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Comment Give me my Home key back (Score 1) 266 266

On the newer Latitude laptops, Dell moved the Home and End keys down onto the arrow keys and made them Fn enabled. It is really frustrating because I often use Home and End when editing text, often in conjunction with Shift or Control to manipulate large blocks of text.

This of course has nothing to do with TFA, but this is /. and I need to rant damn it.

Comment EMC Isilon (Score 1) 215 215

Where I work, we are running EMC's Isilon platform. We have ~4PB of data replicated between two data centers.

The platform supports the traditional CIFS/SMB and NFS for client connectivity.

It also has Hadoop support (HDFS). The great thing about the HDFS support is that you do not have to spin a separate file system for it. The same files that your clients access via CIFS or NFS can be accessed via HDFS. Isilon was built with Hadoop in mind and the Isilon nodes act as Hadoop "compute nodes".

The OneFS file system presents a practically unlimited in size, single file system. There are some interesting tuning options that can be leveraged depending on your data type and IO patterns. If you need to get REALLY crazy, the system has support for tiering data based on a whole slew of different factors (last accessed date, file date, file size... basically any file metadata attribute you can think of can be used for tiering purposes).

This probably does not matter for you, but the system also supports AES256 at-rest encryption. We deal with a lot of financial and other highly sensitive data for clients that demand at-rest encryption, so that was a must have for us.

The only downside is that since it is from EMC, you can plan on paying through the nose for it. (But never pay full retail for EMC, ever. Threaten them with NetApp if you have to. ;) )

We still leverage a SpectraLogic tape library to archive data off of the system. With a moderately specced NetBackup system we get a consistent ~35000kb/s restore rate off of a single drive. That lets us provide reasonable RTOs back to the business.

On the subject of backup, another great thing about Isilon is that you can dedicate certain nodes to specific tasks. In the Isilon architecture, the NL nodes are the slowest nodes that they have. We leverage those for backup to keep the network IO off of the faster X and S-nodes.

Comment Retain Better Counsel (Score 2) 165 165

I am not a lawyer, but it seems like this matter likely has the potential to be turned into a class action matter.

Not to troll for work on /., but if you need counsel with experience in successfully litigating large scale class action suits, get in touch with me. (replace the ve with rmstrong at gmail in my name) We work with some of the largest law firms in the world and routinely handle class action suits. I cannot list specific disputes due to client confidentiality, but they are some of the largest matters that have been settled in the last decade and have received plenty of media attention. There are plenty of firms who are not representing the large state that you speak of and they can easily pass a conflict check.

If your attorney is advising you to go find another job and more or less ignore this, he is not the right person to be representing you. You are aware of the extent of the issue and the potential ramifications. Find a firm that also understands that and you all can make significant amounts of money.

Comment Document Everything (Score 4, Interesting) 213 213

Just document your communications with the cable company, especially their security department. Always get a case / incident number from them in addition to the names of everyone who you talk to. Figure out what the legal rules are recording telephone conversations in your state and theirs and make recordings of your calls. Even if you do not have to notify them that you are recording (assuming you both are in "one party consent" states), do so anyway.

If you want to go the extra step, write up a summary letter after you contact them and include all of the information and let them know that you are retaining a copy for your files. Make sure to date it. Mail it to them and request a delivery receipt to keep in your files.

If it happens again, do the same thing again but include some additional verbiage about it being the second time that you have dealt with this with them. Explain that you are not doing business with them, do not ever intend to do business with them, and will not be held liable for the cost of any services that they provision with your wife's information. Keep a copy for your files and forget about it.

If a collection agency ever contacts you,

1. Send them a copy of your file and let them hash it out.
2. Hope and pray that they continue to pressure you for payment
3. ???
4. Sue them for fraud, plus attorney fees. (PROFIT)

Comment Different Solution (Score 1) 340 340

Most of the health problems arise due to a mixture of poor circulation and weak core muscles. The standard American diet does not help either.

Just exercise regularly and/or take up some stretching or yoga training. A good 12 to 18 months of semi-frequent (at least every other day) exercise will do wonders for your health.

At work I sit on a large exercise ball. Staying steady on the ball engages all of the muscle groups that go slack when sitting in a chair.

Comment Re:Similar Performance to Nvidia (Score 1) 103 103

That is not a surprise. AMD is the red headed step child of the PC community. People who buy AMD CPUs or video cards do it because they cannot afford Intel or Nvidia, or because they have something to prove. I get the mentality. I used to drive a highly modified Datsun 510 and the most joy I got out of that car was out driving people in Porsche's and other nicer, more expensive cars in my "piece of junk Datsun".

It seems like AMD buyers have a similar mentality. They will go on for days about how AMD chips and cards get similar benchmarks as Nvidia and Intel hardware. But at the end of the day, you'll get a game like Rage that just does not run for shit and then what? Who cares about benchmarks when you are losing FPS?

Comment Re:Similar Performance to Nvidia (Score 1) 103 103

My experience was the same. The first computer I built myself was a 486DX2/66 and over the years I have tried out AMD cards on numerous occasions. Every time I do, there are driver issues that make me regret it. The last time I bought an AMD card it was a Radeon series right around the time PlanetSide came out. As soon as I saw that Optimized for Nvidia splash screen, I once again knew that I had made a mistake.

Anyone who reads game sites has seen the problems that AMD cards have been having with major releases like Witcher 3 and the latest Batman. Now part of that is not necessarily AMDs fault because the publishers and Nvidia are working closely together to implement Nvidia specific technologies. Having said that, it says something that Nvidia has the resources to dedicate developers to work alongside major studios to optimize their games to run on Nvidia hardware.

While I am as big of a fan of a level playing field as the next guy, I have a hard time caring when it comes to video cards. If Nvidia wants to invest the money to hire more people to work alongside major game companies, and by doing so the games from those companies run better on Nvidia cards, then that is just smart business. I will continue buying Nvidia cards and be happy knowing that Nvidia is investing my money in putting themselves further and further ahead of the rest of the market with each subsequent generation of hardware that they put out.

Comment Help us with market research, please! (Score 1) 250 250

According to Dice's data, the popularity of C# has risen over the past several years; it ranks No. 26 on Dice's ranking of most-searched terms. But Angel claims he pulled data from that shows job trends for C# on the decline.

In other words,

"We cannot figure out what is going on in the IT marketplace, but we are supposed to be a resource for the IT marketplace. Please, help us analyze these trends because we cannot reconcile the differences ourselves!"

Comment Re:0x4650 (Score 2) 141 141

That is an interesting question. When I was consulting, I worked for one of the accounting firms in Santa Monica, California that tracks the royalties paid to artists for their songs. Now granted this was back in 2006, but the model at the time was pennies per song. The radio stations were required to track the plays and reimburse the labels, who then reimbursed the artists.

While Apple may set aside a whole slew of money to pay out from, I have a suspicion that the pennies per song model will stay in place.

Comment Buy your own modem (Score 1) 479 479

You mentioned that you have to have their managed modem. Time Warner has a similar requirement to have a modem that they support. In my case, I was able to buy a basic Motorola DOCCIS 3.0 modem at Target that was on Time Warner's compatibility list. It was less than $100.

Not only does the modem work better, I no longer pay the monthly rental fee.

Comment Re:people content with old machines... (Score 2) 558 558


I am running a

i7-960 on an Asus board
SSD primary (Evo840)
RAID1 7200 SATA secondaries (WD w 64MB cache)
GFX660s in SLI

It handled games just fine until Witcher 3. In that game the CPU lag is noticeable to the point where it impacts game play.

I doubt that I will upgrade it any time soon with a baby and new house on the way.

If I need real computing power, I am working on something that I am getting paid for and they are providing the hardware. I am too lame to be doing anything cool in my spare time like security research.

Comment Be honest when you do not know (Score 1) 583 583

It is okay to say, "I do not know." or "I need to do some research and get back to you."

If you have ANY hesitation about making a change to a production system, DO NOT MAKE IT. We all have shot ourselves in the foot at one time or another. Learn from our mistakes. Do not be that guy (or girl).

Until you get good at estimating how long it takes to complete a task or project, double your estimates when someone asks you how long it will take you. It is better to over estimate and get it done sooner, than to under estimate and have people waiting on you. (BTW - Any non-trivial task will ALWAYS take longer than you think it will.)

Before making any changes, make sure that you have a good backup and that you have tested your ability to restore it. Yes, it will make things take longer but it is better to have a fallback position. This is doubly true in production. NEVER MAKE PRODUCTION CHANGES WITHOUT A BACKUP.

Be humble. The days of being a jack of all trades IT practitioner are dead and gone. There are too many things to know and not enough time to learn them all. By and large, IT people can be cooperative and supportive.... if you are humble. If you act like you know everything and fail to ask for help, you will find everyone lining up to watch you fail and snickering at you when you do. Check your ego at the door, learn from others and when you have the opportunity to, help others out when they ask for it. Do not be that dick who tells everyone to RTFM. Having said that, if someone asks the same question over and over again... feel free to tell them to RTFM. Nothing is worse than a freeloader. We all have jobs to do and while helping new people out is part of the job, doing their job for them is not.

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