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Comment Re:Basic (Score 1) 414

I learned BASIC on a variety of Sanyo MBC-55, Commodore 64 and Apple ][ + (In that order).

I Learned logo on said Commodore, around the same time.

I was 12 (I am 43 now), logo was forced on me (two of the classmates were younger) but I liked it nonetheless.

The "Serious" programs I did in BASIC, I did in GW-BASIC, then ported to QuickBasic in order to be able to "Compile" them.

Comment Is usefull for rapid prototyping (Score 1) 112

I am 43 years old, and I learned:

BASIC when I was 12
LOGO when I was 13
COBOL and RPG-II when I was 15
Pascal (the only language I learned on my own and not in classes) when I was 16.
C when I was 19
Shell Scripting (including AWK) when I was 29

Of all those, I only remember BASIC, C and Shell Scripting.

If this will let me prototype an idea fast and cheap, then it is welcome.

IIRC i read somewhere that Ken Silverman (of BUILD engine fame) used to try new algorithms first by coding them in BASIC. If that new ALGORITHM worked out as intended, he would either refine the coding until he got the intended performance, or compile the basic, or recode in C or ASM... So, if it is good for him, I guess is good for me (and a lot of other people).

Besides, there have been BASIC compilers for a long while, so, if the prototype is a success, I may as well compile, or, if push come to shove, re-write in C.

Comment FireWalls dor Home, SoHo and SMB (Score 1) 294

The firewall needs of the small and medium businesses, as well as those of the Home and SoHo users will be handled by NFV firewalls on the telco side, mostly administered by the telco personnel.

While is bad to relinquish direc control of your security, the security of Home/SoHo/SMB will be better than what's currently available (badly configured NAT/Routers), and besides, nothing forces us people in the know from putting a second firewall behind the telco provided one...

Comment Dice: /. reciclyng arstechnica articles ... badly (Score 5, Informative) 169

I read TFA last night from ARS itself...

As soon as I read the summary, I realized they got it backwards.

From TFA:

''In a September article, Bloomberg reported that NAC “has deals with major record labels like Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group as well as a number of small contracts with indie bands. About 70 percent of the company's sales are from music cassettes while the rest are blank cassettes.” ''

70% pre-recorded; 30% blanks.

Comment Users not sophisticated enough (Score 1) 181

Most Cellphone users are not sophisticated enough to switch between the two pipes you propose.

So, they will either get stuck in the slow unlimited one and complain about crappy services, or get stuck in the limited fast one, and complain about overcharges.

Therefore, among many other things, T-Mobile needs the contend deliverer cooperation to provide the technical means to do the switching behind the scenes, and transparent to the users...

PS: How do I get my ramblings published to /.'s front page?

Comment Re:Linux time! (Score 1) 665

Whatever you end up doing with that machine, do not forget to upgrade each and every firmware for which updates are available (Mandatory; BIOS/UEFI, graphics card, storage), Max Out the RAM (mandatory), put a SDD and maybe a better graphics card (if budget allows). After the BIOS updates, enable Hyperthreading on the P4. Since the machines are so old, go for 32Bit OSs (as this will improve your chances to get drivers)

If you can put 2GB RAM (or more) on both machines (and perhaps a small SSD), the best upgrade path is Windows 10, or Windows 8.1 + ClassicShell (depending of course on Processor Instruction Support and Graphics card support).

But Your Question was Specific to Liux, so, if you want a desktop, and the machines have reasonable good Specs, go for Ubuntu straight ahead. Is better to learn a standard distro, as both the general and specific knowledge that you gain will be transferable/useable in a work environment.

If your machine has somewhat weaklish specs, go for CrunchBang!++ . At least you get a functional distro...

If you want the opportunity to learn your way around a server (in particular with the desktop), go for CentOS 6.3 (the last supported version with 32 bits support).

Best of luck.

Comment Not Nice, Microsoft (Score 2) 665

While I am Sold to the Win10 new ways* , I understand why some other people (minority or not, but VERY vocal) are opposed to it. So it is NOT NICE from Microsoft to push so hard for Win10.

Had they had a gentler touch from the beginning, we wouldn't see all this pushback, and all this cottage industry of tips and tricks and apps to disable the upgrade...

You harvest the tempests you sowed...

*full disclosure, my main machines are macs, some legacy win laptops and all my bootcamp partitions are going to Win10*

Comment I am 99% with you (Score 1) 235

In short: I personally HOPE that the answer to "What is the future of Television" is nothing, I hope it dies and like the telegraph. If someone were to offer a big screen with an acceptable resolution with nothing but inputs and outputs on the back then I would probably buy that. As it stands right now I don't have a television and I do not want one and I would not accept one if I got one for free.

But, I don't know about you, but I also need a Remote with Power, volume, Sleep, mute and Change input buttons for my dumb panel.

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