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Comment: Re:Falling funding: Why fusion stays 30 years away (Score 3, Interesting) 135

by ediron2 (#47196403) Attached to: MIT Used Lobbying, Influence To Restore Nuclear Fusion Dream

A few moments googling confirms: Maury's Markowitz is up to his elbows in Solar Energy. Given his advocacy for solar, his head would explode if anyone talked about Solar with hyperbole and absolutely-nevers like he's done here.

Speaking as a degreed engineer and physicist, with childhood classmates, neighbors and professional colleagues now decades into their work in both next-gen fission and current fusion reactor design, I definitely get a bad vibe from all of Maury's hyperbole. They agree that fusion is challenging. But fusion isn't remotely analogous to vacuum tubes, nor is work and progress stalled. Maury's selling the impossibility of fusion, I doubt he's remotely qualified, and he's exaggerating to do so.

Nice Try, solar guy. IMHO, the worst kind of bad science is advocacy that overreaches your expertise, because it can smell true to other scientists. Next time, start with 'I'm __ with ____ (Solar), and here's why I've bet my career on solar:'

Comment: Re:it was rejected for obvious reasons. (Score 4, Informative) 40

by ediron2 (#47156023) Attached to: Bill Blunden's Rejected DEF CON Presentation Posted Online

My kingdom for some modpoints... someone mod this up.

Black Hat = The Marketing and Money of Security.
Defcon = The Tech of Security
BSides = small con, feels like old Defcon.

Don't get me wrong, there's some amazing researchers and tech funded by Black Hat money. An unlimited project expense account can let you do fun stuff like functional x-ray lithography as a reverse-engineering tool. But Black Hat isn't thousands of engineers, scientists, and hackers getting their geek-freak on.

Comment: Re:In plain English, what's a FreedomBox? (Score 1) 54

by ediron2 (#46769789) Attached to: All Packages Needed For FreedomBox Now In Debian

FreedomBox is a community project to develop, design and promote[1] personal servers running free software for distributed social networking, email and audio/video communications.[2] The project was announced by Eben Moglen at the New York ISOC meeting on February 2, 2010.[3]

src: wikipedia entry for freedombox.

If that is mumbo-jumbo to you, you're really not likely to be in a position to contribute code or docs.

Comment: Re:Flu Shots are Ruining Vaccinations (Score 1) 482

by ediron2 (#46402739) Attached to: Pro-Vaccination Efforts May Be Scaring Wary Parents From Shots

Ignoring AC's 'ASSHOLE' remark below, you were doing ok in paragraphs 1 & 2 ((statistically; it is possible for virii to be a greater threat to 30-y.o. men) . Hell, even paragraph 3 is mostly good. But the last dozen or so words swerved into the fallacy of it being safe or prudent to not get the shot.

Vaccination and flu shots are about protecting everyone, including coincidental spread, and including outlier events. GP is misconstruing good medicine into something absurd in the name of toughening his immune system.

GP, try rationalizing that you're being 'tougher' by getting immunized. Your body gets forced to generate the antibodies even if you never get infected. Beyond that, if you need to live your dream of making yourself strong, try eating food that hit the floor or is past it's sell-by date. Lick coins and the handlebars at the supermarket for all I care. But don't get contagious. That's not a strengthening thing at all.

Get the shot, regardless. Advocate it at work. Spread good science. Anything less is enabling the dumbass Jennymac's of the world.

Comment: Re:It's just a tool I guess (Score 2) 294

by ediron2 (#46360559) Attached to: Doctors Say New Pain Pill Is "Genuinely Frightening"

While I agree that having a felony record is cruel baggage to a recovering addict, being stripped of rights for a time is effective when other things fail. My state has a program that is only open to 'use' type drug prisoners. It's hard to get into, it's strict, it focuses on changing habits, breaking away from toxic relationships, and skills needed to hold down a job, plus the usual drug treatment and 12-step program. It has helped a few people I know.

Back before Reagan, institutionalization was similar. It was reviled for some pretty good reasons. But there has to be a midway that takes control of people wanting/needing help but doesn't label them felons. Oh, and that doesn't break the bank: not everyone can afford Betty Ford. This is another time where money can buy you out of a hellish fate: "I know I need help, your honor." "Well, you're broke, so if I send you to prison for a year to 18 months, in 14 months you should get into the program. Hope you survive being labelled a Felon." vs. "I know I need help, your honor - I've booked myself into Betty Ford Center." "Well, I think we can go with a suspended sentence, which I'll expunge from your record if you stay clean."

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by ediron2 (#46300615) Attached to: Your Next Online Order Could Be Delivered To Your Car's Trunk

> I work where you need an ID to get into the parking lot, so that's out.

I like the mental picture of a brown van with a boom doing 70mph deliveries into your car trunk, hollywood-style!

But processes exist for this. Delivery agents get vetted then bonded and issued limited-access badges to make their deliveries (either to Receiving, a loading dock, or the front office). Worst-case: your stuff goes thru that old channel, just like it always did. Intermediate: on days when you expect a delivery you park in a designated area they are allowed to access and deliver to. Best-case: that courier gets a badge, then makes this car-trunk delivery just like in any other parking lot.

And keep in mind just how narrow your use case is: If nearly EVERYONE had this problem, the idea would fail. But for a newegg delivery to a prison, military base or the likes, nobody really expects generic stuff like this car trunk delivery.

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BTW, Travis Snyder's euphemism 'exposure' is commonly heard by any photographer: GIVE US YOUR WORK AND WE WILL USE IT AND YOU WILL BE ABLE TO CLAIM WE USED YOUR WORK.

The unspoken next sentence apparently reads "After which, magical fairies and flying unicorns will shit rainbows and gold out of their asses and make your second gig insanely profitable -- profitable enough that you should THANK us for demanding you let us use stuff for free, just for the exposure."

Fuck that noise.

Also, while $2-3000 for use of photos is 'common', copyright isn't in any way tied to compulsory licensing in the US. The artist controls all use. Period. They can choose an unreasonable price, especially punitively if they're negotiating against $150k per infringement.

Personally, I'm in favor of compulsory licensing - we're long past the point where I think copyright, patent and trademark laws would be saner if they had them. A mellow, tiered compulsory pricing structure could simplify a lot of 21st-century art creation: enhance mashup and reuse culture, make life easier for events and presentations, for indie films and animators and artists, and in general let people focus more on art than on copyright law. But that's just my opinion.

Comment: Re:Technology and money are fine (Score 1) 57

by ediron2 (#46240607) Attached to: "Shark Tank" Competition Used To Select Education Tech

Sorry, not even that is 'fact'. It's a conservative contention that has plenty of disagreement.

Also, I'm immediately suspicious of any round numbers, so where did this magical
'Firing 10% helps' plan come up with that 10%? Another conservative meme: fire some people = save money, make everyone else work harder out of fear, and claim success.

As for resenting a factory worker getting $75 an hour, I vaguely recall that being bullshit, too. Something akin to the anti-USPS accounting tricks conservatives like: the shopworker gets far less, plus overtime bonuses, decent benefits and a pension, which with some seriously questionable math tricks is ginned up to a thrice-questionable estimate.

Last of all, if a union lead (decades experience plus management plus education, in other words) before reaganomics was getting $30 an hour, they SHOULD be getting $75, just due to the more-than-double cost of living increases over 40 years.. That people aren't ever seeing that sort of money nowadays is not his fault. Everyone else is getting screwed. Dozens of studies show wage stagnation problems.

Comment: Re:Bad ruling (Score 1) 261

by ediron2 (#46212493) Attached to: German Court Forbids Resale of Valve Games

TL;DR: lots of words, fundamentally wrong. Seems oblivious to First Sale, purchasing copies of copyrighted things, changing terms after agreement or all the other counterarguments.

Also, a bad analogy on the car. Buying a book is similar. Getting a license to drive a car is not. The word License has different meanings in the two contexts.

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