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Comment: Terahertz radar (Score 3, Interesting) 55

Low-cost terahertz radar imaging is going to be very useful in handheld devices. You really can see a short distance into many materials. Great for seeing pipes and electrical wiring in walls. The day will come when that's a standard tool one buys at Home Depot.

Until that's working, a cooled IR imager would be useful. Those are great for finding heat leaks in houses, but currently cost too much.

Comment: Re:Here's what I don't get (Score 1) 9

by Jeremiah Cornelius (#48032205) Attached to: The Matrix is Mimetic

Fear of death. Mortal anxiety.

We are not talking about reality of non-material consciousness or ontology.

This is a discussion of the organising principle in broad human endeavour. The Pharaoh was never son of Horus. Democracy and Liberty were never the aim of establishing an international body to manage world order.

The Matrix

Journal: The Matrix is Mimetic 9

Journal by Jeremiah Cornelius

As Yuval Harari points out, "What is so special about us that allows for such cooperation? Unflatteringly, it is our talent for deluding ourselves. If you examine any large-scale human cooperation (or co-option), you will always find some imaginary story at its base. As long as many people believe in the same stories about gods, nations, money or human rights (memes and antitropes) - they follow the same laws and rules (of conduct)."

Comment: The illusion of security (Score 2) 66

by Animats (#48024919) Attached to: CloudFlare Announces Free SSL Support For All Customers

OK, so now you're encrypted from user to Cloudflare, in plaintext within Clouflare, and possibly in plaintext from Cloudflare to the destination site. That's more an illusion of security than real security. Even worse, if they have an SSL cert for your domain, they can impersonate you. Worst case, they have some cheezy cert with a huge number of unrelated domains, all of which can now impersonate each other.

Comment: Re:How does the quote go...? (Score 1) 264

by Jeremiah Cornelius (#48023373) Attached to: Former GM Product Czar: Tesla a "Fringe Brand"

GM does major weapons systems contracting.

GM built the engines for Grumman aircraft, and won a good deal of the Pacific theatre in 41-45.
GM provided the industrial manufacturing capability to produce the M16 A1 variant for southeast Asia.

Comment: Re:It's true (Score 2) 264

by Animats (#48022367) Attached to: Former GM Product Czar: Tesla a "Fringe Brand"

It's a fringe brand in that Ferrari is a fringe brand. I don't think most people wouldn't want one but I don't know a soul who has one. Very few have seen them.

We get a warped view here in Silicon Valley. Lots of Teslas. No Supercharger stations, though. There are a fair number of electric car outlets around, of too many varieties.

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