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+ - IBM "loses drives," exposes 1.9m HeathNet insurers->

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dAzED1 writes "Along with 1,900,000 other people, I received a letter from Health Net a few days ago letting me know that "information includ[ing] details such as [my] name, address, health information, Social Security number, and [my] financial information" was on the drives. This, just one year after another major HIPAA violation from Health Net just one year ago. Why such data was stored in an unencrypted manner, such that merely having the drives exposes the data, will have to be determined. Health Net has already offered free signups to the Debix Identity Protection Network."
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+ - solar power pre-deployment to Afghanistan? 1

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dAzED1 writes "My little brother is heading for training at 29 Palms as a Navy Corpsman with FMF. He gets a [Sailor|Soldier|Marine]'s pay, so while he can't afford gadgets, I can; since he'll be in a LAR unit, I was thinking of getting him a small video camera, an IPod, and some sort of solar recharger. Whatever he takes he'll have to be able to carry in his pack, which is already going to be heavy with his medic gear.

Other than the weight issue, I am having problems finding a solar recharger that doesn't get wildly differing reviews as to basic quality. He'll have plenty of sun, few clouds, but it needs to be light, effective, and robust. With price not being much of a concern, what would you suggest for accomplishing this? Advice on a small robust video camera would be appreciated as well."

+ - PKI/CAC authentication implementation/migration

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dAzED1 writes "I've inherited a task for which I cannot yet prepare myself, but will have to resolve as quick as possible, once our current stumbling block is overcome. The company I work for is close to acquiring a .mil address so that we can use CAC authentication, which they are driving that all DoD systems use. Problem is, we can't access the info about CAC usage until we have the .mil, and once we have the .mil, we'll need to implement CAC usage very quickly. Who in the /. community has implemented PKI authentication, especially CAC, and has tips so that I can prepare myself for the quickest response when that day comes? No sensitive information please, obviously...just suggestions on what I could test before-hand. And yes, several of us here do have CACs to use, they're just (seemingly) worthless since we can't reach the .mil certificate authority (yet)."

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