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Comment: Re:Can't have it both ways (Score 1) 337

by davydagger (#49329833) Attached to: German Vice Chancellor: the US Threatened Us Over Snowden

Among all the people who read my comment, you're the only person unable to connect the dots, yet I'm the one with problems. Suuure...

your connecting dots that don't exist. I generally believe we call this paranoid schitzophrenia

You adopt the Obama's past platform without taking the effort to understand why he changed nor why you think he was wrong to do so. Your only justification being some childish sense of outrage.

the unlike association argument. Do you like trains running on time? Do you know who else liked the trains running on time. We all know why that didn't work. Please stop using logical fallicies.

No attempt at justifying why your current platform has been disavowed by the man elected president upon it years ago, just trite remarks?

The reason is because he was never serious about it in the first place, and anyone who understood his history knew that he was simply saying things to get elected. Your logic presumes that the current president is an infinite or even good spout of wisdom, which he was not and never was.

If nothing else, it signifies our political system is broken, and the population has no real dirrect effect on policy through election. If president Obama was sincere in his 2008 election promises, the most obvious answer to his "change of heart" is less "logic", something notoriously absent in politics, and more "special intrests demanded it", or "someone made him a deal he couldn't refuse".

I don't understand why you insinuate that political decisions are made with logic? Many are clearly not, given how often science and policy dirrectly clash, but special intrests and policy align.

My latest flash of insight is that you never graduated kindergarten & are jealous of those who have

perhaps you have heard about the old parable about the pot and the kettle?

Comment: Re:Careful, they might shoot back (Score 1) 335

They also seemed good enough to accept US aid durring the syrian civil war.

Cold hard reality is we support groups like this just as often as we oppose them.

The reason we have a problem with religious nuts is we allow it. Truth is, we tollerate religeious nuts far more than we tollerate secular nuts to the point all would be dissent knows that religeon is the only real path.

Its time to stop treating religeon as special from any other form of ideaology or philosophical creed.

Comment: Re:Can't have it both ways (Score 1) 337

by davydagger (#49320851) Attached to: German Vice Chancellor: the US Threatened Us Over Snowden

I see that you are a connect the dots deficient person. No surprise there given your kindergarten playground level of reasoning.

No, your just being extremely shitty at explaining your point.

Obama's speeches pre-election were completely in line with what you parroted above. His speeches and above all actions since then have done a complete 180. The difference between Obama pre-election & Obama post-election is that he was made aware of many things that he ignored and discounted the danger of.

I understand this completely. I did not vote for the man either times. I niether said nor implied I did. I see someone is connecting dots that don't exist.

Given that you are continuing to parrot the old, ignorant Obama, I had assumed that it was because you felt that you were more intelligent than he is. I see now that you are just a poor ideological parrot incapable of learning from others.

A politician goes back on his word and now is being described as a flash of insight? sweet shit. Did you graduate kingergarten?

Comment: Re:Can't have it both ways (Score 1) 337

by davydagger (#49317087) Attached to: German Vice Chancellor: the US Threatened Us Over Snowden
What the fuck are you even talking about, how does this have to do with Obama, who was first elected quite a bit sooner than a decade, and why am I supposed to run for president with no money, no donors, no political standing and no visibility in the public.

Somewhere, somehow your logic train de-railed, you need to fix this.

Comment: Re:Can't have it both ways (Score 2, Informative) 337

by davydagger (#49304635) Attached to: German Vice Chancellor: the US Threatened Us Over Snowden
Except its really not. Don't believe the hype, intellegence agencies have all the power they need without trampling citizens rights.

What they are doing is looking for dissent, and moonlighting for private companies. 60% of all surivailence is economic according to Snowden. They're spying on your business for your competitors who are paying moonlighting NSA agents.

They are spying on your kids who fed up with the system. They're making up terrorist plots to bust, with intellegence being used to help frame people

They looking for complainers, and harrassing activists. They are not preventing you, or your loved ones from dying horribly. You are more likely to die at their hands, or have you or your loved one have their life destroyed at by them then you are having them protect said lives.

I don't feel any fucking safer, in fact I feel less safe.

Comment: Re:Should sexist opensource developers be removed? (Score 2) 317

no. we are only empowering non-techies at the expense of programmers. While I might urge people to take action, and agitate, anti-racist, anti-capitalist, and of course, anti-sexist ideas in tech, the concept that we allow this sort of politics in tech is unacceptable. The reason is not to tollerate sexist ideas, but to prevent the framework for the type of political witch hunts, strong-arm bully tactics, that proffesional activist/vanguardists allow a few non-productive conpersons to exploit and industry for personal gain at the expense of the workers.

Even if a programmer is harmful, it does not make his work inherently harmful.

Comment: What else are they watching? (Score 1) 317

What else are they watching. The ability of the system to arbitrarily detain people without due proccess is mortifying.

I urge everyone to close all real name accounts and halt all activity on facebook not directly related to agitation of political ideas immediately. All cordination of facebook activities from this point on should be cordinated off site.

Comment: Now if AMD drivers could not suck (Score 2) 63

Now, if AMD linux drivers could really not suck, that would be awesome.

Because their drivers are crappy. Their FOSS driver is crappy and their propiertary driver is crappy. They are really putting the cart before the horse here. What they really need to do, is just a massive bug hunt with their drivers. Right now they are lacking.

Oh, and its hurting sales, because people won't buy AMD cards because they are known to be buggy. Even after they fix them, its going to take a lot of them to be seen as reliable.

Comment: Re:So, net-neutrality didn't help them?.. (Score 1) 113

by davydagger (#49268197) Attached to: UK ISPs Quietly Block Sites That List Pirate Bay Proxies
which doesn't change the definition of "net neutrality", the concept of the internet as a public network, that private companies only charge access to, but don't decide content. I am also OK with takedown orders/siezures of equipment as long as there is a court ordered warrant, where probable cause has been established, and the warrant exists only for the minimum amount of equipment reasonibly suspected to be involved in the crime. This is the same burden of proof for law enforcement under all other circumstances, and my only demands is that the same standards apply everywhere, and the cops aren't simply given unlimited power because society is simply affraid of the internet.

Comment: Re: Beersheba (Score 1) 163

by davydagger (#49236687) Attached to: Why Israel Could Be the Next Cybersecurity World Power

Point 1:

Context. Judaeism is both a race and religeon. There is a stark diffrence between jewish ethnicity, and jewish religeon.

Israel is not founded on the jewish religeon, but on the jewish race. 90% of the population is secular, and its founders where athiests and national socialists.

American and European Jews mainly identify by the Jewish religeon, but the Jewish religeon has a racial element to it.Your jewish Identity determined by birth, i.e. your mother's status, rather than your beliefs. Becoming a Christian is often as simple as getting baptized, and reciting "God loved the world so he gave them his only son". Becoming a Muslim is as simple as reciting "There is no god but allah, and his messenger muhammed, peace be upon him" in arabic.

Convert to judaeism? Forget about it. The proccess is extremely difficult, and many rabbis simply won't do it unless you are either marrying in, or they have some other motive or really like you. Even still, your conversion most likely won't be recognized by all of judaeism. Under biblical law you'd still be a "gate jew", and not a real jew, something attainable only through birth. Forunately if you lived in America this wouldn't be an issue, because American Jews are extremely westernized, and they don't follow this.

Oh, but thats religous standards on race, of which Americanized jews(hassids not withstanding) are notoriously lax with. Most consider themselves white, and are very accepting of their neighbors. However, Israeli standards on judaeism are soley race based with the exact same standards as nazi germany had on the subject: Two or more Jewish granparents:

Point 2:

Millions of your fellow worshippers were just slaughtered wholesale because of their religion

you obviously have not studied the holocaust too well. They were slaughtered for their race. A jew was not someone who believed in judaeism, but someone with two or more jewish grandparents. Secular jews, and even people with some jewish blood and no relation to the Jewish community where also sent to the camps, or at least singled out from society. Along with communists, gays, gypsies, even slavs(eastern europeans).

Time to find a place where we can at least stand up for ourselves

you can stand up for yourself anywhere for being a human being. Also exploited where roma(gypsies) and homosexuals, they never got a state for being themselves.

British promised that such a place was available in one of their colonial holdings

basicly occupied land based on imperial holdings, with original residents still living there. Israel was founded by colonists from Europe.

that place happens to be your ancestral homeland!

Ancesteral homeland of what? A race. my people insiuates race. "Blood relation" that is not extended family. That is race. This is also ridicolous. Its land your ancestors lost in some long ancient war. Its also land they gained a thousand years prior in some long ancient war as well. You have no relation to any actual flesh and blood people from that long fallen ancient empire. Just distant memories.

Your also using Hitler logic. The German people have also been pushed around for most of history. By France, Spain, England, Russia. They only became a country in 1876, with No empire, and no colonies and the traditional European powers saw them as a threat to their imperialism. But hey, it just so happens their enemies have thier "ancient homeland", where northern european people originally came from, in a lot shorter time span than the ancient Judaen empire.

Also by your logic, is that of Osama Bin Laden reviving the Islamic Caliphate from Anniulus to India, again, their ancient homeland, of which is a much shorter timespan between that and the ancient judaen empire.

Mousillini and his Rome, Saddam Hueissan and Babylonia. The list goes on, but you share a common delusion with dictatories, Fascists, and crazies. You are attemping to re-start an ancient empire soley based on you distance racial relations to its residents. Its not your fucking homeland.(If Israel sticks around another 100 years, then mabey, its actual residents could call it their homeland. History has shown conquest and genocide to be legitimate.

point 3:

3) Vatican City

Is a small postage stamp size state that is a seperate nation on paper only. It is surrounded on all sides by Italy, and for most intents and purposes, is Italian. Its defended by all intents and purposes by Italy, and exists because Italy wills it.(it became independant as an act by mousolini). Its economy is part of Italy, and has too few residents and too small of an economy to affect anything peroid.

Point 4:

If 1930's Germany had stayed within their pre-existing borders, they could've had this alleged "Aryan" state with the world's indifferent blessing.

That seems like tacit approval of Nazi Germany as a concept. Ethnonational, yay!

me: ethnically jewish, secular, and anti-Fascist. Its not cool when you do it. Yes, I understand the level of brainwashing you recieve as a kid. I went through that too. Its bullshit, and if you really think about it with any degree of fairness, it falls apart pretty quickly.

Comment: Re:Scenario (Score 2) 129

by davydagger (#49233769) Attached to: New Evidence Strengthens NSA Ties To Equation Group Malware
Assuming the NSA finds out. If your the best the NSA has, and you know all their systems because your the guy who's basicly the NSA, who exists to find you?

Snowden was the guy. He didn't get caught until he outed himself to give the leaks credibility. Of course if he was doing espionage he just would have kept is mouth shut and accepted money.

What is more likely, is that NSA contractors have jobs moonlighting for large corporations as intellegence officers an simply use NSA resources at work for their corporate patrons. If they outright gave them the code, it would make themselves fairly worthless as consultants. This matches up to teh %60 of espionage being economic. I.E. Corporations pay NSA employees for use of NSA resources. It also calls into question the technology "invented here" meme, which just might have been, "invented somewhere else, but stolen by the NSA and given to private partners".

Combine this with the fact the best "security" i.e. hackers working for the government, are for-profit blackhats that get caught and flip as part of a plea deal.

If a 6600 used paper tape instead of core memory, it would use up tape at about 30 miles/second. -- Grishman, Assembly Language Programming