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Comment FUD (Score 1) 412

Google isn't making a car, iirc they've said they're going to license the technology. On the other hand Apple does seem to be seriously interested in make its own cars and is hiring people. The information isn't that interesting either, the most likely use would be applications to help people, but invariably car makers feel that the vehicles are appliances and that they should be able to charge customers for information about their own vehicle.

Ultimately however Porsche's strategy doesn't work, if their customers use Android having CarPlay isn't a vehicle feature and they'll eventually be forced to support Android Auto or a third party (e.g. Pioneer) will make one.

Comment Re:Can't Take the Heat........? (Score 4, Insightful) 919

Being an asshole and personally attacking the submitter doesn't help improve code. Its much more likely to alienate people and give them reasons to fuck you over in the future.

Further, if these people were to act this way in person they'd eventually get the shit kicked out of them.

Comment Re:NOT ANTITRUST AT ALL (Score 1) 223

Actually it sounds like you're the one that doesn't understand anti-trust laws.

One of the restriction of anti-trust law is that a company with a monopoly in one market, from abusing its power to enter another market. If Amazon is considered to have an effective monopoly in online retail (and for most people, it probably does), then this might be argued as using its dominance in online sales to compete in the streaming market.

Comment They Have it Backwards (Score 1) 151

I think the logic is actually backwards funnily enough, Google services are what bring people to Android - they aren't choosing Android and having the services come along for the ride.

Apple does this to a far greater extent, and even prohibits competitors from being made available (Android has a setting enabling the user to install arbitrary software, and more open store rules). Plus Apple has been doing this for longer (think itunes + ipods where they actually did have an effective monopoly which Android does not have in the US.)

Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 178

Actually you're incorrect, you would be required to turn over a key -

There have been previous stories on Slashdot where this was the justification someone would have to turn over an encryption key.

Makes one wonder if these guys could then be charged with destruction of evidence for encrypting data.

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