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Comment: They said that in the late '800s (Score 1) 292

To quote a statement apocryphally attributed to Lord Kelvin: "There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now. All that remains is more and more precise measurement" And then came Quantum mechanics, Relativity... don't worry... there's heaps to play around with

Comment: Re:antibiotics and statistics (Score 1) 159

by curious.corn (#44094303) Attached to: New Links Found Between Bacteria and Cancer
Well, nasty... it seems to work much better than all other treatments, including massively destructing and disfiguring surgery procedures. Now, getting an enema or swallowing a pill of purified bacterial matter may entice a giggle or two, but so does eating french cheese, which is just rotten milk - by the bacteria that thrives under toenails... I've been having irritable bowel for a decade, and I'm going to ask my GP about this transplant... I don't mind :)

Comment: Re:Not blocking, just ignoring (Score 2) 291

by curious.corn (#43268093) Attached to: Google Blogger: Vietnamese HS Students Excelling At CS
The problem is this: Managers still live the early '900, practicing what looks like class warfare, trying to run companies like sweatshops and forgetting the supply-demand rule when it's time for them to cough up... ;)

Comment: Bullshit bingo! (Score 1) 223

by curious.corn (#42880589) Attached to: What EMC Looks For When It's Hiring

... leverage... dynamic cultures... nimble and innovative... move fast and run... key ... prove that you can...

Ah sorry, I couldn't resist.

This middle-manager speak is a stereotypical example of what obedient group-thinkers regurgitate in the hope of kicking other competitors of the same ilk, off the hill they're climbing; they could be selling cheese, or trading pebbles, or running an "app startup" and it wouldn't make a difference. Just the same bullshit bingo, while engineers are kept down in the basement, getting a bone thrown every now and then...

Comment: Re:I wish he would make it less buggy (Score 1) 98

by curious.corn (#41713519) Attached to: Ubuntu Isn't Becoming Less Open, Says Shuttleworth

Ah ok, we'll see next Monday: my story is that I tried upgrading an existing 12.04 and all seemed to go well until the installed started complaining that I had chosen to "hold back broken packages". Once it rebooted grub barfed and dumped me to its command line.

My guess is that the new package manager took half hour to abort the install or run through the b0rked list of packages, broke the previous one in the process and reboot, so that now I'm left staring at the old grub deploy.

It's kind of annoying really, all I had added to the bog standard install were the repos for Chrome and VirtualBox. How is it possible for such a standard upgrade to fail so badly is unbelievable.

Comment: Re:Phones should just be phones (Score 0) 738

by curious.corn (#40966989) Attached to: Why Apple Is Suing Every Android Manufacturer In Sight
Hmm, as if Apple hasn't created the first true smartphone.
Listen, before Jobs decided it was time to get a real one in our hands, we had to deal with craptastic shite such ash the Seriously; at the time it cost me about as much as an iPhone and it was nothing compared to the iPhone, and when the 3G arrived in EU it was the end for anything else. Those suits running the competition think they can just slavishly copy and out-number Apple by sheer inertia but really those fucks don't give a rats ass about innovation or getting cool electronics out of the door.
Samsung and the other are run by the Dilberts, not Apple... you have no clue.

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