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Comment Re:$40K still a lot for most folks (Score 1) 37

The prime marked for this isn't for cripples, its for patents that will be useful down the line when exoskeletons mature a bit more. That and the fact it allows developed prototypes to be sold, and it will most likely be subsidized once it gets out of testing phase.

Even then, its roughly in the price segment where these devices will end up: They will cost the same as good fresh cars. 2nd gen of these might go down to 30.000, but they won't be cheap because they are rather complicated technology.

Comment Re:Have they found a fix for physics? (Score 2) 229

Actually they do. Ironically enough.
It applies full braking before the driver reacts.
Because ABS is a thing, and the car brakes extremely hard. Which means it can brake on snow and ice.
So the car has lost most of its momentum before head to head.
Because of deformation, the car engine and front deforms instead of hitting the driver.

Now, the keyword here is "death proof" not "maim proof". And that opens up another ugly set of things.

Comment Re:Why? 4g is fast enough (Score 1) 103

Smaller local companies that offers normal internet over cellphone radio waves exist. It usually seem to involve a Parabolic antenna pointed at the radio tower. And since its a parabolic antenna, it seems to be less affected by weather degrading the signal.

A friend of mine moved to the middle of nowhere, and since there was no cable laid there, they had to consider their option. Turns out the broadband provide in the next county had their broadband tower in plain sight from the house, so they contacted them and got a subscription.
Ping increase seems to be in 10-15ms, compared to 30-40 for 3G mobile broadband.

Comment Re:Food supply (Score 1) 138

But phorm, food production isn't done in the city. Its done in small scraps of land outside of the cities. And depending on how the modern times changes the entry of the inland, a lot of food production might be somewhere far inlands in the mountains.
In the large picture, the city is just a place to stay, where some infastructure is. Most of that infrastructure depends on infrastructure that isn't in the city, such as transportation(boats), farmland, mining, wood cutting, etc.

Comment Re:Bull Spit (Score 1) 259

Yes, but when would you say Speech tech actually reached primetime? Even if you said it wasn't ready in the 90s, Siri was released properly by Mai 2012.
That means Speech Tech was primetime ready somewhere between 2000 and 2011.
And thats ignoring if there was firms that had solutions that was waste ahead during the 90.

Comment Re:Seems overly optimistic (Score 3, Interesting) 259

It could also end with most of New York losing their drivers licenses over the entry months of self driving cars. Simply by automating reporting of dangerous drivers.
Thats not even a scary ideal, but it would lead to lots of fun court time and messing around until the legal crisis that has been delayed for decades is forced to be solved.

Comment Re:A difficult subject (Score 1) 308

Another issue is that we are not that long into how to deal with mental illness.
We got drugs, but no good tool for diagnostic.
We got diagnostic, but they are still not at the stage where they could be used on routine checks.
We got generic drugs, with side effects, which may not be intended for the actual problem.

Then there is enviroment. Its understood that there is some cause and effect, but rather poorly. Especially incubation.

Comment Re:Refusing to accept cash? (Score 1) 440

So why would you refuse drivers license or passports as valid identification, or do you accept those?
Because look at what you wrote: You wrote that Hotels need the Credit card to authenticate they got the right person.
Nothing is stopping them from still paying with cash, and if routine is actually legal is another matter entirely.

Comment Re:Internet cafes (Score 1) 8

Yeah, their quality varies a lot depending on region. In Japan and Korea gamer Cafes seem to be a thing, and China has machines and connections allowing players to play MMO games.
Tourist places(Canari Isles, Greece, Turkey, etc) seem to only offer Internet access. Not a whole lot more. In high GDP countries i guess they are shoddy places for tourists who can't use the hotel Wifi on their laptops/cells?

Rolling out VIVE to something like Chinese LAN Cafès seem to be a no brainer. At the least it allows some examples of use.

Comment Re:Yes... please. (Score 1) 30

Wouldn't all you need to do, to do it the opposite way of normal?
Instead of making a iOS game, you make a game for one of the 3 consoles, or Steam, stratgically delay porting so they line up in week to biweekly releases to keep the PR stream up, and then finally do the iOS/Android release last?
Then again, there is some rather extreme control issues on iOS so far, and this is going to stop a lot of ports. Mostly because 1 button games are rather hard to do properly, since it means the buttons mechanics has to do a lot of hard lifting.

Comment Re:Wrong order (Score 1) 393

Bonus points for renting post box is a valid option to get a address. It costs what.... 100€ to rent a postbox for a entire year?
Thats a valid mailing address, and I think its the same for most of the world: If you don't have a house that has a post address, a central town area or location(such as a store, hotel or anything) might have one. The usage of hotels for mail is a pretty good example, and we have a long standing tradition for that.

75% of the world lacking a postbox isn't anything to care about, when most of them will be able to receive mail if they wanted.

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