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+ - Finally Linux get Btrfs->

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shifting_control writes: "At its IRC meeting on Wednesday, the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee (FESCo) resolved to use Btrfs as the standard file system in Fedora 16 “Verne”. Btrfs was called the “Next Generation File System for Linux” by numerous major kernel developers two years ago and is still labelled as experimental. For Fedora 16 there will be a “simple switch” from Ext4 to the new file system; therefore Fedora’s installation program will not force Btrfs’ RAID- and LVM-like capabilities onto users."
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+ - LulzSec Musically Inclined As Well?->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: LulzSec has been known for a few things since we first heard of them. Now they've received significant donations, hacked infragard and have pre-released a song which seems to be professional made. What else does LulzSec have up their sleeves? A TV show?! Hack Interpol?
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+ - LulzSec Hits US Security Firm Black & Berg->

Submitted by Stoobalou
Stoobalou writes: Cheeky hacking outfit LulzSec has struck again, forcing down the website of US security consultants Black & Berg Security — the company run by US National Security Advisor, Joe Black.

The merry pranksters hit the site's home page after the ill-favoured company issued a Security Challenge, offering a $10,000 bounty to anyone who could change the home page picture.

Some challenges, it seems, are too good to turn down. The hacker group declined their rightful reward saying the hit was "just for the lulz"

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+ - ASK SLASHDOT: How to build a personal cloud? 1

Submitted by MotorMachineMercenar
MotorMachineMercenar writes: Recent announcements from Google, Apple, MS, etc. about cloud services have left me cold: most of them would require me to pay fees, get attached at the hip to a service provider, or don't offer everything I want so I'd have to sign up for several services. Perhaps most importantly, I would be at the mercy of fickle service providers who might go offline without warning. So I've thought about building my own personal cloud for my music, movies, TV series and photos.

I could provide the server with my desktop PC, could use one of my internet domains to host FTP or whatever else is needed for the cloud. I would like to push and pull all the content to/from my devices, mainly desktop and laptop PCs and Android phone. It would be ideal if I could share the content with friends as well. Open source would be a huge plus.

Is there anything like this available already, or is there anything in alpha or beta?

+ - Can I Make My Android Phone Lie? 1

Submitted by Nom du Keyboard
Nom du Keyboard writes: After the Pandora personal information tracking fiasco (I wondered why that app always started every time I rebooted, even when I hadn't used it for weeks), and now having yet another app (today it's Layar) ask in its latest update for access to even more personal information that it absolutely doesn't need to do its job, I'd like to know: Can I make my Android phone just outright lie to these applications that don't need this personal information to start with? After all, it is MY phone.

+ - SSDs cause crisis for digital forensics-> 5

Submitted by rifles only
rifles only writes: Firmware built into many solid state drives (SSDs) to improve their storage efficiency could be making forensic analysis at a later date by police forces and intelligence agencies almost impossible to carry out to legally safe standards, Australian researchers have discovered.

They found that SSDs start wiping themselves within minutes after a quick format (or a file delete or full format) and can even do so when disconnected from a PC and rigged up to a hardware blocker.

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+ - How cyborg tech could link the minds of the world->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: Science writer Michael Chorost has written a book that suggests that mankind may one day be able to link individual minds to share thoughts, feelings and perceptions by genetically modifying individuals brains and implanting computers based on neural networks in the body. Here he talks about the implications for human relationships, our sense of self and phenomenon like telempathy and dream brainstorming that this so-called World Wide Mind would make possible.
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+ - Online Radio moves into Vermont->

Submitted by radiofree
radiofree writes: Radio Free Vermont is Vermont's largest online radio station with listeners in over 130 countries. Playing 99% Vermont made music where the listeners control the playlist by requesting, rating and commenting on songs.
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