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Comment nooooooooo...the Volt, only worse? (Score 3, Informative) 196

My wife has a Volt, and it's actually a pretty good car - great features, etc. Only major complaint is the microsoft part of it - stupid dash crashes frequently, does odd things, can't be made to not automatically play music from your phone when all you're bloody trying to do is plug it in to charge, etc. Seriously, can be listening to the radio already, plug in your phone, BOOM - randomly picks something from your phone and autoplays it. Because autoplay of removable media has worked out so well for Microsoft operating systems for so many years, I guess...

Comment facebook...solved...what? (Score 1) 146

Most web servers do that automatically. I'd be willing to bet that 99.999% of the web servers in use do, actually. Even the ones that can't do SHA-1 anymore, still have multiple levels they support; the server should negotiate for the highest shared level. Why is this being painted as some sort of innovation Facebook has miraculously engineered? (Effectively) every single web server and web browser out there is already doing this...

Comment Re:Anyone else think she could be a plant? (Score 1) 210

"making more money than Amazon in the cloud business" - you clearly don't know where AWS came from. They already had that infrastructure in-house for their own stuff, and just decided to make it cheaper for themselves and make a bit of money off the engineering effort. IE, if you're going to figure out how much they're "making" you need to also figure out how much they're saving. There's not much to Azure, and for a large part it's actually just MS cannibalizing itself. AWS was a completely new market segment for Amazon, they're not just shifting some of their own customers from one thing to another thing.

Comment Re:Anyone else think she could be a plant? (Score 1) 210

except jobs was still starting with a rabid fanbase still in place, very strong in academia. Why is that important? Because at that same moment, things were being pulled from academia to The Rest Of Us. Case in point: Myspace was already around with a large user base, Facebook was just college students. Facebook (full of people using macs) opened the doors to The Rest Of Us, and boom - now it's practically illegal to not have a facebook account. Same bit, the positioning was still very much there. So where's Yahoo's positioning? Well, old farts that were too lazy to spend the time giving people a new email address to use...yeah, that's about it. People who didn't like it, but were too lazy/stubborn to change. I mean for fark's sake, whenever I go to Yahoo I get these auto-play audio ads; they've literally trained me to not go to their website if I'm doing something important. They're actively killing themselves.

Comment my concern: Other Space (Score 2) 210

Yahoo Screen has a cute/fun show called /,a href="">Other Space, have been patiently waiting for season 2... The show has Milana Vayntrub in it - the woman in the AT&T commercials, for people who go crazy over women in commercials. She wasn't why I watched the show, but she did a great job.

Comment Re:Calm down now (Score 1) 83

You should become a user and experience the change, before saying such things. I'm not complaining about promoted tweets, or even ads. Those are obviously needed, for a revenue stream. I, and any other twitter users I know that have this out-of-order crap, are complaining that the implementation is bad ("while you were away" doesn't actually know when I last checked my feed somehow, thus shows me things much further in the past than while I was away) and it promotes stuff for which they're not making any money. Literally, there's a particular person on my twitter feed that is admittedly very attractive, yet...I really only want to see her chronologically. I don't want her posts pushed to the top over and over (especially in the "while you were away" section) when I know her personally and I know she's not promoting it. They're not doing it for revenue. They're simply trying to do a particular new sorting method and they're implementing it *horribly*

Comment Re:No I didn't like this (Score 1) 83

There has to be a happy medium, somehow. Back when we were customers, there were limited options. Nowadays, there are so many potential customers that were you to suggest one particular site be somehow forced (such as so many try to force Facebook membership...) you'd be walking down a very dangerous path. The only way for us to be customers again at this point would be for the gov to pass laws protecting our private information, but unfortunately...that ship has sailed.

Comment Re:I wasn't confused, I just hated it. (Score 1) 83

it's not a lack of resourcefulness, I'm simply working from home a lot lately and not seeing anyone; a week of not shaving, and I have a thick beard. Sorry. And since when does riding a harley make someone a hipster? I'd never owner a single-geared bike, nor even call it by a cute name; prior to my birth someone invented the concept of multiple gears on a bicycle, and when I go biking I appreciate being able to change those gears. I've lost track of what people with an extremely limited view of what I do and who I am will then use to declare me or anyone else a "hipster" though, probably because I'm too old or too uninterested in such things. It's also irrelevant - "while you were away" does not show me things which happened "while I was away" - it consistently shows me things I've already seen, yet which were posted days ago and are now at the top of the feed for some idiotic reason. A crappy idea is one thing, but a coupling it with a really crappy implementation...

Comment Re:I wasn't confused, I just hated it. (Score 1) 83

Nope. I do currently have a beard, but it's because my right arm was destroyed in an accident I had on my harley a few months ago. I check twitter when I want to find out if a comedian I like has a show in the next day or two, which means I might check it a few times in a particular day but then not check it again for a few weeks. Checking it in the morning, just to have bloody Kate Quigley's boobs all over by the afternoon again when Erica's post goes into hiding somewhere 5,000 posts down (despite being posted 5 minutes ago, to Kate's posting yesterday) means I am no longer getting from Twitter what it gave me before. And imagine a new Arab Spring, where the posts get hidden by some stupid posts you already farking read days before and is suddenly "while you were away" again? Thanks for playing, though. (ps I do make craft mead, and want to make a meadery, so if you want to call me a hipster based on not liking Twitter's crappy implementation of a crappy idea, fine)

Comment Isn't it ironic? (Score 2) 83

Isn't it a bit ironic, don't you think, for there to be a slashdot discussion about a website that dramatically changes a loved posting and discussion format, into one that is widely despised, despite overwhelming feedback against the change? I remember back when I could see, in my profile, how many responses my posts had...and could easily find and respond to them...and when I wasn't given a teeny tiny little box into which to type my responses, with an entire empty webpage staring at me in all the other directions of the screen. And and and...get off my lawn, you damn kids! ;)

Comment I wasn't confused, I just hated it. (Score 2) 83

Problem 1: they don't keep track across devices. If I log in from one web browser and see new notifications, it's not uncommon for me to then log on via a different web browser half a day later and some of those notifications are back to being new again. Bah. What does this have to do with this "news" from TFA? Apparently I was part of the "test group" unfortunately, because I've been getting this out-of-order crap for a long while. If I check twitter from my phone in the morning and catch up on everything, then in the evening I have to wade through a lot of "while you were away" crap that was posted days ago despite my having logged on hours before, and then I can't find what was actually posted since the last time I was logged on...that's not "confusion." That's a mix of "completely idiotic UX," "very poor backend tracking of what has already been viewed," and "extremely poor guesses as to what I might be interested in, elevating feeds in which I'm only marginally interested while obfuscating those in which I have a lot of interest." I suspect that third one has to do with how many likes/whatever the person has, but...sometimes people are interested in someone for different reasons. I follow comedians, and if personX is funnier than personY, but personY looks awesome in a bikini, then that doesn't mean I want you to blare personY's posts at me and hide personX's posts... I'm in SoCal, if I want to see a really fit girl in a bikini, I walk outside and look in any direction.

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