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Comment I am 99% with you (Score 1) 232

In short: I personally HOPE that the answer to "What is the future of Television" is nothing, I hope it dies and like the telegraph. If someone were to offer a big screen with an acceptable resolution with nothing but inputs and outputs on the back then I would probably buy that. As it stands right now I don't have a television and I do not want one and I would not accept one if I got one for free.

But, I don't know about you, but I also need a Remote with Power, volume, Sleep, mute and Change input buttons for my dumb panel.

Comment BOTH code Snipets have readability Problems (Score 2) 576

If you do not know what usub is, is difficult to determine what is is doing. In that, Linus is right. But look inside the Parenthesis:

" (mtu, hlen + sizeof(struct frag_hdr), &mtu) || mtu = 7) "

Here is a very Clear OR. The guys are checking for the MTU Being to big OR too small...

Linus offers this code:

"if (mtu hlen + sizeof(struct frag_hdr) + 8)"

Which obfuscates the OR comparison...

And Both Call the label "fail_toobig" intead of a more readable "fail_MTU_outofbounds"

Or am I missing Something?

Comment Re: obligatory XKCD - Cutting Edge (Score 1) 309

You know /. supports hyperlinks you asshat.

I decided my brain power is better spent researching to decide that Leaf-Spine with 802.1aq is better than Leaf-Spine with TRILL, and yet both are better than Core-Distribution-Access, or Submitting things that make it to the front page, or making meaningful comments than learning how to put hyperlinks in Slashdot in some arcane old fashioned way because they rather do BETA than give us a decent WYSIWYG editor...

Or some troll can not do triple click Flower+c Flower+v ... Just saying.

Comment Re:Misunderstanding ESR. Shallow, not non-existent (Score 1) 61

First of, to some other chap that called me a shill (fortunately, down modded), my disbelief about the many eyes is not new, nor is it related to FOSS versus closed source. Please see my posting history on /.

Second, this bug was "Unshallow" seven (7) years... 'Nuff Said!

Let me explain using my favourite example: The Metafile fiasco of 2005.

Here we had Two (2) Codebases. One Closed Source (Windows) and one FOSS (Wine). BOTH codebases contained the error. It took 10 years for someone (the guys at Sunbelt Software) to realize the error. Neither Microsoft nor WINE detected the error, even if they had many eyes looking at the code. My hypothesis is that the Microsoft guys were unmotivated, and the WINE guys lacked QA and technical direction. Both codebases patched fast.

Please notice that the fact that WINE was FOSS did not help in the least the WINE team to detect the error (or any other group for that matter). And while some people say "The WINE team was just replicating the functionality", this is false, for, had the WINE Team themselves detected the security vulnerability as such, they would have made it public immediately, patched the code, and added a line in the config file of the form:

MetaFileVuln = 0 /* 0 keep the vuln replicate windows behaviour /* 1 implement WINE team Fix /* 2 replicate Microsoft fix If or when they release it

So, is not about many eyes. To catch and solved the bugs and security vulnerabilities you need more than many eyes...

You need QUALIFIED AND MOTIVATED eyes, QA, Test Cases, and some Process guidance...

And my friends, I read, and still have in my drive the Version 1 of ESR's paper. Read it fresh from the oven, not the many reinterpretations, remember, is a work in progress, is V3 nowadays...

Submission + - Today the XEN project patched a SEVEN year old Vulnerabiity (

williamyf writes: ArsTechinca ; The register and other outlets are reporting that today the XEN project patched a vulnerability in the ParaVirtualized VMs that Allowed a Guest to access the Control OS of the Hypervisor:

"On the other hand, it is really shocking that such a bug has been lurking in the core of the hypervisor for so many years. In our opinion the Xen project should rethink their coding guidelines and try to come up with practices and perhaps additional mechanisms that would not let similar flaws to plague the hypervisor ever again".

ESR Said "with enough eyes all bugs are shallow". Well, it turns out you need Qualified and Motivated eyes, as well as code review and test cases!

Comment Say what?! (Score 1) 374

I updated a freaking bunch of CoreDuo laptops (please notice the absence of the number 2 in the middle of the name) with intel graphics (granted, not integrated) with no issues. (you can search my past posts for the gory details)...

It stands to reason that if such old graphics can handle win10, so can more modern Core iX integrated graphics, with some tweaking (perhaps using the Vista/7/8 drivers instead of the out of the box 10 ones, and checking that ALL your firmware is up to the latest, no matter what the release notes say).

Yes, is a hassle, and yes, true, Microsoft should have blocked the upgrade on your machines for the time being. But, the engineers there are not omniscient, and when (as a previous commenter said) the big boss says "I want X updates by Y date no matter how", this type of things happens, and is up to us to deal with the fallout. Lucky for me, I did it as a favor, and is not my day to day job.

I empathize with you, and do not envy your plight.

At least, those laptops will not end in Ghana for the next 5~10 years; or so I hope.

Comment Re:You must really hate your brother (Score 1) 209

You mean, moving him to linux? Nice fantasy, and would have made his life easier, but it was NOT going to happen.

I suggested them to use OpenOffice, even installed it for them. Guess what they did after they got the machines?

Install Office 2010. They didn't wait a few weeks for Office 2016. They didn't install Office 2013, no, they went straight to Office 2010.

Try to imagine the reaction if the suggestion was: "Go to linux mint". Was NOT going to happen... :-(

Besides, they have a few windows programs (admin/accounting stuff) they need. Here were we are, Linux support is non-existent, and windows support people are crappy, to say the least...

Just as an example, on the P105, the resident techie installed 1 2GB stick, and left the other slot empty. Q: Why did not take the machine to full 4GB? A: That required a BIOS update, and that was beyond the guy's Kung-Fu. Try to imagine that guy running "A2 Software" under WINE (with NO support from the distributor). Yeah, right! Besides, as I said, my brother would never allow it in the first place.

As a matter of fact, the promise to move them to Win10 was the big draw/carrot for my brother to move his ass and let me do the hardware upgrades, instead of plowing along with those CRAPPY machines (or worse, filling the landfield with them - Remember, I did this for mother earth).

Last detail, In his personal machine (a 17" beast of a laptop, with dual HDDs, and 8GB of RAM), my brother had 8.1, and was HAPPY with it, he is eagerly waiting for 10 his automatic update to 10. So no, linux is a nice fantasy, but is not going to happen for him.

And if you meant moving them to Win7, remember microsoft backported their telemetry crap. The resident techie will not be able to play wack-a-mole with the relevant patches.

As for me, apple forced my hand by not having win7 drivers for the air 2015 in bootcamp. So 10 it is for both machines. From my machines, microsoft will only see me using project, visio, WD Drive check utility, Nokia suite for my old-now-just-used-for-here-maps nokia N9, and Arkam City Origins.

There are 5 more machines to update, but I am not sure He will be willing to pay for the required hardware. The next one for sure is a P35-S6111, that only goes to Win7. It is getting a PATA (for crying uot loud) SSD, and, guess what? 2x1GB DDR-0 sticks.

Comment Free upgrade prompted me to BUY RAM for 6 machines (Score 3, Informative) 209


I have been as of late upgrading the Laptops of my brother's firm, mostly as a favor to mother earth (to keep them out of the landfield, and to avoid buying new ones, increasing resources usage) and as a favor to him.

Sadly, he is a fan of Toshiba (but then again, it could be worse), the models are:
One A1235-S2386, one A135-SSP4108, one A135-S4527, one P200 and two P105-S6062.

All of them were on WinXP (on some, it came, on some, it was a Downgrade). Every single one of them was moved to Windows 10 (with some trickery). Every single one of them got the latest BIOS, an SSD, and more importantly for the article THE FULL AMOUNT OF RAM THEY SUPPORTED (all DDR2, some pc4200, some PC5300).

That means all the machines went from 1 or 1,5GB to 2GB (in the A series case) and from 1,5 or 2GB to a full 4GB (in the P series case).

I, personally use a Mac. My current Air has the full 8GB apple ships, my older MacBook has 6GB from the Original two (and an SSD instead of the original HDD). Again, the fact that OS upgrades are free, does not mean LESS sales of memory.

So, as some other commenters have said, the article has flawed logic, the fact that an OS upgrade is free does not mean that RAM sales volume will diminish. If anything, the fact that the upgrade is free means there is more "share of wallet" available to buy RAM and other upgrades in order to make an upgraded machine more snappy.

Comment Re:From a OSX Users Perspective in Academia (Score 1) 321

Funny, I found WIndows 10 to be completely unusable on my Toshiba A105 (with an upgraded HDD and 2GB of RAM). DWM and Windows Defender kept the CPU busy at all times. Windows 7 and Windows 8 ran smoothly on this laptop (but not as good as XP).

Try to go to tosh's support site and download the latest drivers (particularly video, as DWM is the Desktop Window Manager) available there (they may be labeled as Win7, that was my case). If there is a firmware (i.e. bios) patch, get that as well.

Apply the BIOS patch first, then the video drivers. Then let Windows update the drivers. Tosh has the nasty habit of blocking generic drivers from providers. While in 7, I had to use drivers unlocked by the friends on "Mobility.Dot.Net" but in Win10 that is frowned upon. See if that helps with the problems.

As per the Windows Defender, I read you upgraded the HDD, but is still an HDD, not an SSD. Anyhow, use Process Manager to lower the priority of windows defender and let it do its work. While at it, schedule it to scan your machine at lunch or at night.

It would also be wise, after windows defender is done, do a "online scan" with some tool such as "TrendMicro HouseCall"

Best of luck, and let me know when and how you fixed it.

Suerte y feliz dia.

Comment From a OSX Users Perspective in Academia (Score 3, Interesting) 321

At work or Academia, I had used all there is to use. DOS, Windows, Solaris, HP-UX, Sinix, VMS, Linux, FreeBSD...

At home, it was DOS (3.2, 3.3, 5.0, 6.22) Windows (WFW 3.11, 95, 98, NT4, 2000, XP, Vista) all the way (with a brief innuendo with Warp), until Early 2009, when I declared my switchover to MAC Successful.

Now, Apple forced my hand by not releasing Win7 Drivers for the 2015 13"Air... So, between having a ragtag fleet of machines on Win732, Win764 and Win8.1 64, I'll go 10 all the way.

The fact that I can get Windows 10 Working on a Toshiba Satellite A123 ** (My last windows machine), with an Xpress200m Chipset whose graphics part is based on a chip (R300) released in Aug. 2002, and a processor whose architecture (Yonah T2080) was released on 2006 speaks volumes at the effort microsoft has put in preserving compatibility AND make the OS perform better.

On the same resources, Win 8 will perform better than 7 and Win 10 will outperform them both. It has actually breathed new life into the old machine.

What really interest me is the new powers under the hood. Better performance (as said before), Edge, better included antivirus and security tools, DX12, etc, etc, etc.

Maybe things moved around a lot from what I remember, but is in no way as bad as windows 8, were I had to rip of the virtual machine due to the hotcorners, and wanted to pull my hair everytime I had to use a Win8 machine from a friend without a shell replacement. Besides, if one does not like the interface, one can change it (as they said in the TFA, Classic Shell works like a charm, and I am sure there will be other customization apps in no time), if they removed mediaplayer, there is MithTV or VLC, the app store is empty, so what, is not like I forgot how to download an exe or a msi file...

But then again, I use this only for some games (currently Batman Arkam Origins, and anything that strikes my fancy that Steam has not ported to Apple yet) on bootcamp, and via VirtualBox on raw partition for Visio and Project.

The fact that the upgrade is free sweetens and seals the deal (if I had to pay for it, or had to go through the hoops of the university to get the license key, well....). Yes, there are privacy concerns, and I will deal with them, the same way I dealt with iCloud and all of Apple's privacy invasions, I have the knowledge to do so, and I can relay on my fellow techies when my knowledge fails me.

For me is a welcome upgrade, one that will bring homogeneity to my fleet, along with better performance accross the board, and I am recommending all non-techie friends to upgrade (after updating FW, maxing RAM and putting an SSD, of course), especially from Windows XP. Besides, I already issued them a stern Warning. After march 2016, I'll only answer questions about Win10 or "El Capitan". That will drastically cut the amount of free tech support I must do... ;-)

Welcome Windows 10, you may not warrant a rolling stones theme song, but your low-key entry will make many lives easier...

Suerte a todos y feliz dia.

** Yes, after firmware updates, maxed RAM to 2GB, and put a SATA3 64GB SSD on the puny SATA1 interface of the Xpress200M

PS: For what is worth, I have CrunchBang++ for basic Linux demos to my students in the Toshiba (the machine I carry around in mass transport to class, because, if they mug me, I'll not miss it), and have A few CentOS and Oracle Linux machines for, you know, stuff...

Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 133

****: The other option I was exploring today was setting up a dedicated access point just for the Chromecast. I've got the hardware, and a bit of room on the outskirts of the ISM band, but fuuuuuu.

Exactly This, While I live in Venezuela, my chromecast thinks it is in Japan, and is happily using chanel 14 (sadly in b mode) with no incidents on my WRT-54G with DD-WRT. Easy peasy.

While I have the ductery and chops to string a CAT3/5 cable to the TV, I do not feel like it...

The Macbook is using chan 1, but will be wired, not because of BW (mind you, my ADSL is 3Mbps, 10Mbps is the top the telco will give, evein in their (experimental) FTTH). the macbook will be wired because of apple's wifi problems....

Comment Siemens Telecom Equipment and other telecom hacks (Score 1) 145

Shell Scripting to detect "Dormant BTSs", the feature cost $50K in OMC-B 4.5 and was free in 5.5 (which was due in 1 year and had hardware upgrade and consulting costs associated). Script: $0, one afternoon.

DispMCR on a Siemens mobile switch of 100k subscribers. Fair enough. but how do you balance 3 of those running at the same time go get 24/7 MCRs? Without bringing down the switch? That takes skill, and steel nerves.

Now a day, not much hacking, but my chromecast thinks it is in japan, and happily uses WiFi Channel 14... ;-)

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