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Comment FBI: trust us, we would never abuse power (Score 4, Interesting) 301

ew ew ew that is so freaking wrong. send them all to jail!

Who are we talking about here, the FBI or the pedophiles?

Isn't this just the Feds again telling us that the ends justifies the means? Apparently, it is ok to run a child pornography site, as long as it is being used to catch sex offenders.I have mixed feelings about this. It is clearly good that the FBI is working to put people who would hurt children in jail. It is less clear that people who might be consuming such illegal material are the people who produce it. It seems eerily similar to the failed drug wars where large numbers of people who consume drugs are the people that are being arrested, as opposed to the people who are making and distributing drugs.

Comment Re:Basic (Score 1) 414

I learned BASIC on a variety of Sanyo MBC-55, Commodore 64 and Apple ][ + (In that order).

I Learned logo on said Commodore, around the same time.

I was 12 (I am 43 now), logo was forced on me (two of the classmates were younger) but I liked it nonetheless.

The "Serious" programs I did in BASIC, I did in GW-BASIC, then ported to QuickBasic in order to be able to "Compile" them.

Comment Is usefull for rapid prototyping (Score 1) 112

I am 43 years old, and I learned:

BASIC when I was 12
LOGO when I was 13
COBOL and RPG-II when I was 15
Pascal (the only language I learned on my own and not in classes) when I was 16.
C when I was 19
Shell Scripting (including AWK) when I was 29

Of all those, I only remember BASIC, C and Shell Scripting.

If this will let me prototype an idea fast and cheap, then it is welcome.

IIRC i read somewhere that Ken Silverman (of BUILD engine fame) used to try new algorithms first by coding them in BASIC. If that new ALGORITHM worked out as intended, he would either refine the coding until he got the intended performance, or compile the basic, or recode in C or ASM... So, if it is good for him, I guess is good for me (and a lot of other people).

Besides, there have been BASIC compilers for a long while, so, if the prototype is a success, I may as well compile, or, if push come to shove, re-write in C.

Comment FireWalls dor Home, SoHo and SMB (Score 1) 294

The firewall needs of the small and medium businesses, as well as those of the Home and SoHo users will be handled by NFV firewalls on the telco side, mostly administered by the telco personnel.

While is bad to relinquish direc control of your security, the security of Home/SoHo/SMB will be better than what's currently available (badly configured NAT/Routers), and besides, nothing forces us people in the know from putting a second firewall behind the telco provided one...


In the article about the MS chat bot, MS claims that they don't keep information from prior conversations. Assuming that they are being honest about this, it is a moot point, as data between the users smart phones and the servers is likely un-encrypted or the Authorities have the encryption keys. (Or will soon, there was an article on /. yesterday about that very topic).

It is interesting to think that MS could be so naive as to think that this feature isn't rife for surveillance abuse.

Comment Apple should NOT leave China (Score 4, Insightful) 170

Apple should comply with this request, it is actually a very good thing for the US (and terrible for china). By creating this backdoor, China is painting a huge target on the server(s) that store these 'master keys'. Every foreign intelligence agency in the world will want in and they will get in. Someone will forget to check a password buffer when coding it, or someone with an admin password will be presented with embarrassing pictures, and then wham! every western Intel agency will have access to the phone data for all the important people in China. This data will need to be used by so many people that it should be trivial to compromise someone with a master key.

Apple will then be complying with China's laws, and can keep raking in the bucks by selling them easy to compromise phones and personal gadgetry. Nothing requires them to then cripple their phones in other parts of the world, which they will presumably not do so they can claim that they have a secure platform as a sales point every else. Win Win.

Of course, the person getting fucked is the average Chinese person. They are being ass-reamed even harder by the government stooges, but perhaps this will be the thing that finally pisses the populace off enough to finally rise up and start hanging all the communist stooges running the country.

I bet the NSA is having a massive Christmas circle jerk over this one. Their job just became a million times easier...

Comment WHAaaaaaaaa????! (Score 1) 182

Did anyone catch the last bit there in the synopsis? Puppetry? WTF?

I am a beautiful, amazing person who is totally into D&D, video games and robotics. However, I have never heard of this puppetry thing before. I find your ideas interesting and I wish to subscribe. Also, while I am a sexy hunk of Dungeon Master man-beast, this article look like it holds about as much water as a sieve.

Comment Dice: /. reciclyng arstechnica articles ... badly (Score 5, Informative) 169

I read TFA last night from ARS itself...

As soon as I read the summary, I realized they got it backwards.

From TFA:

''In a September article, Bloomberg reported that NAC “has deals with major record labels like Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group as well as a number of small contracts with indie bands. About 70 percent of the company's sales are from music cassettes while the rest are blank cassettes.” ''

70% pre-recorded; 30% blanks.

Comment Users not sophisticated enough (Score 1) 181

Most Cellphone users are not sophisticated enough to switch between the two pipes you propose.

So, they will either get stuck in the slow unlimited one and complain about crappy services, or get stuck in the limited fast one, and complain about overcharges.

Therefore, among many other things, T-Mobile needs the contend deliverer cooperation to provide the technical means to do the switching behind the scenes, and transparent to the users...

PS: How do I get my ramblings published to /.'s front page?

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