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Comment: It Also Works to Describe Examples of Fascist Prop (Score 1) 23

by Jeremiah Cornelius (#49102779) Attached to: Might explain some of the behavior here

"Dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal"
"Beacon of freedom and promoter of democracy"
"Greatest nation on earth"
"Home of Free"
"Highest standard of living in the world"
"Best health care system ever"
"Dedicated to rule of law as determined by the will of the people with regard for the defense of the minority"
"Capital is the best expression of democracy at work"

The hits keep coming for the Homeland.

Comment: When you get to it (Score 1) 22

The common denominator apps for Web, Twitter, Maps, Angry Birds, MP3 player and whatnot are basically equal across platforms. You can easily adapt to the peculiarities of one, so that the familiarity becomes an actual asset. Differentiation is then minor preferences in form factor, UI idiosyncrasy, etc.

But when you get to serious applications for music recording, editing and processing - or astronomical observation - or organising a rock climbing expedition - or any other rather specialised pursuit?

iOS is really the leader space. Because the tablet really is all about the apps. I can do everything from replace a 4-track studio to manage XBMC/Kodi, before a jailbreak. Nobody bothers with this stuff for Win or Droid. They seem destined for Spotify not Garage Band.

The reason computer chips are so small is computers don't eat much.