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Comment Re:Ecosystems are *Really* *Hard* (Score 1) 147

>We don't know how to make real dirt on mars
Bones, waste, excrements, and waste products. Buried and flipped. Maybe some bacteria.
That isn't the issue. The issue will be how many years it will take to get the unfertile mars land into something fertile, and how good that dirt will be for growing stuff.

The other pitfall is that we are growing a new microbiological sphere. Which means we can fuck it up really really bad, meaning that the bacteria isn't good for human life.

Comment Re:Shit wins awards (Score 1) 249

What makes the Dualshock 2 a bad controller, is 3 issues:
1. The shell is designed for a stickless version, and the grip is as well. This means you can never get a good grip on it, because the handles are non existing, and there is nothing to wrap your hand around
2. The PS1 dualshock controller had extended handles, because adding analogs did take up valueable grip space. The extended handles was lost in all successive versions
3. And there is minor wear/tech problems on it. Notable faults includes the deadzone setup(you breach the resistance on the sticks long before you even reach the deadzone, making sniper segments in most games painful), analog buttons with no indication thats a thing(and only a few games, like Metal Gear Solid 3, uses them), the dpad is prone to wrong input after some wear(i.e Forward because diagonal up forward)

That said, there exists worse controllers out there, but its not a good controller setup.

Comment Re:Most global diseases involve energy and water (Score 1) 248

The problem is that "healthy" does not mean "peak human free of diseases", it just means "somebody who is not crippled".
In a really shit country, you get a disease, are crippled while having the disease, and die if its bad enough.
In a western country, you get a disease, are crippled if the disease is bad, and rarely die.
The rest of the population stays healthy, and small things like coughing, cold, and lower height isn't that relevant.

What is hilarious is also that the since quality metal weapons existed, the limitation for a army is never man power, but supplies. Especially more so once you realize only a soldato in quasi modern full gear is useful. Somebody with a makeshift pitchwork isn't useful, when the other guy got armor for most of his bodyparts and is arrow resistant.
For modern combat its even more so, since your limitation is the amount of missiles you got, and the AK is still a good gun.

Comment Re:Here's a thought: Just freeze the project (Score 3, Insightful) 58

Lets say you make a module.
You finish it.
And you rid it of bugs.
After a few months, when you don't really care about that project, a update arrives.
The update breaks the scripting language, and you get angry or scared eposts about your module. They want it to work on new and shiny.
So you fix it....

How many times do you repeat fixing it, before you get tired of fixing it?
I expect projects like Libretro, a frontend for Emulators, to eventually reach this point. Where at some point, people will only contribute ports to stable, and only towards the next stable if the emulator is still alive.
And I am honestly not sure what projects will compare.

Comment Re:Not that Useful (Score 0) 151

But what if your webpage wants special background noise for a occasion?
I know 4chan occasionally has done this, on various boards, to celebrate events or just to troll people. /a/ have had M. D. Geist theme running for a few days, a honking variant of Neon Genesis Evangelion, and many more. /v/ had some of the Earthbound themes running after Iwata died, for at the least 3 days.

I agree background noise serves no purpose for most websites, since they are basically read only static pages. But there are exceptions, and by making it "click to play", most users will never spot it.

Comment Re:i haven't bought a car in a while... (Score 1) 252

I am not sure I agree. For one, you might have all your friends inside a neighborhood in that city.
You might even have most of your grandchildren inside that neighborhood.

Now... if you just live somewhere random, where you need to car to get to friends and work, than i agree.

Comment Re:So what (Score 1) 184

> there's a chance that they'll have grown up and gathered enough coping strategies and reprogrammed their own behaviour enough that they're almost indistinguishable
Read that again, you wrote it, there is a special word there: CHANCE
The reality is that most never learn to cope, they only learn to cope partially.
So instead of having social peers to interact with, you have issues. And thats really bad.
It also means you stunt your social growth by years, if you ever recover.

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