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Comment: Re:Then ID would be required (Score 1) 1089

by Delwin (#49295655) Attached to: Obama: Maybe It's Time For Mandatory Voting In US
There's already procedures in place to record that someone voted - even when voting ID's aren't required. Just tie a $200 tax credit to that and you'll see voting percentages sky-rocket with no voter ID needed unless the state already has voter ID requirements. Let the State handle the tax credit with the Federal Government reimbursing the states 100%.

Comment: Re:Yes, it could be much cheaper (Score 2) 150

IR scatters in the atmosphere fairly quickly. You don't have as much range with an IR laser as you would with an optical one or even just a microwave beam.

That said this system uses multiple types (radio and laser) because when one doesn't work well the other will work fine and visa-versa.

Comment: Re:Yes, it could be much cheaper (Score 1) 150

Not really. Sure you need to splice it and put a relay in but that's all known technology and well within reach of any entity that really wants to do it. On the other hand an over-the-air signal will be encrypted fairly heavily and thus will actually be harder to tap.

Comment: Re:Hoax (Score 1) 986

Sure, and you run into one very important problem: This thing is nuclear. That means that as soon as he shows enough profit for the power company to complain the NRC will shut him down without even bothering to verify simply because he can't explain how the energy is made, there's scientific papers claiming it's nuclear, and someone used the 'N' word (in this case nuclear).

Comment: Re: Don't worry (Score 1) 258

Obamacare means >7m people have health insurance that didn't. That's 7m people who are far more likely to seek medical attention when it's early enough to track everyone they've come into comtact with since they started showing symptoms. Not nothing to worry about, but it helps some.

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