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Comment Re:Uninformed Phoronix-ripoff news (Score 4, Informative) 37

You are oversimplifying it.
Big improvements consists of large performance increases, less frame jitter, improved IO for loading, or changing the GPU/CPU load towards something more modern.
Most of us have no idea what EAX really means, or if our hardware even supports it. 64 bit seems to be the most irrelevant thing ever, unless there is large performance gains for that port.
Arm ports means you have to compile yourself.
Ease of use is another one, and I think the original doom ports is the best example of this

Comment Re:What applications? (Score 1) 178

>There are dozens of products that will give you everything you want
Thats why one starts a argument like that by listing said products.

Examples would need to have a few specific qualities like:
-Being able to run 480p/i without degrading quality
-No input lag
-Black and white levels
-Saturnation levels
So far, the first point is a very huge problem. LCD has no scaling capabilities, before you reach a 4-5x resolution. The second problem is a huge one, since there is no industry standard for it, so there is no way of avoiding it.
BW levels can sorta be solved by OLED, which is neat.
Saturnation levels is a huge problem. The general trend seem to be for LCD's to either low degrade on view angle, good saturnation, or okay white levels.

Comment Re:Dead on Arrival (Score 1) 174

Motion blur still won't change the fact your input is laggy, and there are performance issues.
If your turn your head, and the brain spots that the turning does not match what you see, there is a chance you get a headache right there after 2-3 goes at it.
Motion blur on the other hand only smooths your perception of how "neat" the turning was. It doesn't change that your head spotted the 1-2 frames of delay, and you now get sea sickness.

Comment Re:Right Of Way (Score 1) 278

In some nations the point to go was canceled because laws around crosswalks and parking changing. If I remember correctly, its because you where allowed to park at the edge of one in both directions, but regulation changed to a 6-8m ban of parking because it meant cars no longer blocked view of the pedestrians.
That said, the legality is a mess for people driving without cameras.

Comment Re:Right Of Way (Score 1) 278

If San Francisco laws are anything like Norwegians, pedestrians do always have right of way. No way of getting around it.
Now, the issue of the pedestrian jumping from sidewalk into traffic(and who gets blamed for what there), the logical axiom of crosswalks being used as cross points, and more, is a different issue.

Comment Re:Most ad blockers are a reflexive overreaction (Score 1) 351

This sounds like a good idea until you realize there is thousends of thousends of thousends of adds out there.
So every time you refresh a page, start your browser, or you go to the next part of a webpage, you would have to click everything. That adds up too a lot of time, compared to just blocking everything.

Comment Re:"I promise to not change anything," he said (Score 1) 46

Well, its a pretty Japan thing.
Its also why none of their consoles shipped with SCART for the default video out in Europa, from Super Nintendo to Wii.

That said, it looks like Nintendo of America is the biggest old war tent solider, since they refuse to go full localization mode, when they don't produce games themselves.

Comment Re:Battery doctor already does this (Score 1) 80

No, but you can kill what kills the battery.
-App asks for something(GPS, lookup on the nearby cell tower, stuff), Battery Doctor forces the answer to be cached, to avoid activating the needed sensor every 10 seconds
-Kills apps who makes background calls and are inactive

Comment Re: As opposed to... (Score 1) 174

I think this is about right. There are several problems, and several good things:
-200MB limit is a good thing. Downloading stuff tends to be painful in the first place, especially when you are used to a almost instant gratifiction that is the iOS and background downloads of apps. 200MB is also a lot looking from historical sizes: Games before the PS2 era was generally 40 to 100MB after compression(and the rest of CD's was filled up with uncompressed video), so 200MB can be a lot

-Cloud saves.... but also strict limitations on file size, so if its bad? Who knows

-The motion sensors in the applemote might be really good, but as with the Wii, that will not mean shit unless there exists 2-3 games out there to benchmark it. Wii had Wii Sports, Wii Resort+, and Skyward Sword. Out of a libary of about 1500 games(wikipedia claims so), you might be limited to about 30-40 games with strong proper usage of waggle. The rest of the libary seem to be limited to pointing, waggle for a button, or entirely different problems
Seeing this is New Apple, there won't be any bundled showcase game which is fun, and sets a benchmark for how good waggle is suppose to be on this

-They already mandated a Xinput compliant controller, which I am not sure what to use for

-Applemote seems to be 2 motion sensors to a touch sensor on the top, meaning 1 button/dpad array + a lot of waggling

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