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Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 133 133

****: The other option I was exploring today was setting up a dedicated access point just for the Chromecast. I've got the hardware, and a bit of room on the outskirts of the ISM band, but fuuuuuu.

Exactly This, While I live in Venezuela, my chromecast thinks it is in Japan, and is happily using chanel 14 (sadly in b mode) with no incidents on my WRT-54G with DD-WRT. Easy peasy.

While I have the ductery and chops to string a CAT3/5 cable to the TV, I do not feel like it...

The Macbook is using chan 1, but will be wired, not because of BW (mind you, my ADSL is 3Mbps, 10Mbps is the top the telco will give, evein in their (experimental) FTTH). the macbook will be wired because of apple's wifi problems....

Comment Siemens Telecom Equipment and other telecom hacks (Score 1) 145 145

Shell Scripting to detect "Dormant BTSs", the feature cost $50K in OMC-B 4.5 and was free in 5.5 (which was due in 1 year and had hardware upgrade and consulting costs associated). Script: $0, one afternoon.

DispMCR on a Siemens mobile switch of 100k subscribers. Fair enough. but how do you balance 3 of those running at the same time go get 24/7 MCRs? Without bringing down the switch? That takes skill, and steel nerves.

Now a day, not much hacking, but my chromecast thinks it is in japan, and happily uses WiFi Channel 14... ;-)

Comment Depends of what you mean by "Use" (Score 3, Informative) 171 171

If by "Use" you mean: Copy/paste sections of GPLed code, then yea, you are forced to use the GPL (this also applies to Read-Memorized-Retyped).

If by use you mean: I link to some GPLed libraries. Or: I invoke some GPLed executable to do some work. Or: I send some IPC message to some GPLed process then you can use pretty much any licence you may well please.

For code I develop for commercial use (either if I want to turn it into a product, or if I am developing for a Third party) I prefer BSD/MIT/Apache.

For code I develop as a hobby, or as a service to the community, I preffer the GPL (v2).

Also, bear in mind two things:
* If you use a substantial amount of GPL code, the community frowns upon using a non GPL license.
* But, apples AppStore has had troubles with GPLed applications in the past.

Choose Wisely.

Comment Re:Quick! Let's copy Intel's stragety (Score 1) 108 108

I agree wholeheartedly with the Parent, Xilinx should not copy Intel's strategy, but rather, come up with a new one...

But sometimes managers are not creative enough. If the folks at Xilinx want to copy Intel's strategy on the cheap, they can try to buy Via/Centaur from Formosa Plastics Group.

They make the Via Nano and related chipsets, the group is small (so less culture clashes, things will be done the Xilinx way). Have you read of the culture clashed between the red Team (ATi) and the Green Team (AMD) When the companies merged? Would Xilinx want a repeat of that?

Yes, VIA has 0% market share in servers, so Xilinx would have to construct the thing from scratch, the Xilinx way, still, that's better than hiring the same server sales/marketing guys at AMD, were they had clawed a healthy 20% of server market share around 2005 and lost it to Intel (mostly with a boneheaded Arch, but still sales should inform R&D about customer needs).

VIA has a presence in the autotainment market, that could be interesting to Xilinx...

The only reason I see for Xilinx to buy AMD is that AMD has Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft as console customers. If Xilinx KNOWS FOR SURE that next gen consoles will have an FPGA, that may be worthwhile, otherwise, as parent said:

Come Up with a different strategy. But, as I said, if you feel the urge of copying Intel, do it on the cheap and buy Via, not AMD.

Comment MacBook Air 13" 2015 (Score 1) 558 558

Probably the last one where the batteries are not Glued, meaning that, when the time is due, after removing 14 pentalobe screws, and doing some other voodoo I can replace them myself.*

2,4Ghz proc, 8GB RAM and 255SSD.

Is used mainly as a Desktop, so extrernal wired USB Keyboard (from an HP PA-RISK Workstation no less, which probably means the machine never goes into deep hibernation) ...

And wired Genius 1200dpi mouse (tried the magic mouse for 3 weeks, hated it).
A second panel, a Dell P2011H (with all the shortages in Venezuela, I was lucky to get this one) Bought mainly because it can pivot.

And a bunch of extrenal USB 2.0 HDDs and Hubs (inherited from the previous machine). Only this machine is backed up (via time Machine).

Mostly web browsing, office work, ScreenFlow lectures, Chromecasting and Portal 1 and 2 as well as Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 (stupid me bought them at the same time).
Windows 8.1 64 Bits via BootCamp for Arkam Origins and via VirtualBox for Project and Visio.

LabTec LCS-600 Speakers from my DEC starion 700i (still sound good).

Also have a MacBook Aluminum Unibody Late 2008, was my main machine until a few months ago, now at my parents' house (I visit every 3 weeknds or so). And an old and beaten toshiba from 2007 when I need to take a machine with me for presentations and notetaking (used to carry the mac to impress people circa 2009, but that now is old school), if I get mugged, not much is lost really.

* My previous mac was hit by pregnant battery syndrome, and I do not live near an Apple Store (as a matter of fact, there are none in my country), since I use the machine as a desktop, I only realized the malaise when I was at a customer consulting gig, and was later told by apple that "The battery is a consumible anyway, not covered by AppleCare". I bowed to never buy an apple battery again, nor buy a laptop were I am not able to replace the battery.

Comment Re:Solitaire (Score 1) 468 468

This pain me the most. Not because of solitaire/spidersolitaire/minesweeper per se, but because of the high scores and statistics.....

Anyhow, a small price to pay for a free upgrade and consistency across machines.

And since my plan is to upgrade my three machines (Toshiba Win 7, MacBook Aluminum Late 2008 bootcamp Win 7 and MacBook Air 13" Early 2015 Bootcamp Win8.1) in the December downturn/downtime, I may find a way to move those....

Comment please remove al the developer crap from the reg.. (Score 0) 74 74

Now the Firefox team can remove all the developer crap from the regular browser.

Is amazing how most of the browsers, in order to pander to developers, became bloated with developer cruft. Do not get me wrong, getting developers to use your browser as primary is important. Nonetheless, this could have been done using the add-on/plug-in interfaces using an official set of add-ons/plug-ins, instead of bloating the browser.

Here I hope that the offering of a specific browser for developers means that the consumer and ESR browser are streamlined as a result.

Comment Bilingual speaker here! * (Score 4, Informative) 159 159

My two cents here:

I read the linked English article, as well as the article in Spanish that they reference ("Ubuntizando.com"), as well as the original article in Spanish. **

The original article (in Ubuntizando) says NOTHING about the name of the legislator that did the counter-proposal, or anything about any alleged tax breaks. Is mostly derivative and incomplete. From this point onwards, I will reference only the article in "biobiochile"

The second article cites two others which I did not read (I have a limited amount of time). BioBioChile interviews only the "Pro-Free-Software***" (Mirosevic) legislator, and not the other (Farcas) who, as the summary clearly states, was the one who voted against Free Software****. Is only logical that the guy launched a counter-proposal. The only surprising thing is the turn-around time (24h).

Even more, the article (in biobiochile), indicates, in the words of Mirosevic himself***** "Half the people [referring to the other legislators, "diputados", or congressmen for those in the US] had no idea what we were talking about. I do not mean of the concept of Free software, but of software itself, but as we calculated, the rest followed those of us who understood". Is only logical, that they voted on the second initiative again whitout a clear understanding, either folowing party guidelines, or swayed by the 10 legislators that submitted the second motion.

From the way of writing (the subtle nuances are often lost in machine translation), starting with the title of the article itself ("Microsoft Raped Us"), I feel the magazine is "Amarillista" (think tabloid/sensationalist). And Slashdot is just being Slashdot, with the added hurdle of the language barrier.

While I am no big fan (nor am I an enemy) of Microsoft, I am less a fan of tabloids and crappy reporting, hence this comment

* For the record, 296/300 in my ToEFL way back when.

** Is in biobiochile.com, never heard of any of them, here is the link, for what is worth:

*** Again to recap, the pro-free-software resolution was voted by 64 yes, 1 no and 12 abstentions.

**** Free as in beer, "Libre in Spanish"

***** “La mitad de la gente no tenía idea de qué estábamos hablando. No digo del concepto software libre, más bien de los softwares, pero como habíamos calculado, el resto siguió a los que sí habían entendido”, relató Mirosevic a la publicación.

Comment Let the inbox fill up (Score 1) 232 232

When my vacation time approached, I loaded a bunch of duplicated emails in the trash folder, and started to operate dangerously close to the mail storage quota.

When I left the office, I left the OutOfOffice reply with the alternate contact. a couple of days after I left, mails would start to bounce.

A couple of days before I was due to return to the office, I connected, just to delete the duplicated email, NOT to check anything.

When I returned, I got fresh email, and the status report from my replacement, go get my up to date/speed.

My two cents, YMMV

Comment This is absolutely correct (Score 4, Insightful) 337 337

The internet had, since IPv4, provisions for exactly this, and whole careers have been built by this. It goes by different names, Type of Services, QoS, Traffic Engineering. IPv6 has also provisions for this, so did ATM in its time. MPLS has a HUUUUGE component of this...

Having said that:

Video on Demand traffic from, say comcast, should have the same priority as video on Demand traffic from youtube or netflix (or some future cash strapped start-up).
Videoconferencing traffic from skype should have the same priority as videoconferencing trafffic from google+ o Cisco (or some future cash strapped start-up).
Web traffic from yahoo should have the same (slighty lower) priority as the web traffic from "mom & pop web server".

You get the drift, not because some big company is willing to pay more, or the ISP wants to double dip you can play with the priorities.

And THAT is net neutrality for y'all!

Comment Windows server 2003R2 32Bit Hack (Score 1) 322 322

As things stand, the POS editions have a lot of components that will not be fixed (because they are not there) that the main version has/needs.

Wake me up if/when a hack is released to make an XP install pose a a server 2003R2. That will buy me/us a full year of patches., nost likey illegal.

Steve Jobs said two years ago that X is brain-damaged and it will be gone in two years. He was half right. -- Dennis Ritchie