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by terjeber (#48185299) Attached to: Soda Pop Damages Your Cells' Telomeres

Here is a general advice: Get your knowledge from real science, not from bullshit religious hysteria. Point by point.

"Aspartame accounts for over 75 percent of the adverse reactions to food additives reported to the FDA": This is simply unsubstantiated BS. The most common culprit is food color, aspartame doesn't make the list.

"Too much aspartate or glutamate in the brain kills certain neurons by allowing the influx of too much calcium into the cells": This is pure rubbish. If this was true you would have to stay away from apples, meat, oranges, lemons, mothers milk etc, all of which contain one or all of the substances aspartame is metabolized into, and all in much higher quantities than in a diet soda.

"methanol ... formaldehyde: A can of tomato juice contains significantly more methanol than a can of diet soda. So does most other fruits (tomato is a fruit) and many other vegetables. If the amounts of methanol/formaldehyde (after metabolism) in a diet soda was dangerous, almost all healthy food would kill you since the concentration of methanol/formaldehyde is significantly higher in these than in a diet soda.

"DKP is a byproduct of aspartame metabolism": This is not true, DKP is a result of improperly stored aspartame and aspartame breakdown, not metabolism. If you drank a diet soda where the aspartame was degraded and DKP produced you'd spit it out immediately since the aspartame would no longer be a sweetener. Aspartame broken down doesn't taste sweet, so there would be no sweetness in your diet soda. Also, DKP exists in almost everything you eat. From cereal through processed meat to cheese, milk and coffee. Mostly in higher concentrations than in diet sodas. The average consumption of DKT from all sources is about half a microgram per kilo of bodyweight from all DKP sources. 7 micrograms are considered safe. If you wanted to drink enough (non-sweet tasting) diet soda to consume enough DKP for it to be dangerous to you, you would have drunk so much diet soda that you'd be dead of kidney failure first.

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by terjeber (#48174547) Attached to: The Physics of Why Cold Fusion Isn't Real

Actually astrology was a science

I am going to disagree with this one. Here's how. There has been two aspects to studying the stars historically. One is the study of the movement of celestial bodies and predicting various aspects of their positions etc learned from this studying. The second one is the interpretation of those movements and how they related to events on earth. The former we now call astronomy, the latter we call astrology. Historically they were typically performed by the same person, but they were still two vastly different disciplines requiring very different tools and foundations.

The fact that the two were performed by the same person, and even at the time was called the same, doesn't mean they were the same things. The studying of the movement of celestial bodies was, and is a science. The predictions of earthly events based on these positions wasn't and isn't.

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The DoD has put the most thought into the subject of co-locating equipment, but the entire Federal government is embracing this model as well. The company I work for provides legal technology solutions to the DoJ and the SEC. Over the last year, every single RFP has had at least some question about our willingness to co-locate hardware in their facilities.

The same thing is happening in the private sector, especially the financial industry. People are so paranoid about data breaches that they are unwilling to trust server providers, no matter how secure the application stack might be.

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I was on the grand fathered plan until corporate made me switch. I rarely use more than the data cap, but when I travel I prefer to use my cell phone instead of hotel wifi. I have already run into problems with forced disconnects and throttling. They say that they do not do it but my experience tells me otherwise.

I am still waiting for the call from the accounting drone about overage charges. Of course I saved the email where I told them that when I go over, I tend to go WAY over and that by forcing me off of the plan they are going to end up paying more.

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