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Comment: Irony? (Score 3, Insightful) 836

by davydagger (#49611861) Attached to: Two Gunman Killed Outside "Draw the Prophet" Event In Texas

The event, sponsored by the American Freedom Defense Initiative, featured cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, and scheduled speakers included Dutch MP Geert Wilders, who has campaigned to have the Quran banned in the Netherlands.

so aparantly they don't really care about freedom. The irony is biting. Cut off your nose to spite your face. While I certainly believe its OK to draw Muhammad, even lampoon him.(along with any and all other religeous figures) and in fact I promote it, you're a total hypocrit if you want to ban the koran. In fact you've proved your just as crazy as the gunman.

Comment: All aboard the FAIL train (Score 4, Insightful) 370

by davydagger (#49611821) Attached to: Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina Announces Bid For White House
This cycle's slate of republican canidates is so packed with FAIL is unbelievable. Most tollerable in the pack is....Rand Paul, who at least gets a handful of things right. But put her next to Ted "Obamacare for the internet" Cruz, and of course yet another member of the Bush family. Yes Jeb is looking to run in 2016.

Comment: Re:Systemd and Gnome3 == no thanks (Score 1) 225

by davydagger (#49611779) Attached to: Ubuntu 15.04 Received Well By Linux Community

To the extent that Ubuntu provides a stable enough base for distros like Mint to base off of - giving users the confidence that Ubuntu-targeted apps will work on Mint as well, Ubuntu's done its job admirably.

which is far more debian's doing than Ubuntu. Debian are the real people who make an operating system out of parts, and do most of the heavy lifting of stiching it all together

Mir is problematic, and if it introduces enough incompatibility to Ubuntu packages, that could force other distros to re-fork off of something else (or continue on based on a pre-Mir base). Hopefully, Wayland will become viable long enough before Mir does that the two efforts can ultimately merge

Like most other failed needless canonical projects, bazar and upstart, its going to be abandoned, and Ubuntu will eventually run wayland. Which is what Canonical could have done in the first place, perhaps contributed to the development of wayland, which could have helped reduce the amount of time it takes to get it in release condition.

Comment: Re:A year later (Score 0, Flamebait) 225

by davydagger (#49611653) Attached to: Ubuntu 15.04 Received Well By Linux Community

Many of those not liking systemd are in the higher competence class

in your dreams. If you where you'd make a non-systemd distro that doesn't suck. Most of you who hate systemd are loudmouths who aren't half as compitant as you think you are, because 90% of your anti-systemd complaints are entirely unfounded. First rate conspitard grade crap.

Comment: Re:Systemd and Gnome3 == no thanks (Score 3, Informative) 225

by davydagger (#49611515) Attached to: Ubuntu 15.04 Received Well By Linux Community
I had a few technical gripes with Ubuntu, but lets ignore the technical failings, and just assume that all critiques are purely social, because well, you want them to be. But remember, these people are nerds not writers or soft scientists, so the fair amount of projection about their motives can stay put. Some real reasons I frown on Ubuntu:

1. build quality of 14.xx was utter crap. It crashed more than windows.

2. Unity had some privacy issues with sending user search data to paying partners automaticly(amazon).

3. Canonical doesn't like to give back upstream. Before you say anything, there are many companies that do wonderful things for the kernel, GNU, and related bits and pieces to make the magic happen. The two biggest contributors being Intel and Red Hat, but linux has a lot of very large corporate heavy hitters world wide contributing great things. After not giving back, the CEO and founder Mark Shuttleworth talks a lot of shit about the people who are actually doing most of the real work. MIR/Wayland is the latest fiasco. instead of contributing to wayland, they decided to make their own graphics server, which ultimately will only be used by them. The supposed cause of wayland not being advanced enough turned out to be bogus, as RH will likely ship fedora with wayland default long before Canonical does a MIR default Ubuntu. Oh yeah. Speaking of Red Hat, not only do they make a rock solid distro, they contribute back, and oh, they still manage to turn a profit, something Canonical seems unable to do.

4. previous versions of Unity where dog slow, but they've seemed to have gotten better.

For the non-technical, I recommend Mint, which was forked from Ubuntu, and contains most of the good n00b friendly stuff from ubuntu. It goes down easy and it "Just works". The best part is I can "OEM Install" it, so I can put it as the default OS on computers I fix up and give away, and not have to worry about pirated copies of windows, or the non-techies getting all confuzzled.

Comment: Re:Thank god they're using Tor (Score 1) 23

the Internet itself was a DARPA project for its first two decades of existance. Better stop using that as well, just to be sure...

The fact the goverment funds it doesn't mean the government has a backdoor. After all, the most talented hackers and programmers are notorious for having ethics the rest of the proffesional world lacks when it comes to corruption.

Speaking of clearnet, that too is known to be tapped by the government. I wonder what your alternative is?

Comment: Makes sense it took 5 years (Score 1) 177

They put a trojan horse into pirated copies of code for a bulk mailer -- then used those servers to send spam. Who's gonna notice? Who's gonna be surprised that their machine gets 'accidentally' flagged as a spam box? Who do you complain to when you figure out that your 'cracked' spam software turned out to contain a trojan?

Comment: Re:Disposal (Score 3, Informative) 505

by jo_ham (#49594649) Attached to: Tesla Announces Home Battery System

You recycle them. They contain some lithium, a transition metal like cobalt or equivalent, and various anions (PF6, BF4, BPh4) that make up the electrolyte.

You can separate out and recover all of the materials you used to make the battery and make another one.

Lithium ion batteries also don't contain rare earth metals.

Comment: Re:The good news is... (Score 4, Insightful) 210

by ron_ivi (#49589959) Attached to: Yes, You Can Blame Your Pointy-Haired Boss On the Peter Principle

It was horrible. I did a really crappy job.

Sadly, you were probably better than the guy before you and the guy after you.

I venture to say that just because you realized you were doing a bad job, you were already doing a better job than the vast majority of managers (especially ones who think of themselves as "good").

+ - Leggo store detains 11-year old boy for shopping alone

Submitted by darkonc
darkonc writes: An 11 year old goes into a Leggo store in Calgary, Alberta (Canada) with $200 in hard earned cash ... and doesn't come out. When his father comes to the store to meet him for lunch, he finds his son 'detained' by the store manager and a security guard — for shopping alone. Apparently, Leggo stores have a policy of apprehending young children who shop without their parents.

Comment: Re:I'll be your huckleberry. (Score 5, Interesting) 162

We kept the Shah in power for our own interests


In 1953 they had a democratically elected, very westernized government. The US and UK staged a coup when that government wasn't generous enough with "our" oil.

Worked out about as well as all our other efforts to tell the rest of the world how to run their countries.

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