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Comment Re:Win10 is worse than Win8 (Score 1) 356 356

Good for you... most people have accepted them in return for free stuff.

Yeah, but Windows isn't free unless you're a member of their beta testing program. Windows 10 is a "free" upgrade, but that means you don't have to pay an additional fee for the update from your current version, not that you don't have to buy Windows to begin with.

I don't want any functionality that was present in Windows 7 to be ad-burdened in 10, even if it is just Freecell.


I think a better complaint would have been that this seems to be mostly a misrepresentation of what Microsoft is doing, not that "most people don't care" (so we shouldn't?)

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Journal Journal: OK, joke's on me 7 7

I have no business being surprised that the usual /. suspects are
as sheepish on how stupid the Iran deal is
as they are sheepish on Planned Parenthood
as they are sheepish on anthropogenic global warming
as they are sheepish on pretty much everything else.
Sweet lambs!

Comment Re:Shorter d_r: (Score 1) 49 49

Again: what is "the deal"?
Cough up the actual details about what's going on, why don't you?
The Iran deal is a 100% "stuck in fupid" waste of time. I hope that the Secretary of Stumped got a lot of freaky flier miles. Iran is doing what it's going to do. We have stated that, not only do we refuse to oppose them, but we're going to blow off sanctions. I guess it proves what morons we are. President Jarrett must be all giggly.
Then there's you and your brother d_r on here trying to be apologists for the idiocy.
What an inverted day we live in.

Comment Re:Shorter d_r: (Score 1) 49 49

So apparently your assumptions about what someone else might think about someone is more important than the fact that this is not binding without congress approving it. Gotcha.

Are you unaware that there are "side deals" with the IAEA to which Congress is not privy? Your use of "fact" in this context is. . .humorous.

One of your Benghazi conspiracies claims that she - with or without President Lawnchair - initiated the attack on Benghazi for political gain.

This is 100% you talking. I defy you to show when I (or anyone else, for that matter) has EVER floated a theory that HRC or BHO initiated the attack on Benghazi, irrespective of motive.
I theorize that you're in High Troll mode here, and rate this a C+ effort.

Comment Re:Shorter d_r: (Score 1) 49 49

Congress has full authority to trash and/or disregard the proposed treaty.

By not submitting a treaty as a treaty, for 2/3 ratification, I'm pretty sure President Jarrett has indicated her overall opinion of whatever Congress has to say.

President Lawnchair sent his top diplomat over

The chief value of the Secretary of Stumped is to distract from the stone cold disaster that was his predecessor.
We so baked!

Comment Re:Shorter d_r: (Score 1) 49 49

Contrast the situation with your boy Woodrow after WWI, when a proper Congress told a POTUS to stuff his idiocy. The Iran deal is to diplomacy what Planned Parenthood is to unborn life.
But go ahead and get your d_r on, assuming a proud, sneering posture in the face of a wretched debacle.

Comment Re:List of privacy violations (Score 1) 172 172

From what I could see, the features that actually invade privacy are optional. The collage was highly misleading, including such things as "Windows Update being mandatory" and "Malware protection only being able to turn off temporarily" as "privacy violations" when they're actually both just things that suck.

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