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Comment: "Unconventional research" is fine (Score 2) 63

by Namarrgon (#48657573) Attached to: Does Journal Peer Review Miss Best and Brightest?

"Unconventional methodology" is not.

Papers that don't use sufficiently rigorous methods should be rejected, regardless of their conclusions - even if those conclusions eventually turn out to be right. It's the only way to have any confidence about the research. If the authors are so sure of their results, they should do them more carefully, and submit again.

Far too often, rejections are taken as evidence of cronyism or groupthink (usually by those whose beliefs are contradicted by established science), when it's simply obvious flaws in methodology. When your methods are bulletproof, only then you can expect with confidence to pass review.

Comment: Re:Broadcast TV viewer here (Score 1) 259

by AJWM (#48647163) Attached to: Dish Pulls Fox News, Fox Business Network As Talks Break Down

You've got that backwards (or I'm missing the sarcasm).

Dish has to pay Fox News to retransmit Fox's content (copyrights!), Fox wanted to increase the price and/or require Dish to carry additional Fox-owned channels as part of the same contract.

When Fox (or any other network in negotiations) claims that "Dish pulled the channel", they're stretching the truth. What they really mean is "the contract expired, and Dish cravenly stopped retransmitting our copyrighted content so we couldn't sue them for infringement."

Comment: Re:Media blackout (Score 1) 552

by Pseudonym (#48639349) Attached to: FBI Confirms Open Investigation Into Gamergate

A major games journalist was having an affair with a game developer, and this was confirmed.

First off, thank you for conceding that is the entire extent of the initial story: two people working in the same industry had sex.

What didn't happen, and this was also confirmed (both by timelines and testimony) was trading of "sexual favors for goods or services rendered", as the other AC claimed.

"Zoe Quinn is a bad girlfriend" is not a story that Slashdot would take any interest in.

Have people suddenly forgotten about Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris?

No, nobody has forgotten that Saville and Harris sexually abused children in their care. What are you accusing games journalists of now?

Comment: Re:Unrelated to Github (Score 1) 147

by spitzak (#48631239) Attached to: Critical Git Security Vulnerability Announced

No, stop being an idiot.

"regular users" click on files in a list or 2-d grid. They would not even notice if the filesystem allowed more than one file with the same name, and the certainly do not give a damn about case insensitivity. Even if they type at a terminal they use filename-completion and do not care either.

It is also clear that it has nothing to do with user-friendliness or they would map more common errors, such as multiple spaces to single ones, removing leading and trailing whitespace, or mapping equivalent unicode to the same files. They don't do this because they realize that such complex details of the encoding do not belong in the file system api.

Case-insensitivity is a throwback to ancient ASCII-only systems. If you live in the stone age you may think it is a good idea. If you have been exposed to it all your life you may think it is a good idea. But if you were actually intelligent you would know it is wrong.

Comment: Re:I blame Microsoft (Score 1) 147

by spitzak (#48631219) Attached to: Critical Git Security Vulnerability Announced

No. Two different byte strings should identify two different files (unless one or both of them are invalid byte streams). Anything else is introducing complexity into the filesystem and potential bugs and security violations, of which this it an excellent example. Sorry, but Unix has it right, and Microsoft and lots of other systems are *WRONG*.

Comment: Re:No winner here, except for us all (Score 1) 582

by spitzak (#48628791) Attached to: Top Five Theaters Won't Show "The Interview" Sony Cancels Release

The new news that the government thinks they did it certainly changes my opinion, though I would be curious exactly what the evidence is. I find it hard to believe they would risk making a stupid blunder of an incorrect accusation, so the info must be pretty good, such as directly from a spy inside NK at the hacker facility.

My gut feeling is this is disgruntled Sony employees. Somebody thought it would sound cool to threaten theaters and are probably amazed at the result.

Comment: Re:Why not ask the authors of the GPL Ver.2? (Score 1) 173

by Pseudonym (#48623689) Attached to: The GPLv2 Goes To Court

It would lock up much software as then each person who contributed is basically a copyright holder and can sue under that.

That's true of the Linux kernel. It's not true of most GPL'd code, which is almost all available under GPL version X (for some X) "or (at your option) any later version".

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