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Comment: Vanity Fair (Score 1) 249

by dave562 (#46774765) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Good Print Media Is Left?

They have good, in depth coverage of current topics. For example, they were one of the first mainstream publications to give accurate, factual coverage of the financial crisis while it was unfolding. Their contributors write well and their editors are top notch. There are usually one to two articles worth reading every month, each about five pages.

Comment: Enough excuses already (Score 2) 645

by dave562 (#46684397) Attached to: Should Microsoft Be Required To Extend Support For Windows XP?

If people put as much effort into getting off of XP as they spend fighting the inevitable, they would not be facing these challenges right now. Microsoft has made it quite clear that they are going to sunset the product. There have been newer, better operating systems released that provide an easy upgrade path. Unless someone is running a single core processor, Windows 7 is faster and more stable than XP.

And if the newer Microsoft OSes are sooooo terrible, "There is always Linux." (Or OSX)

These "Save XP" articles are tired and played out. Move on guys. When I read these articles, all I hear is, "Whaaaaaaa. I have procrastinated for the last five years and now I'm fucked. Save me from my own ineptitude!!!"

For a community focused on OSS and Linux. For a community that has consumed Lord only knows how many terabytes of storage bashing XP and touting the glories of ANYTHING ELSE. For a community like that, one would think that XP going EOL would be celebrated with much merriment and significant rejoicing. Oddly enough, it seems that one would be wrong.

Comment: Re:Why switch to that Euro-weenie format? (Score 0) 111

by terjeber (#46682091) Attached to: EU Should Switch To ODF Standard, Says MEP

Its people being forced to upgrade thier older perfectly functional versions of office to read documents being created by people who have upgraded

Are you stupid? Seriously? What applications do not change the file format of their native files as you upgrade the application? I do not know of any I use.

Comment: Re:Answer is totally obvious - content providers (Score 1) 490

by dave562 (#46587331) Attached to: Are DVDs Inconvenient On Purpose?

Someone would have to convert it from the physical disk into data stored on an array somewhere. Either that, or Netflix needs to invest in a bunch of DVD juke boxes.

My point is that the video files, the files themselves, are not already sitting on spinning disks somewhere. Unless the production company has them archived, the masters are probably stored in a warehouse / data center somewhere. While those files are likely "digital", they are not in a format ready to be streamed.

Comment: Re:Answer is totally obvious - content providers (Score 3, Informative) 490

by dave562 (#46586401) Attached to: Are DVDs Inconvenient On Purpose?

Are you a Netflix subscriber?

What you describe and reality are about 180 degrees opposite. The reality is that the older movies are DVD only. The newer stuff can be streamed.

My theory is that the newer releases are already digital and the distribution agreements are in place. To make the old DVDs available online someone would have to invest the time to shift them into digital format. Then there are the licensing agreements. Granted, licensing is a legal issue and not a technical one, but nobody is going to invest the time and money required to update the licensing terms for some obscure DVD that was released in 1997 because they know that fewer than a coupled hundred people are ever going to want to view it.

Comment: Pet Peeve (Score 1) 48

by dave562 (#46575455) Attached to: Big Data Breaches Give Credit Monitoring Services a Boost

Banks and credit card companies should be monitoring accounts for fraudulent activities FOR FREE. They charge account holders monthly service fees to maintain the account. A basic tenant of maintaining the account is making sure that criminals are not racking up fraudulent charges / making fraudulent withdrawls.

The whole "credit monitoring" industry is a system of a broken system.

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