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Comment Re: 92B (Score 1) 64

Nope the tax evasion is illegal

Nonsense. It is fully legal. Please quote which law, and in which way this is illegal. If it is illegal, why are companies like Microsoft and Google not prosecuted. The tax authorities are actually quite fond of prosecuting illegal tax evasion. Please don't make up your own fact just to make reality fit your emotions.

considered a plague upon the earth

Sigh. Why don't you just move to North Korea immediately. Then you will not be plagued with companies or even the concept of having a job.

Comment Re: 92B (Score 1) 64

Sorry no it is illegal they are bleeding economies out of sheer greed

Nonsense. Greed is perfectly legal. The fact that you don't like it doesn't make it illegal. In fact, you say so your self:

they have paid their lobbyists to create via corrupt politicians

If a company is following the law, no matter how that law came about, then the company is not doing anything illegal. Again, the fact that you don't like it doesn't make it illegal.

To my own comment: A company is required, by regulation, to maximize profit for share holders. If a company has the ability to legally move their money around to minimize taxation then they are required to do so.

Comment Re: Mission accomplished (Score 1) 395

Sigh. When someone has something to say about your superstitious beliefs, it doesn't automatically mean they are making stuff up: you could start here..

Now, in fairness, in 2014, German CO2 emissions fell quite significantly, but that is very, very hard to tie to energiwende, since the entire CO2 emission drop can be explained by a dramatic reduction in energy consumption in 2014. Now, this energy consumption reduction can be tied directly to a mild winter, so 2014 is, most likely, an anomaly. You can read more about that in this very eco-friendly publication. It's cool to see how they wriggle and worm to try not to put the "blame" of the 2014 CO2 emission reduction on the lower energy consumption.

There are other articles covering some of this also.

Currently, most renewable alternatives are, as the Tesla home batteries, woefully inadequate for the task at hand, at least in large parts of the world. Oh, and the Tesla home battery stuff is a sad, sad, sad joke.

Comment Re: Mission accomplished (Score 1) 395

As Germany has transitioned to having a significant part of it's energy production from renewable, its CO2 emissions have increased significantly too. For two reasons mainly: A move away from nuclear production based on a revival of the anti-nuclear religion after Fukushima. Coal fired power plants emit significantly more CO2 when run at significantly below capacity for long periods.

Comment Re:File size and Transfer Are Important (Score 1) 184

The 4K h.265 file sill be half the size of the 1080p h.264 file

I'd like some of the drugs you are taking. An H.265 file will be 35-50% of the size of the same file encoded with H.264. The idea that a 4K file will be half the size of a 1080p with the two different files encoded with H.265/H.264 is absurd, and seriously outside of even the most optimistic goals of the organization at the outset. The original goal was that the same file encoded with the same visual quality would be half the size. I've never seen that happen, I've seen somewhere between 35 and 40% at best, but the implementations are still improving.

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