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Comment Re:Too long (Score 1) 161

Microsoft ought to have presented screens showing a "house", with "rooms" that the user could go to containing familiar objects corresponding to computer applications – for instance, a desk with pen and paper, a checkbook, and other items. Clicking on the pen and paper would cause a crash, bluescreen, and so forth.


Comment Re:But seriously speaking ... (Score 1) 465

Imagine living in a more brutal time in our history. Someone in your neighborhood legitimately has "special" abilities, such as precognition. They would very likely be ostracized, ejected from the community, or killed

Wait, what? Shaman really is the world's oldest profession. We've been giving people who claim special powers added respect for so long and at such a basic level that making up woowoo nonsense is the oldest and most basic specialized trade of our species.

I thought prostitution or killing was the oldest profession...

Comment Re:TRIM not always good (Score 1) 133

"Don't take everything you read here too seriously."

When you're telling outright falsehoods, you'd better be prepared to get taken to task for it.

Like I said before, the thing about your mom changing the basement door locks was a joke. You're the one who went off into the woods talking about how your farming was superior or some such crap.

I notice you still can't come up with any counter-argument that has any rational factual basis, which is why you're trying to play the 'save face by making insults' game.

I'm not trying to save face. Like I said before, I made a joke. You thought it was in poor taste, and then started talking about farming. Everyone has their own sense of humor.

"Oh thank God I finally have a solution! All that sunlight that I was using up for my plants! I've heard rumors that due to my wasteful sunlight farming parts of Alaska actually have little or no sun for 6 months out of the year!!!11one1"

Now your sarcasm makes you look like a typical asshole with a lacking education.

"We're saved. All thanks to some dude posting on slashdot..."

Or you're screwed. I decide to hand this tech over to China, America's Ag. economy dies as it can no longer compete.

All of which I find irrelevant. I don't care what China does--short of landing on my doorstep with guns. I farm for my family and friends. Why do I need to invest in your solution for that? I'm sure it makes sense to large commercial growers, just not a small-time 'hobby' farmer in the middle of nowhere.

I'm not better than you, just smarter, more intelligent, and more driven.

Possibly. I am arguing with a troll on slashdot...

Comment Re:TRIM not always good (Score 1) 133

Your joke was pretty poor, and your arguments equally weak. Soil based farming is wasteful. It's proven. It is resource-intensive and uses more than what is truly needed. You're wasting your own resources and wallowing in your ignorance.

Your vague allusions about being better than me because you know some magical farming technology are pretty tiresome. Funny how you never mention what they are so anyone reading your comments can prove that you're 'superior'. My guess is you have no clue what you're talking about.

Your 'it's called a greenhouse' quip is out of line, too.

It's slashdot dude. Don't take everything you read here too seriously.

We make things grow without light - and that tech has recently been expanded into growing lettuces herbs, and more (and not typical lightless crops.)

Oh thank God I finally have a solution! All that sunlight that I was using up for my plants! I've heard rumors that due to my wasteful sunlight farming parts of Alaska actually have little or no sun for 6 months out of the year!!!11one1

We're saved. All thanks to some dude posting on slashdot... (Don't take those comments too seriously either.)

Comment Re:TRIM not always good (Score 1) 133

Your method of cultivation is likely wasteful, polluting, and irresponsible.

How so? I own my land, I till my land, I plant on my land, and it feeds my family and there's usually enough to feed other families as well.

I can do it at 10% of the price you do, using 1/8 the land area, consuming between 60-90% less water, and a ~50% reduction in required fertilizers.

I use cow manure from a local auction house and no pesticides along with rainwater and water from my pond.

Because it's in a much smaller area, the requirement of machines for harvesting is gone.

Other than the rototiller and the pickup tuck I use to haul the manure, everything else is done by hand or with hand tools like a shovel and hoe

My production buildings can be entirely solar-powered, as well.

It's called a greenhouse. We're setting one up this spring.

Morocco, Australia, China, UK, Japan, USA, Brazil, all utilize my technology.

You invented the sun and rain?

Your seed stock, if not from Monsanto, or produced yourself, likely came from a building utilizing my technologies.

We try to avoid seeds from big commercial outfits, and try to buy as much from other local farmers as well.

Been on the BBC for the same tech.

Meh. What does any of this have to do with me joking about the locks on your mom's basement?

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