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Comment None. (Score 5, Informative) 165

As someone in this industry (Ultimaker)

I will tell you. There no single printer you can buy that will do Lego level of quality. The precision of lego is just beyond of what current 3D print tech can do. The molds Lego uses to make their bricks are already on the extreme level.

Now, if you want to replace 1 brick. You most likely can get away with any printer, as 1 imprecise brick in a build isn't an issue. But 5 in a row are.

Your best bet would most likely be a small SLA printer. Like the a Formlabs or a Autodesk Amber.

If you don't want the dirty bits of SLA. You're stuck with an FDM printer. Not the best option for what you are looking for. But no chemicals. I would look at an option that has a 0.25mm nozzle option. There are a few. Our latest iteration has it. But that's most certainly not the cheapest machine.

Comment Re: Follow the money (Score 1) 211

Depends. I backed 9 kickstarters. 2 delivered on time. 1 is 2 years after schedule But that is still going. But I didn't research this properly beforehand, as his goals where too ambitious for the time period. Most projects are just a few weeks late.

What I invested is a small amount of money. Because if a bit of research and common sense ("if it looks to good to be true, it is") I have a high return of unique products, that would normally not see the market.

Only 1 of the projects I backed made more then 1mil. As I think making a lot more money then your goal is also a risk.

So, yes, there is a chance I get nothing. But then I'm only out of $10-$100.

Backing a sub $300 3D printer, that's stupid for example. Just in raw materials you need $150 for any printer (electronics, hotend, motion parts). Add production, shipping, R&D, and you'll go over that.

Comment Re:Is "GDrive" equivalent? (Score 1) 330

Got no experience with OneDrive. But I have used dropbox and GDrive. Dropbox functioned way superior in this case, never really caused issues.
GDrive on the other hand once deleted ALL data by mistake of an syncing error (yes, could be recovered, but that was shitloads of work), and you shit yourself when you see all your files disappear.
I've also had a few times that GDrive refused to sync at all, without a clear cause. It just kept refusing.
The web interface can be dog slow when you have 1000+ files in a folder.

Comment Re:Bull (Score 1) 235

"we should send an agent to interview person X, who disappeared in Syria for two years and now bought four drones and a little bit of fertilizer..."

So, someone who went to seria, discovered that they have an agriculture problem there, and is looking into fertilizing land by the use of drones to spread the fertilizer is a someone that should be on a watch list?

(Not sure why you would want to use a drone as a bomb delivery mechanism. There are cheaper, more silent, larger range, more reliable options)

Comment Re:Ultimately... (Score 2) 383

Whether you are measuring my height, fingerprint, penis size or whatever metric you come up with

Penis size is pretty useless as a biometric. It changes depending on the site being accessed.

So, that's perfect, password per site, and hard to fake.

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