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Comment Re:Ah, Microsoft (Score 1) 457

Keep your dirty mind out of my fantasies. You'll be happier that way. If you were able to make me not have fantasies I wouldn't act on in the real world, I think I'd eventually crack. I don't think you'd like me then, and I have this little thing in the back of my mind that tells me I'm not going down quietly if I'm being messed with.

Why do you think anybody's obligated to cater to any of my perversions? I don't see anybody but you saying that. What I see is people who don't like a certain Microsoft product, and, I hate to break it to you, that's happened on Slashdot before. I don't want my PDA to act like a professional personal assistant, who would legitimately have her (it's my fantasy, so I'm using sex-specific language) own desires and needs I'd have to respect.

I have fantasies that I really want to be not normal in everyday practice. Doesn't mean I don't have them, or that I won't deal with them in ways that won't hurt people and won't get me in the slammer. I'm not ashamed of them. They're part of me (hint: if you've got a telepathy device, don't deep-probe my mind until you absolutely know what you might be poking into). I would be ashamed of trying to put some into practice, because that would be wrong.

The fact is that I'm fairly good at telling fantasy from reality, and I know which is which most of the time. Most people I see are pretty good at that, also. Do you really know the difference?

Comment Re:Ah, Microsoft (Score 1) 457

I'm deeply curious why some people here are upset at the thought of verbally abusing inanimate objects. Why the heck not?

This is obviously a fantasy they have, which is disturbing.

You want disturbing? You go digging in certain parts of my mind, the parts where I usually don't go. I'll give you disturbing. There's a lot of crap running around there, including occasional desires that might appall you. As it happens, I'm pretty good at being a decent human being anyway. Also, I don't know for how many people this sort of thing is true. The rest of you might be psychological open books, not needing to filter out stuff because it's all OK, but my guess is that you're not.

Are they simply too cowardly or socially awkward to take out their aggression on real people? (I hope so!)

You hope that? I don't avoid treating people badly because I'm cowardly or socially inept (although I am somewhat inept socially). I avoid treating people badly because they're people and they deserve to be treated well, and because I like to think I'm the kind of guy who generally doesn't mistreat other people. If you treat people well only because you're a coward or can't function socially, I feel sorry for you.

Or do they know that those sorts of behaviors are shameful, yet want to indulge in them anyway?

There are behaviors that would be shameful if I did them to a human, but that's because they'd hurt people. Why would they be shameful if I did them to a machine? There's behaviors that I do with my wife, and she appreciates, that would get me gross misdemeanor charges at the least if I did them with any other woman I know. Context is important.

The closest I come to that, is pointing out that many users here seem to have a fantasy where they abuse women where the women then, in turn, submit to their abuser.

Sounds correct. Statistically speaking, it's one of the more standard deviations. What I don't get is why you think having a fantasy that you wouldn't carry out in real life (except perhaps in role-play) is a problem. There's a real difference between doing something that harms no one and kidnapping a woman and abusing her until you've instilled Stockholm syndrome. Don't you have any fantasies you wouldn't do in real life (even if you could do that thing with...well...let's skip that)?

You could read about some abnormal psychology if you really wanted to be freaked out. The human mind is a strange place.

Comment Re:A machine... (Score 1) 457

That brings up a disturbing image. If I'm going to sexually harass an inanimate object, it's going to be treated as a female inanimate object. I really don't want to know the underwear worn by a man in an Indian call center. I'd rather be told "I'm wearing steel with gorilla glass in front" or something like that.

Comment Re:Sexual Assault (Score 1) 457

Judgmental, aren't we?

Unless you can show that someone's relation with a piece of silicon either harms someone or makes it more likely to harm someone, you're being arbitrary. You do have a right to be arbitrary, but it may have consequences, such as having other people despise you for making a moral issue of treatment of an inanimate object.

I'm probably never going to be in a position to affect your life, and wouldn't recognize you if I saw you, so my opinion of you is unlikely to matter.

Comment Re:You create costs by existing (Score 1) 313

Back before I had a kid, I voted for every tax increase for schools and libraries that came up on the ballot. There was a particularly large one to reduce class sizes, and I happily voted for it. Then, when my kid got old enough, class sizes were back to what they were. The story of my life: stuff I pay for tends to be gone by the time I personally want to use it. Oh well.

I was using "right" a little loosely there. There's stuff I have the right to buy, stuff I have the right to (public education for my kid, for example), stuff that happens that I'm billed for, stuff I have the right to do personally, and stuff I have no right to. Around here, I have the right to have an electric line run to my house, and the right to get power by paying the electric company. I do not have the right to buy fat-free mozzarella, and no grocery store is required to stock it. (Don't knock it; it's just fine on a pizza made on french bread.)

The idea behind the ACA is that the government creates a competitive market, and the only way this works is to get everyone to participate. It's a really clunky system, and I really prefer single-payer, but it's a move in the right direction.

Comment Re:Apple needs to go away as a company. (Score 1) 401

Requiring payment isn't a security feature by any stretch of the imagination. Requiring correct authentication in general can be. To put this another way, nothing has happened to my phone, and it's functioning just like it used to with some improvements. It would appear that iOS 9 runs just fine on a 5S, and I checked for that before upgrading. If there was a problem using my phone for no reason at all, I'd be ticked.

Comment Re:Apple needs to go away as a company. (Score 1) 401

From my point of view, I'm injecting a little sanity into a big Apple bash. If this had been a large "Apple can't possibly be to blame" discussion, I'd be in there saying why Apple was. I'm not saying Apple did the right thing, because I'm not anywhere close to sure about that, and I don't really like everything they're doing. I'm saying that a lot of you have crap arguments.

I also don't shill for anyone. I annoy people without any payment at all. You're welcome.

Comment Re:Violation of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (Score 1) 401

The phone was insecure after the repair. iOS versions before 9 apparently didn't check for that.

Magnusson-Moss applies to warranties, which this doesn't seem to be about, and does have its limits. If your chosen oil-change place uses fine sand instead of oil, that is going to cause damage and is going to void the warranty on a lot of stuff. It is legal to void the warranty if the third-party repair or part is involved in the damage. In this case, the repair created a security breach.

Comment Re:Authoritarians will always rule. (Score 1) 456

In situations with laws against abortion, there tends to be an abortion rate not too far short of places without such laws, the main difference being that the abortions are dangerous. I don't know of situations without laws against murder, but AFAICT the murder rate appears to be a lot higher if such laws are not enforced.

Murder laws do a lot to stop murders, and abortion laws don't do a lot to stop abortions.

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