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Comment: Re:We need a US base in the Ukraine (Score 1) 623

by Delwin (#46516669) Attached to: Russian Army Spetsnaz Units Arrested Operating In Ukraine
If we don't enforce the treaty we are partner to then any hope of keeping Iran from getting nukes is out the window. Likewise the last few decades of keeping nukes out of the hands of those that would be more than happy to smuggle them into the US and use them on us is gone too. Would you still feel this way when Boston, DC or LA become a mushroom cloud because a suicide bomber upgraded from chemical to nuclear explosives?

Comment: Re:NHTSA pushed a 5 star rating (Score 1) 627

by Delwin (#44623981) Attached to: NHTSA Gives the Model S Best Safety Rating of Any Car In History
You mean like non-nuke submarines... which use electric while underwater and disel whie on the surface where they can get access to an air supply? Sure it's different batteries (which don't explode when exposed to water...) but your argument doesn't exactly hold a lot of weight. Now I would like to see a flood test where they run it into a river and see if it explodes.

Comment: Re:So from here on out ... (Score 3, Insightful) 2416

by Delwin (#40479899) Attached to: Supreme Court: Affordable Care Act Is Constitutional
That was the point of the other half of the mandate ruling. The government doesn't have the power to compell you to engage in commerce. They do however have the power to tax you and then give you a tax break for engaging in said commerce. You can feel free to not get health insurance. You just don't get the tax break that having health insurance gets you.

Comment: Re:Germany here. 1GB = 9.90€. Prepaid. (Score 1) 376

by Delwin (#40321445) Attached to: Verizon Wireless Goes Ahead With 'Bucket' Data Plans
People are complaining over the $50 for the first GB but don't bother to look at the $100/10GB and $10/2GB block after that. That's $10/GB for the first 10 and then $5/GB after that. Once you're into that tier it's cheaper than the europian plans. The ones getting screwed are the ones who only use 2-3 GB/month.

Comment: Re:What's wrong with keyboards? (Score 1) 192

I think you missed the point of his comment. I don't think I'll need much computer assistance for my daily bathroom break either. Now one that will help me by tying my coffee pot to my alarm might be welcome... but somehow I just don't think a computer will help me defecate.

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