1) 291

From their homepage: "Only two remote holes in the default install, in a heck of a long time!" Granted the default install can't do much, but the code was gone over in a massive audit. Everything is still checked for correctness.

Not saying Linux sucks, but I sleep better at night knowing OpenBSD powers much of what I am responsible for.

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