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apparently that's the key enterprise sets when you disable telemetry in group policy. the key appears to work on home and pro since it does disable, greys out, the data and usage box. it will also set what ever telemetry setting you have to the lowest one, basic, which it too does on enterprise.

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I like the part where the taxi driver being interviewed actually admits that he himself takes Uber orders sometimes. From the article it seems that being an Uber driver is actually more profitable than being a taxi driver. If those driver guys are actually not profiting from holding the plates, why would they all not switch over? Who cares that it took you so much effort to get the taxi license. As per this article you get four times more cash by working for Uber.

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Letting corporations and large banks borrow money at zero interest in order to purchase back their stocks and inflate asset prices is not the same as economic growth. Throw in massaged CPI numbers that underestimate inflation and we have what we see now, the outward appearance of economic growth in a declining economy.

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Don't be daft, good vs bad are not facts. Facts are things like when the bank bailout happened, which laws were used, who signed the laws, which banks benefited, how big of bonuses were given out etc. Ideally you base your opinion about good vs bad based on facts rather then bullshit and good vs bad is always an opinion. And how is it censorship if a private entity prints whatever it wants? You, I and Google are free to put whatever we want on sites we own. Everyone is free to visit which ever sites they want to visit and we're all free to stop visiting a site if we don't like/agree with its content. Google fucks up and they'll go the way of Alta Vista.

OK, that was a bad example. "Who plotted 9/11". That's a question regarding a fact that is disputed. But there is an official status quo version that is more widely accepted than others. Will that become a fact? Regarding censorship - yes, Google is not the only search engine out there. Let's see if Bing makes an announcement in the nearest future saying that they're implementing a similar technology to become more "competitive" against Google.

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So, if enough of the high-ranking trustworthy sites like cnn.com tell you that the bailing out of the banks in 2008 was an unambiguously good thing, than that becomes a fact? And if you opine otherwise, you're ranked down? So what we have here is a full blown censoring of the web, nothing less.

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