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As a man, I'm not that keen on threats of murder or felony assault. I expect women in public life to be able to handle hurtful comments, but credible death threats are wrong and anybody, regardless of race, sex, or planet of origin, needs to take them seriously.

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Kids effectively have no rights. At least in recent memory (I haven't been following this, and it may have changed), many juvenile courts and similar institutions were assumed to be working for the benefit of the kids, which removed all sorts of protections. If I go to court, it is understood that the judge isn't on my side, and if I get convicted the sentence won't be to my benefit. Therefore, I get such things as the right to counsel and the presumption of innocence. Juvenile "justice" tended to dispense with such inconveniences.

So, yes, if I write violent fiction (and I do sometimes, never published though), or fiction about acts of terrorism, no problem. If my son had done that while in K-12 school, he could have been in serious trouble.

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What makes you think people haven't attacked the film/TV industry, the music industry, or various religious groups as being misogynist? I've seen all three being accused. If you haven't, well, you must follow gaming news a lot more than other news. Nothing wrong with that, but you're making statements out of ignorance.

Sarkeesian has chosen to attack what she sees as misogyny in video games, much as others have attacked it in various other art forms and religions and other sorts of groups. She's specializing, which is a reasonable thing to do. She herself doesn't need to concentrate on misogyny everywhere, particularly when many other people are attacking perceived misogyny all over.

Corporate policies? You think corporate policies on women haven't been attacked? Do you read Slashdot articles that aren't about games? Have you missed all the articles on allegations of sexism and misogynist behavior in the tech industry? They attracted a lot of comments. Gamers aren't being singled out in any way, shape, or form here.

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Why is this modded Flamebait? It's a blunt expression of opinions on her work, which is not objectionable, with some insults, which aren't that bad. It also insists that she should be safe from threats of violence, and that those who make them should be punished. Seems perfectly legit to me.

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I'm having a hard time coming up with a legitimate purpose for a no-fly list.

If we're fairly sure we know somebody's a terrorist, then putting that guy on the no-fly list will only warn him we're onto him. All he has to do is take periodic flights to keep informed. Therefore, the people we really think should be barred from flying often can be put on the list only by interfering with investigations.

A no-fly list does not prevent people from traveling, but rather inconveniences them. A terrorist on the no-fly list who wants to go from New York to Las Vegas is going to be a lot less annoyed than an innocent person. It doesn't prevent a terrorist from hijacking a plane into a building, because we've basically solved that problem. It may keep a bomb off the plane, but, really, how often would that happen? And couldn't the terrorist cause more terror by sniping at schoolchildren or something?

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by david_thornley (#47787527) Attached to: Microsoft Releases Replacement Patch With Two Known Bugs

Usually, Firefox remembers the URLs that were open. Thing is, it only appears to remember for the last closed window. If I'm going to reboot, I close Firefox myself, making sure to close the window with all the tabs last.

This may be a Firefox issue rather than a Microsoft one.

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