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Comment Re:GPL is a valid option, but overrated (Score 1) 250

It certainly does. If you are writing software as a complete non-profit, than liberal licensing is fine.

However, if you are trying to make money, not copylefting is suicide. If you spend money on software you use in production, simply giving it away for free means the competition can use it. Now, lets say its a liberal license. They can just write small amounts of proprietary code, and sell something you do not have. If its copyleft, they have to re-share that code, so they can't take any advantages over you. You still have the advantage as the company who knows the product best.

It tries to solve a problem that doesn't really exist; many companies actively
contribute to non-copyleft projects without needing a mandate from RMS.

At the same time, few of these programs get as much paid work. Most companies prefer Linux, and thats because it gets most of the funding. If anything, GNU and Linux have won out for this reason. The only time people use FreeBSD is for people who need a better networking stack than linux currently offers, such as Netflix.

Facebook, however, instead of moving to FreeBSD is offering a large bounty for anyone who can write an improved Linux networking stack to match FreeBSD. Instead of moving to FreeBSD.

Comment Re:Feels weird agreeing with scientologists (Score 1) 265

This is a bit of weasel words. Its like saying "NAMBLA supports party XYZ", which the often support left-wing causes under the mistaken belief that other 'sexual minorities' would support them.

The fact that Scientology doesn't like a mental health bill doesn't mean that everyone opposed is supporting scientology. This tactic is called "weasel words", to paint a bad picture of the Bill's critics.

The bill itself? It allows arbitrary dentenion. The potential for abuse is huge. Already a tactic used by the police against demostrators is 'catch and release', arbitrary dention to get someone off the streets, and then release them without charge. Its a form of harrassment.

If someone is realisticly a danger to themselves or others, there are already frameworks to arrest them, however they all have all kinds of legal protections.

This is nothing more than soviet style abuse of metal health.

Comment Re:You have got to be kidding me (Score 4, Interesting) 727

Regardless of what you believe Ms. Wu experienced, do you truly not know any women in software or gaming who've experienced the kind of awful "boy's only club" attitudes and sometimes downright literal sexual harassment?

regardless of which, supporting a scam artist is not helping your cause and will only serve to de-legitimize it.

Or mabey the body size shaming, ableism about mental health, and even classist attacks on the typical software engineer through the "neckbeard" stereotype don't help much. 10-15 years ago, this would most likely include some underhanded homophobic attack(i.e. 'question' their sexuality), and 5 years ago, some form of genderphobia would also be present.

Comment Why? (Score 1) 727

Why did you pick the computer world to launch a career in journalism? You get around $3k a month from hapless dupes with a case of the feels, any tips for setting this up? What is your actual technical experiance with computers? On a scale from one to ten, how much of a sucker is the average person reading your 'journalism'?

Comment Re:Fee Fees Hurt? (Score 3, Insightful) 270

You see, thats the thing with stuff like this is:

They don't

There is no intent for uniform of equal enforcement. It simply allows them to arrest who they want. Lets say two derps get into an argument on forums, about some politically relivant topic and it gets heated and words are exchanged that shouldn't have been. They can now pick and choose which one of them gets arrested, and who gets prosecuted.

Comment Re:Nope! (Score 1) 409

Its because 'proggressive values' are a smoke screen. The US doesn't give a damn about proggressive values, and in fact most American leaders hate proggressive values. The last 30 years of US politics have been backwards religeous fearmongering, war mongering, the reliegious decay of society, and stopping 'liberal' degenrates from social progress.

The US values blind loyalty, obedience, religeon, and capitalism. It is the reason we are allied with Saudi Arabia. Its why we supported the mujadeen in the 1980s, and continue to support jihadis about as often as we fight them.

Its the reason we support replacing the pacifist liberal population in europe with a more relegious dogmatic population that has 6 children per women and eager to see them die in a conflict, and as well as support the white fascist motherfuckers who'd do the same.

Proggressive values are a smoke screen. Nothing more.

Comment Re:Why would the festival cooperate? (Score 1) 134

from your consumption habbits they are able to piece together other bits of information such as sexual orientation, political leanings, perhaps hidden biases. What if you are having an affair. mistress shows up? Who's that next to you, did you happen to stand next to a future criminal/terrorist in a picture? You can make black mail out of anything.

Submission + - Baseball Team Hack Another Team's Networks, FBI Investigates (

An anonymous reader writes: The St. Louis Cardinals have been one of the better baseball teams over the past several years. The Houston Astros have been one of the worst. Nevertheless, there is evidence that officials for the Cardinals broke into a network maintained by the Astros in order to gain access to "internal discussions about trades, proprietary statistics, and scouting reports." The FBI is now leading an investigation into the breach, and they have server subpoenas to the Cardinals and to Major League Baseball demanding access to electronic correspondence. It's the first known instance of a corporate espionage involving a network breach in professional sports. Law enforcement said the intrusion "did not appear to be sophisticated." It seems likely that a personal vendetta against the Astros's general manager is involved.

Comment Re:But we know that USA is the *GOOD GUY* (Score 1) 222

by "going after" you mean "revoking tax exempt status", which in the grand scheme of political foul play in the US, is small fish. In the past the IRS has repeatedly audited victims every year as harrassment. The US government has spread nasty rumors about people, got them fired, or even killed, planted drugs, arrested activists, spied on activists, etc...

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