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Comment: Re:What about severe lag? (Score 1) 124

Does packet drop actually exists in the wild? Outside of noise over long distances? In the normal world? That is my question to that.
Packet loss means whoever is between A and B, is fucking up. Somewhere.
Be it having wireless transfer somewhere on the backbone, faulty infrastructure, or destroyed wires. I don't think Packet Loss and "loss of Connection" actually exists in the actual wild.
Add in 3-4 extra paths for packages, and we might got something robust.

Comment: Re:Sure... (Score 1) 155

by del_diablo (#49783081) Attached to: Heat Wave Kills More Than 1,100 In India

Every year there is flodding. Every year people are confused over the fact they got houses in a flood area?
Not really.
They choose to love where the flood comes
They should accept it? Right?
To some extent.
I know that work and social life is limited to where those are. So I know a lot of people moved somewhere for one of those 2, they didn't choose to live in a flooded area.
Still doesn't change the fact they could have moved uphill.

Comment: Re:still ? (Score 1) 298

I got lenses which says -6.5. I have no idea what it really means.
But I apparently lived most of my childhood before the first degredation of my sight, and I know for a fact that if I can't get glasses or lenses, it will take me 1-2 days to adjust for normal life. After that, I will behave as if I have a almost normal vision.
Sure I can't read anything at normal distance, and I will have trouble reading the church clocks at 400m+, but those are very insignificant tasks compared to just how much I can use my poor vision once I get used to it.
After all, my favorite hobby as a child was reading. With my awful eye sight. And I still read a lot, after getting classes, at a age of 11.

I don't think the amount of near or far sighted has changed at all over the last 100 years. I doubt it. What I think has happened, is that we give children glasses far too early, so that its very obvious that your sight is bad. Otherwise you would reach the age of 13-18, and maybe need some reading glasses.
Once you get used to having imperfect vision, you give no fucks about it. Its just something that is there, and unless you are used to wearing glasses, you don't really care.
You see the same with people starting to get older too. They only use glasses for reading, watching TV, or using a computer. Their vision has to degrade a lot before they feel forced to have driving glasses, even if their ability to read signs is technically poor long before they feel the need.

Remember: I doubt we have had real selective breeding for eye sight since we got the tech for pottery, walls, farming and breeding animals. I seriously doubt it. What gets wed out is those with too poor eye sight. And that is extreme levels of bad, its obscenely bad. You have trouble playing sports with such poor vision.
And on the top of that, reading being common is almost a thing of modern civilization, as far as we know it. 150 last years? 170? Its uncommon, from a evolutionary perspective.
You see the same once you go over modern medicine, and the degrees of treatment. Childhood mortality decreased severely? Such a amount of resources that babies born too early can be saved? Babies born sick can be saved? The later 2 cases are rare compared to the first. And third world countries would not go towards a "overpopulation" unless the basic medical treatment fixed most of the first issue.

Comment: Re:My own take (Score 2) 184

The problem is that a map editor is basically a gimped level designer, usually with gimped scripting.

Once you go there, you realize that instead of using some 3D software, and then importing that to a engine, there is possible to make a in engine tool, that can make maps. The problems you then face are the fact material mapping and your material engine may be shit. Really shit. To the point where imported photoshop image files requires massive hacking to get mapped properly. Don't forget that UV mapping for large objects are its own special kind of painful.

Of course, what is the next problem? The editor for objects. Being able to create a level, does not equal you can create or make shapes. For something as complex as it is, i never found out how to make spheres, statues or anything cool in Cube. Once you can do that in engine, in a convenient way, you can go full retarded on making good levels. Mostly due being able to do it fast.

Next? Well, animations. Rigging and animating has always been the most painful of 3D editing. You need it if you want to make complex object interactions, or want a way to script them to work properly with the physic engine. You can give up on rigging something as complex as a human, but having hanging anchored platforms/objects without tons of weird scripting would be a plus.
If scripting integrates well, you can start rigging in armor pieces, hitboxes, and more. Without needing to pray that some half assed importer works properly.

Then the last issue is usually that your editor is gimped in scripting. Or your script language is weird or limited. Or the ability to interact with making map/level is gimped, so there is lots of busy work to get a lot of scripting working.
If you at some point just fire up nano/text edit or vi, just to make edits to scripts, the in game mapper tools are shit.

This is of course only touching the tip of the iceberg. To make a 3D game, you still need a way to write and edit shaders. You need a way to gauge performance. You need good importers/exporters for the things you can't do in engine. You need all interfaces and controls to be good and sane.
You need documentation to be good, accessible, and you need to create a community.
What most FLOSS engines fail at is that they want to be something like Quake or Doom, something you use a external tool to create cool stuff for PvP shooting. They succed at their purpose, but they fail to be game creation tools.

Comment: Re:This guy has a better idea (Score 2) 221

by del_diablo (#49208845) Attached to: New Concept Tire Could Recharge Car Battery

The problem is that Norway is not that cold. 90% coastal population. Coast is gulf stream. And coast basically is inland to the first mountain range, or first mountain range beyond large river or lake.

And its a modern car, with good ABS and Anti Spin, on modern tires. Its fun to drive if you go far enough inland to experience the real winter snow.

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