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Comment: Small HTPC out of WD external HDD enclosure (Score 1) 109 109

Today, there is no shortage of SBCs out there, and intel has released some pretty powerful x86 based ones, like the minnowboard max 2.

On the market at this very moment, Western Digital is offering an external hard drive that has an interesting enclosure. (See Western Digital MyBook 3TB and 4TB models) This is basically just a little triangle shaped USB to SATA adapter attached to a standard 3.5 inch SATA HDD, which is itself mounted on 4 little rubberized pegs, held into the enclosure via some little receptacles for the rubberized pegs.

Now, the hardware hack.

I bought one of these late one night (way after midnight after all more reputable sources of computer parts had closed) just to get the HDD inside, as I needed a replacement RIGHT NOW. (Got the 4TB version. 3Tb drives have terrible failure rates. It was a 4TB WD Green series SATA drive. Not splendid, but it serviced.)

That left me with the shell. For awhile I left it to sit around and ignored it, but the more I looked at it, the more it just screamed to have something done with it.

The drive kit came with a 12vdc wall wart that can put out about 30W of juice. The enclosure has cutouts for the 12v barrel connector, the "USB3.0 HDD style" connector, and a lockstrap hole.

Minor modifications with a dremel tool made the USB slot into a standard USB sized opening, and the lockstrap hole large enough to accomodate a mini HDMI port.

Inside, I took a 2.5in to 3.5in bay adapter, put the rubberized pegs on, then marked mounting points for a minnowboard max 2 with a sharpie marker, drilled them out, then attached standoffs using a combination of small back-facing nuts and washers. In the 2.5in bay, I installed a 2.5 inch SATA HDD.

The minnowboard is unique among SBCs, because it has a real SATA interface on it. It is a dual core intel atom system with intel integrated video. Whoopy freaking do, except for the fact that it's total TDP is around 6 watts. That's low enough to run without a fan, and well within the 30W the DC supply that came with the drive can deliver. The problem is that it needs 5vdc, not 12vdc. Easily fixed with a DC-DC power converter.

Long story short, I found that there was enough room inside the enclosure for the HDD, the minnowboard, extender cables going to the port openings from the minnoboard, an interal USB2.0 hub for things like WiFi and Bluetooth, the DC-DC power converter, and all that jazz.

It makes a very snazzy looking HTPC box.

Comment: Re:Why release it? (Score 1) 65 65

You don't need Apple's drivers for bootcamp for the GPU - you can just install the AMD or Nvidia ones that AMD and Nvidia supply for windows.

The one Apple ships with the bootcamp driver package (that you install from a USB stick when you first set up windows and has everything you need for the keyboard, networking, bluetooth, etc) includes one of those OEM drivers from AMD or Nvidia, it just tends to be an older one since they don't update the package all that often.

Once you have windows installed though it's no different to any other windows machine in terms of GPU drivers.

Comment: Re:Fee Fees Hurt? (Score 3, Insightful) 234 234

You see, thats the thing with stuff like this is:

They don't

There is no intent for uniform of equal enforcement. It simply allows them to arrest who they want. Lets say two derps get into an argument on forums, about some politically relivant topic and it gets heated and words are exchanged that shouldn't have been. They can now pick and choose which one of them gets arrested, and who gets prosecuted.

Comment: Re:Nope! (Score 1) 375 375

Its because 'proggressive values' are a smoke screen. The US doesn't give a damn about proggressive values, and in fact most American leaders hate proggressive values. The last 30 years of US politics have been backwards religeous fearmongering, war mongering, the reliegious decay of society, and stopping 'liberal' degenrates from social progress.

The US values blind loyalty, obedience, religeon, and capitalism. It is the reason we are allied with Saudi Arabia. Its why we supported the mujadeen in the 1980s, and continue to support jihadis about as often as we fight them.

Its the reason we support replacing the pacifist liberal population in europe with a more relegious dogmatic population that has 6 children per women and eager to see them die in a conflict, and as well as support the white fascist motherfuckers who'd do the same.

Proggressive values are a smoke screen. Nothing more.

Comment: Re:Or (Score 1) 117 117

You seem to have missed the sarcasm inherent in my original comment.

The GP was claiming that they could just hose the wings down rather than using an anti-bug coating.

I was just wondering out loud how that would work when the plane is in flight given that the hose probably has a finite length.

Comment: Re:Why would the festival cooperate? (Score 1) 134 134

from your consumption habbits they are able to piece together other bits of information such as sexual orientation, political leanings, perhaps hidden biases. What if you are having an affair. mistress shows up? Who's that next to you, did you happen to stand next to a future criminal/terrorist in a picture? You can make black mail out of anything.

Comment: Re: Cool (Score 1) 190 190

It was pretty clear what he meant, you were just being a dick.

If you're following the comments, why didn't you log in?

It was clear that the original poster didn't understand how the technology worked.

Also, if my comment to him is considered "being a dick" then my goodness he must have a thin skin. He'd better be careful on the internet. What specifically about it is me "being a dick"?

Comment: Re:Cool (Score 1) 190 190

You don't get it.
What vux984 is saying is that he set up the magic trackpad so that he only has to touch the trackpad to click, and he does not have to exert a force on it.

I personally got rid of everything that requires to exert an additional vertical force on the trackpad the day I tried to use it on my laps. I'm talking about a wireless magic trackpad of course. I replaced everything with two and three fingers gestures, and it feels so confortable that I setup my laptop the same way, and never looked back. So force touch for me doesn't make sense, but I have to admit that I have not tried a force touch enabled magic trackpad.

I do get it. He is saying that he has never used the force touch feature when that's literally impossible, even if he taps it lightly enough to just register his finger - the cap sensor and the strain gauges work together on the new trackpad. Je just didn't understand that.

Comment: Re:Cool (Score 2) 190 190

No, it really doesn't.

It really doesn't MATTER.

There are two thresholds where it clicks - the fact that its haptic vs mechanical is irreelevent. I never ever touch it with enough force to engage either click threshold.

So any additional functionality mapped to touching with greater force; I'm not ever using. So it may as well not be there.

Ah, so you're changing your argument. Fair enough.

I was just pointing out that you were factually incorrect and based an argument on it. Next time you say that you don't use any part of a technology that you literally have to (because that's how the trackpad works in its entirety) you'll know a little more about it.

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