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Comment Re:The moral of the story (Score 1) 100

I think the moral of the story is simpler. The only thing in this article that makes it relevant for the "News for nerds" site is the presence of computers in the story. It's a paid PR article for Apple. The message is that Mac laptops are as valuable as money. Nothing more. Everything else is just fluff to feed the discussion.

Comment Dirty air in pill form (Score 1) 112

Typical example of the way our industry works. While the problem was found with the way of life and the fact that we isolate ourselves from nature. Instead finding the way to bring nature back into our life, the solution is to take this part of nature, put it into a pill form and monetize the hell out of it. What else is new...

Comment Linux Mint (Score 4, Insightful) 318

All this talk about Windows made me rediscover Linux. Tried out latest Mint and was really pleasantly surprised by how well polished the thing is overall. Everything worked right from Live CD. Things that I could never get to work on Ubuntu even a year ago. Bluetooth speaker just connected, Android phone didn't make any components die a quiet death. Skype. All menus are reasonably laid out. Configurations work. Started being productive on it just after two hours of installation/configuration. Breath of fresh air.

Comment Re:Still need RAM (Score 1) 80

With this particular technology, never... but even if it performed identically to flash, you would need a radical shift in computer architecture (both software and hardware) to support such a thing, and it would actually substantially increase complexity rather than decrease it. Memory management would become far more complex, I don't know why you think it wouldn't be needed at all.

You mean identical to RAM? It's already much faster than Flash. Why the hell would memory management become far more complex? Now you have HD/SDD - RAM - L3 - L2 - L1 - CPU Registers. If you take out RAM out of the picture, along with loading, swapping, etc. how would that make it more complicated?

Comment Re:RTFA? (Score 1) 492


apparently that's the key enterprise sets when you disable telemetry in group policy. the key appears to work on home and pro since it does disable, greys out, the data and usage box. it will also set what ever telemetry setting you have to the lowest one, basic, which it too does on enterprise.

Comment Re:Handy article on the Globe and Mail (Score 1) 247

I like the part where the taxi driver being interviewed actually admits that he himself takes Uber orders sometimes. From the article it seems that being an Uber driver is actually more profitable than being a taxi driver. If those driver guys are actually not profiting from holding the plates, why would they all not switch over? Who cares that it took you so much effort to get the taxi license. As per this article you get four times more cash by working for Uber.

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