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Comment Re:Yep, Unions do nothing (Score 0) 122

Nt all of that is good, and saying unions brought most of those is the worst possible kind of revisionist bullshit there is.

Yes at one point in the very distant past there was some real reason to have unions. But they are proof of the statement that "absolute power corrupts absolutely" and the usefulness they once had has vanished... I hold no grudge against existing unions, well the ones that have let the companies live anyway. To form new unions in this day and age is to strangle a company of entire sector of industry in the cradle.

Comment Re:Yep, Unions do nothing (Score 4, Informative) 122

except for the increased wages by bringing strike pressure to bear.

Totally vaporized and then some by the overhead of the union.

Unions get enough extra to thrive themselves, over time the union leaders care nothing for the workers but only for personal income to grow the union - to the extent they do not care if they kill the host they are attached to, putting many out of work.

At least that's how it has played out so far over the last few decades. Why is there any reason to think it will alter for Uber? There is none.

Comment A breath of fresh air (Score 1) 223

Yes, far from "worrying" about this, I was in fact EXPECTING that the quality of the major you had in terms of employability would be factored in. It would restore balance to a totally out of whack system where a kid that doesn't know any better can easily rack up debt that will follow them into retirement!

Comment Re:Punishing people who get degrees we need the mo (Score 1) 223

I'd like to see the people with the most money who also claim that there is a "shortage" to offer to pay the tuition for X number of STEM classes so that students could take them for FREE.

Even if they only start with the 100 level math courses.

Would more people end up taking Calc 3? Maybe. Maybe not. If they do, good. If they do not, then the cost won't be a problem.

Switch the focus from getting-money-from-students to getting-more-STEM-students.

Comment Re:Budget builds are risky, not high-end (Score 1) 321

You've got issues - if somebody buys a card rated for 1.2 GHz and won't run there, they should return it and get a refund.

The person started with money, wanted the best cheap video card they could get so purchased one, and your advice is apparently to go back to the initial condition with no further recommendation as to how any other choice is or could possibly be any better.

In other words, you dont understand the point. When you buy cheap stuff, you get cheap stuff. The subtopic here is how to deal with the fact that you have cheap stuff.

I have assembled multiple computers for my father over the years, and each time he selects and orders the parts, and each time he ends up with a real stinker part somewhere because he literally selects the cheapest possible motherboard, the cheapest video card, and so on. You offer no improvement to his strategy because returning parts just costs more money.

The solution is to downclock where necessary, avoid using the bad usb ports, and so on. Thats it. Thats the solution. You havent offered one. You have your head in the sand.

Comment Re: Getting a car repair (Score 1) 480

I've never done anything with power steering fluid, so genuine questions:

What's the difference between power steering fluid and brake fluid? They're both hydraulic fluids, right. So why are they of different kinds? Are they different consistencies?

How would you check which they've put in, before leaving the lot?

Why would it require anything more than draining and flushing the brake system? I did that myself on the driveway at home when I was young and cheap. About an hour's work for an amateur.

Comment Re:Book misses major points (Score 0) 154

I don't think she sufficiently covered the HOW which is the problem.

They don't fund a charter school and see how the students there do.

They fund political campaigns to move money FROM the existing system TO their system.

When their system does not support their projections, they leave it. BUT THEY DO NOT PAY TO HAVE THE LAW REVERSED.

So the end result is a worse public school system.

Comment Re: he should know better (Score 1) 317

The First Amendment to the ...


It is sad and sickening to see so called liberals ...

Also correct.

BUT ... it does not matter. In the end it is up to the business whether it will run X or not.

By way of example: if I paid you $10 to put a sign on your lawn saying X would it be wrong for you to refuse to put a sign saying Y on your lawn for $10?

And that's where we are at with this. The theatres refuse all religious / political ads. That way they do not endorse X or Y. Nor can they be seen as supporting Y.

Comment Seems unlikely (Score 1) 150

Because, for every person like you, there are 10 that would just say "Speaker not work. Must buy new speaker."

Perhaps they would say that, but why on earth would they then buy a speaker from a manufacturer who had screwed them over like that?

In fact if a manufacturer did that to me, I'd tell friends not to buy that brand, and be inclined to tell future generations not to do so also. To this day I don't buy Sony audio equipment because of bad experiences in college.

So I hardly think it likely they would produce something crappy in this way on purpose.

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