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Comment Re:100x cheaper? (Score 1) 77

~$1 per square meter for "normal" copper.
+$125 per square meter for "high grade" copper. Which also needs to be processed in order to use it.
If I interpret the article correctly, they are using the shaped high grade copper to create something like a cast. Casting graphene apparently eliminates the cost of some chemicals, and increases yield(not sure if in failure rate or in speed). Chemical vapour deposition(CDV) is stilled used, but its less messy than the traditional method.

That said, I still want a fucking price per kilo of graphene, before and after.

Comment Re:Speaking of a different RPG (Score 1) 321

"But the rules doesn't say so" you paraphrase somewhere in there. And thats the problem. They do. We are talking about a system which do not cripples PCs for going below 8 in charisma, wisdom or intelligence, beyond minor growth modifiers.
To even run D&D, you need to have a large set of homebrew rules, to bypass the fact the default rulebook do not have rules for disengaging for instance.

Comment Re:*sigh*... (Score 1) 358

On one hand
>"Insulting, demeaning, hateful, oppressive, exclusionary, or otherwise hurtful remarks."
Is reasonable to ban. On the other hand, pointing out the code is garbage, or that the user keeps on making poor decisions and buggy code? Thats hurtful, and true.
But it stacks up to a real issue: This isn't scary because how its written, its scary because of how it stacks up, and since its a Code of Conduct and not "how to post posts" advice.

Then there is the scariest bit of them all
>Furthermore, if your conduct outside the Go community is against our values (below), it may affect your ability to participate within our community.
This means if you are politically active, participate in ANY other online community where opinions is allowed, you can be barred from the mailing list or the forum.

Another one
>Flirting with offensive or sensitive issues, particularly if they're off-topic; this all too often leads to unnecessary conflict.
Which, when combined with the rest of the CoC reads as
Do not make bug reports about know issue, do not supply patches for known issues. Do not bring up language flaws that can be fixed

Comment Re:Another example of bloat (Score 1) 309

And how will anything use that 32GB? At most you can use a RAMDISK, to speed up loading. Even outside of that, the trend of uncompressed assets and huge FMV files ruins that opportunity for newer games.
The other problem is one of scale. If high end hardware can only run 1 billion polygons on screen, that sets a hard cap for how much data you can use of RAM. And 5-6 Billion polygons isn't a lot of space, since its going to be compressed anyhow. Textures runs into limitations like shader passes and cost of using textures.
At some point in the GB range of RAM, the diminish returns exist, and i think we won't see anything go there until the next generations of consoles, unless they also hit diminishing returns.

Comment Re: It's a business opportunity! (Score 1) 320

Also, that isn't even the core problem. The problem is that other applications will copy the Chrome approach. At some point in a few years, it could be possible at all your applications are doing this. All of them. Even if all of them end up as the final version.
Thats quite a few services to take over.

Anything cut to length will be too short.