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by del_diablo (#46497779) Attached to: Steam Controller Drops Touchscreen

Because the controller by design does not need a dpad. It only needs extra buttons in case you run out of practical mapping.
You have a left analog zone and haptic feedback on it. And a right analog zone with haptic feedback. Each zone notices the difference between push down and just swiping on the surface. Each zone also has 3 parts, where you can do stuff like map things to the outer and inner edges.
So for a lot of 3D games, you would do something like
-Left analog is left zone. Outer edge is used as dpad(since dpad is only used for rare commands.)
-Right analog is mapped to right zone, but so is the face buttons. Swipe = Move camera, push down = use button. Outer circle is still not used for anything, but can be.
-Map bumpers and analogs to the back, just like on the original gamepad setup
-Start/menu is start/menu, and select/back is select/back.

For 2D games, you already got a nice primary surface. Just map the "dpad" to the left touch surface, and use push down. And face buttons to the right surface. Its not magic.
Its not hard to map the controller to work for a game like Starcraft either, since you can do left zone for panning and right for mouse control. You also have 8 buttons free for control groups.


How Japanese Scientists Are Monitoring Fukushima Babies For Radiation Exposure 95

Posted by samzenpus
from the won't-somebody-please-scan-the-children dept.
KentuckyFC writes "Parents in the Fukushima region of Japan are intensely worried that their children may be consuming food and water contaminated with radiation. But whole body scanners used to monitor the internal radiation levels of adults don't work for children who cannot stand up inside them. What's more, the machines are not sensitive enough to detect problematic radiation levels in children. That's because children metabolize substances faster than adults and have a lower mass to start with, so the levels of radiation in their bodies tend to be lower. For example, if each adult ingests 3 Becquerels of cesium-137 every day, the internal levels would reach an equilibrium of about 400 Bq/adult body. But a similar intake for a 1-year old child would result in an equilibrium level of about 60 Bq/body, well below the 250 Bq/body sensitivity of adult scanners. Now a team of engineers has built a whole body scanner that is sensitive enough for the job and that children can play inside for the 4 minutes necessary to scan them. And they say the results of the first 100 scans of Fukushima children (average age 4.2 years) are reassuring--none show any evidence of cesium-137. So far."

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by del_diablo (#45953459) Attached to: Behind the Scenes of Wii U Software Development

What tipped you off?

Code optimised for the PowerPC processors found in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

Having worked on other hardware consoles, I suppose that we were rather spoilt by having mature toolchains that integrated nicely with our development environment. ----... ---- This doesn't sound bad, but when you are debugging and making lots of changes, these additional times add up. If you made 10 changes to a file in a morning, you could be spending over 50 minutes waiting for the linker to complete, which is a lot of wasted time.

Alarm bells *rings for the wrong reason

Look at it, read it trough. There is several hints that the writer is not a competent developer in quite a few meanings of the word. There is also backtracking of several of the statements.
I guess that is what happens when development turns into setting a bunch of third party tools in chain, including the compiler and Visual Studio.

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Its sort of obvious. Wireless one could be 2G with extensions. You know what? Browsing internet on that would be slow, but it works if it where not for one major problem: Packet drops. With a guaranteed 20% packet drop(if not more), its painful to use. And with such a low speed, its even worse. It would be unable to even browse slashdot properly.

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by del_diablo (#45480191) Attached to: Game Review: <em>Path of Exile</em> (Video)

Its not the lack of respec that is Path of Exiles problem: Its the lack of any tools to map your path inside the game. The website sure is nice, for mapping out skills (, but you can not use "shortest path" or "search" in the client sadly. And that is a large problem.

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