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Comment Re: Something will be gained ... (Score 1) 138

I'm sitting here thinking it wouldn't be hard to wire the clock to stop on whistle. Put a sensor in ball, ref pushes button after he hands ball to inbounding player, it detects acceleration of throw in then starts clock on next (capacitive?) touch. (Ok probably it only transmits acceleration/touch and score table receiver does logic on that). As always human standby, if they hit start after transmitter starts clock or stop after whistle stops ignore it, but if they start/stop when a sensor missed it it accepts the human command and resumes logic. The programming seems easy here, the tech of not imbalancing the ball, durable for impact etc probably not that far off... As a bonus this system might help remove much of human skew on timing, but doesn't help refs slow to whistle etc.

On the surface this isn't news for nerds.. But really with a bit of imagination it could be!


Submission + - Secure Application Password Management

JPyObjC Dude writes: When designing any system that requires automated privileged access to databases or services, developers often rely on hard coding (embedding) passwords within the source code. This is obviously a bad practice as the password is then made available to anybody who has access to the source code (eg. software source control). Putting the passwords in configuration files is another practice but it is still quite insecure as cracking hashed passwords from a text file is still a trivial exercise.

[Q] What do you do to manage your application passwords so that your system can stil run completely automated and yet make it as difficult for hackers to get their hands on this precious information?

Submission + - Welcome to the controversy - MS wants laptops back

newscloud writes: "Snap. Apparently, after yesterday's Slashdot post on Microsoft giving bloggers $2,200 laptops, the company reversed itself. GeekNews says:
Someone at Microsoft has lost their minds! Well first Microsoft gives bloggers laptops with Vista loaded on it for review and they are told they can do whatever they want with the laptop as in keep it, give it away when they were done with the review. But shockingly today Microsoft has asked that the laptops be returned after the people get done doing the reviews.
Hey Microsoft, where's my laptop? Could I have one of these? I hear it runs Windows."

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