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Comment Re:Why do you insist on misquoting me? (Score 1) 96

My team (the reform team) has yet to inhabit the White House.

But yet you celebrate every GOP victory. You keep telling us how much better the policies that President Lawnchair has supported were when they were instead supported by GWB, GHWB, or Reagan. To claim there have not been presidents whose actions support your ideals is being petty.

It's been variations on the theme of Progressive, statist tools (with the notable exception of Reagan) this last century

We have already established using actual facts that President Lawnchair is demonstrably more conservative than Reagan, so you need to add him to that list. Along with both Presidents Bush, President Nixon, and President Ford (to barely get started).

Submission + - France using emergency powers to prevent climate change protests (

Bruce66423 writes: Following the Paris massacre, the French government declared a state of emergency. One of the regulations this introduced was control of large scale gatherings, and one of the events that is being caught up in this is planned protests to do with Climate Change conference in Paris next month. This has resulted in some activists being put under house arrest — yet other gathering, such as commercial street markets — are being allowed to go ahead. Funny that; anyone would think that the government is using the opportunity to suppress dissent.

Comment Re:Why do you insist on misquoting me? (Score 1) 96

Apparently facts and you just don't get along, eh? I'm proud of you for trying them again, even if only for a fleeting moment. Hopefully I will be fortunate enough to see you try them again some time in the future. Oddly enough I don't recall you being much a fan of facts when your team had control of 1600 Pennsylvania (with or without control of both halves of congress), so I'm not sure how to predict when you will strive for a small sliver of reality.

Comment Re:Why do you insist on misquoting me? (Score 1) 96

Wait, wait, wait a second here. You are trying to accuse me of partisanship, when you keep happily jettisoning the facts in order to further your partisan conspiracies? That's rich, there. I may not be completely devoid of partisanship, but I am the one who is actually using facts in their arguments in this discussion while you keep claiming that your statements are somehow reflections of reality just because they favor your team.

I guess I should just be impressed with the fact that you have at least reached a point where you are at least again connected enough to reality to realize that indeed some of your conspiracies can no longer come to be made true, by virtue of the fact that the clock is rapidly running out on the Lawnchair Administration. We could probably even dare call that progress.

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 706

Actually, the degraded option does NOT work for BTRFS or at least hasn't when I've tried it. I still ended up in the shell. I checked the changelog for systemd from present back to the date of that report and there is no mention of it at all. Once in the shell, mount -odegraded / will work just fine. If systemd' wasn't too mind-bogglingly stupid to just try the mount command nobody would have to get out of bed at 3AM just to type that. But if I just rip systemd out and use the supposedly old and broken down sysV init, it works every time. If systemd had a sane configuration, I'd just poke that mount commend in as an explicit action and it would just work, but in all of that tangled spaghetti just below the surface, there appears to be no way to do that.

For md devices, they get around the problem by having a regular old script in the initrd go ahead and assemble the RAID before systemd gets a chance to get the vapors and refuse.

Mainframes certainly DO cost 100x more than (for example), a supermicro server.

Sure, networks do go down, but in those cases, you're either dual homed or no amount of non-stop can help you. Again, take the 90% solution or be prepared to start paying a lot more. I did say it should be in a good datecenter with backup power. If that fails, again, no amount of non-stop can help you.

Submission + - Pwned Barbies Spying on Children? Toytalk CEO downplays hacking reports (

McGruber writes: Earlier this year Mattel unveiled "Hello Barbie" (, a $74.99 wi-fi equipped interactive doll. Users press a button on Barbie's belt to start a conversation and the recorded audio is processed over the internet so that the doll can respond appropriately. The doll also remembers the user’s likes and dislikes.

Now Security Researcher Matt Jakubowski claims that he has managed to hack the Hello Barbie system to extract wi-fi network names, account IDs and MP3 files, which could be used to track down someone’s home. “You can take that information and find out a person’s house or business. It’s just a matter of time until we are able to replace their servers with ours and have her say anything we want,” Jakubowski warned.

Mattel partnered with ToyTalk to develop "Hello Barbie". ToyTalk CEO Oren Jacob said: “An enthusiastic researcher has reported finding some device data and called that a hack. While the path that the researcher used to find that data is not obvious and not user-friendly, it is important to note that all that information was already directly available to Hello Barbie customers through the Hello Barbie Companion App. No user data, no Barbie content, and no major security or privacy protections have been compromised to our knowledge.”

A petition by the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood asking Mattel to drop the doll has already been signed by over 6,000 people.

NOTE: The original reporting of this hack appears to have been this NBC-Chicago newscast:

Comment Re:End of open and honest? I'll disagree. (Score 2) 219

Speaking under your real name is not always good for one's career, or relations with one's family.

Or for your personal safety or liberty, if you happen to be critical of the mayor or other official with some degree of power. It takes just a phone call to the local chief of police to make your life a mess.

Comment Re:Why do you insist on misquoting me? (Score 1) 96

I am saying they are not economically powerful.

So, who staffs the IRS, BLS, DOJ, &c

Public sector unions - who don't even count the majority of public sector employees in their membership - have vanishingly little (arguably none, in fact) influence on any of those.

The IRS was attempting to do its job of collecting taxes and that somehow made you and other conservatives mad when they looked at people who were trying to apply for tax exempt status while encouraging people to outright cheat on taxes.

The BLS is basically just a statistics department. They evaluate the numbers, and publish them. Your mail carrier has as much power over federal decision making.

The DOJ is largely still staffed with carry-overs from the GWB administration, as they match President Lawnchair's conservative economic agenda. Ordinarily it largely gets flipped with each presidential administration, and if we had an actual liberal POTUS currently it would have been flipped somewhat at the start of his.

How can one be an incompetent tool and an evil mastermind simultaneously?

I think #SillyHashTag tends toward 'tool' on foreign policy, and evil master baiter on domestic issues.

How could he be "an evil master" on domestic issues when he hasn't done anything in response to any of them?

Comment Re:Windows 7 (Score 1) 355

Developers making money is not a problem. Companies selling their computing infrastructure products with inscrutable software is.

There is NOTHING "inscrutable" about pf.

1. I didn't say pf is inscrutable. 2. pf is not the only software shipped on computing infrastructure products sold by some companies.

You just want to argue. Go away.

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