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Comment: Re:Should read (Score 1) 613

by davydagger (#49141887) Attached to: FCC Approves Net Neutrality Rules
no, we have two sets of corporate parties that take money and work for diffrent lobbying groups. At the moment they are both more than happy enough to take swipes at eachother's money source and nothing else. But its entirely unfair to say either party is more "capitalist" than the other. Social issues sure, the republicans in general are slightly more socially conservative, but that is slowly changing, as both parties are moving away from token images they pretend to care about to simply offering protection from "the other".

Comment: Re:Can't be enforced. (Score 3, Insightful) 613

by davydagger (#49140733) Attached to: FCC Approves Net Neutrality Rules

Is there a definition of what is THE internet?

Its the internetwork connect. Its a framework of voluntarily linking connections for mutual

surely comcast can create a parallel construction and sell however they wish like a private toll road. It could have discrete points where it could tap into the "real" internet. Thus amazon or netflix or whomever could connect into this autobahn on the goes-into side and pop out into "the" internet at some Comcast hub in the customers town.

If this happens, I'll eat my hat. No one is going to buy anything but the real internet, and you won't see company set up shop without users, which are all on the real internet. Also, the instant they start offering an internet gateway they become an ISP and regulatable, so there is no loophole. If they don't, they will need content on their private network, which no one is going to provide, because most of the content exists outside their networks. No one wants their shitty content, and thats their problem. If people did, they wouldn't have to throttle netflix for competing with their services.

Picture it like FED Ex, transporting a package 90% of the way, then mailing it. the postoffice might not charge differently for different customers and Fed Ex might not either (or they could) but only customers with valuable deliveries would be willing to pay the cost of the combined service, which would be dominated by the Fed Ex high speed service.

almost completely diffrent because niether fedex nor the post office own any of the infrasturcture, just the delievery mechanism. Any delivery service can use the same roads.

Comment: Re: nice, now for the real fight (Score 3, Insightful) 613

by davydagger (#49140601) Attached to: FCC Approves Net Neutrality Rules
to be honest, if you really want the government to say out of things like this, we can do things like work together to keep assholes out. Government regulation while unoptimal is better than regulation than by comcast, verizon and other edge customer providers. Guess what, other companies would basicly have to live with them pushing them around.

A better option would be getting some of the larger carriers, webhosting companies, regular users, activists alike and forming an alliance to keep comcast from regulating the internet. Either no one was intrested, or didn't care enough. the FCC option is better than nothing.

Comment: Re:That was my point (Score 1) 382

by davydagger (#49139633) Attached to: Lawmakers Seek Information On Funding For Climate Change Critics

No different from Soon, where he is being attacked NOT because the current funding is from Koch, but because he had the audacity to EVER take money fro them. No different, except Soon is not groping women (if you want to rank offenses).

groping women and doing bad science are completely unrelated. You can be a terrible person, but still a good scientist. You can be an unethical scientist(doing things like torture), and still be a good scientist.

You can be a good person, and still be a shitty scientist. You also seem to be mixing up correlation and casuation. Again, its probably because you don't understand science.

Exactly, which is why he's in climate science, which at this point has more akin to astrology in terms of accuracy and actual "science". Just because his chicken bones come in the form of heavily doctored data does not make his prognosis any less Scienthy.

Um not really. you have nothing to back up your claim that his work was heavily doctored except you disagree with it, and are simply making counter arguments to take the heat off a scientist who has been caught red handed.

Comment: Re:verified (Score 1) 302

by davydagger (#49139119) Attached to: Reddit Imposes Ban On Sexual Content Posted Without Permission
Its censorship policy is closer to "appease those with power". The irony is that the only reason they gave a shit about "the fappening" is because it was celebrities. people trade leaked pictures of average janes everyday and no one gives a shit. Its only abuse when its celebrities.

Speaking of the so called "feminists", and supposed "socialists" tend to only support socialist ideals when its protecting people in power, with money, which calls into question their credibility as socialists. Many have a complete active distaste for critical theory along the lines of class, which is more or less disgusting. They are nothing but extremist liberals, and progressives.

A big glaring contradiction is the entire time #gamergate and the fappening was going on, not a word was mentioned about spousal abuse in the NFL, Bill Cosby raping little girls, and certainly nothing about Roman Polanksy making the last page of the paper as trying to get back into the country. Way too many "feminists", especially those in the Media industry, bend over backwards to apologize for his rape of a thirteen year old girl, using language anyone familiar with the MRA scene should recognize. Most of these "feminists" and "socialists" seem to be OK with not just ignoring, but actively supporting rape culture, as long as its done supporting the existing class structure. (rich/popular people have an explicit right to rape those lower on the totem pole).

The we get to reddit, which is run by advertisers. Guess what this smells like? Class warfare. I think its time to wake up and shake off the anti-socialist propaganda and get some critical thinking skills.

Comment: Re:Attacking messengers - what about the IPCC? (Score 1) 382

by davydagger (#49138299) Attached to: Lawmakers Seek Information On Funding For Climate Change Critics
This is purely an "ad hominem". The fact that the man is a crappy person in his personal life has no bearing on his scientific research. Science has no bearing on the character of the person doing it. Only if the experiments where performed in a way that proves the hypothesis. Not that all Science is ethical, or all scientists are ethical, but science is nothing more than what can be proved by deductive reasoning. Something that this man has done. The fact a man is a scumbag does

This is what most people do not understand science is that it is not the worship of men in labcoats.

Also, if he really wanted to just get laid, hard science is the worst place to do it. Communications majors is most likely going to do it for you. That litterally is a field where substance of work is directly related to the character of those who perform it.

Comment: Re:Inquisition (Score 2) 382

by davydagger (#49138207) Attached to: Lawmakers Seek Information On Funding For Climate Change Critics
Lets be be fair, and that 90% of everything you see on TV is bought and paid for by someone with an agenda. What I'm affraid of is muck raking turning into a one side politically oriented witch hunt that is "only right when I do it". Anti-capitalist "exposes" will be done by one group of capitalists against another, while feverntly blocking their own funding sources.

We can't get the same standards for police brutality that exist in Fergeson to be applies in LA, Chicago, or New York City. We can't get the same standards of ethics you have on the oil industry to apply to Big Media, Big Pharma, and of course the Globalization cartel.

Muck Raking has been turned into an extortion racket. I'm not taking part.

Comment: Re:Fuck off. (Score 1) 118

by davydagger (#49132311) Attached to: New Android Trojan Fakes Device Shut Down, Spies On Users
agreed. you also forgot most major corporations, world wide of all nations as well.

There is no better reason then to stiff up your lip, and write backdoors for no one. The best practice for dealing with the NSA just happens to be best practice for dealing with the GCHQ, Russian FSB, and whatever the chineese, french, or any other nation state has.

1. blow the whistle on everything. Don't ever spy exlusively for any powerful institution.
2. don't write backdoors for anyone
3. don't weaken crypto for anyone
4. don't get involved in super-secret squirel spy-vs-spy plots, for anyone, for any reason(you never know who's pulling the strings, and you know they are all bad). Stay away from the shadows as much as you can. Drain the swamp on unethical behavior
5. write/use/recommend systems that are more distributed and peer to peer systems that can't be controlled centrally, and are hard to stop, or monitor.
6. Release all code and schematics Free and Open Source. Help inspect and audit others code.
7. Put all bugs in the core stack of Free software in appropriate bug trackers and get them fixed, to prevent people from getting spied on. If any company open sources their firmware, help them make sure there are no backdoors or other bugs in it.(its a self serving favor, like everything in Open Source).(white hat hacktivism is best hacktivism) 8. Associate with like minded people to help protect yourself. Agitate to get people to fix bugs, and adhere to the above. Don't be affraid of making alliances of mutual aid, which are unconventional, if they work in common intrest.(an Anarchist as myself, teaming up with corporations to make sure that critical pieces of software and hardware remain free and secure, and readily available).

The point is that we can make social change that weakens the ability of large organizations to use surviallence as leverage against non-involved citizens and use people against their will. This will make governments world wide need more consent from the people to rule, thus improving conditions for everyone world wide

All hackers, programmers, technicians, can and will make a diffrence.

Comment: Re:Pointless (Score 1) 754

by davydagger (#49132041) Attached to: Removing Libsystemd0 From a Live-running Debian System

If I got a penny for everytime I run into windows systems... Even saw a few very very old netware servers recently. Anyway people make the incorrect assumption "servers" equals "web servers" sadly, and then indeed linux has the majority market share. But a lot of software used in an industrial setting simply does not work on Linux/BSD/..., or turn-key systems are bought which quite often run Windows. Or god-forbid: HP-UX, though that one is actually fairly nice if you have some time to sit down with it.

Also forgot solaris in there. Yes, there are a lot of server operating systems, and windows does hold a sizable(double digits), minority share, but linux holds a majority share, and has a double digit presence in every market but desktop. Throw in FreeBSD, and the FOSS *NIX share for servers is somewhere around ~%80

Yes, because things like Cray Linux with customized micro kernels don't exist... Its not because they say "oh hey it uses ... linux" in the top 500 list that it's a standard build. It'd be like claiming that China's latest super computer runs Ubuntu. It might be based on it, but you can be pretty damn sure it was optimized. You don't make a multi-million investment to then squander it away with inefficient resource usage.

I asked for a citation, not speculation. Linux is a kernel, GNU is the userland, Ubuntu is a distribution. tweaking a few install settings and adding a few extra patches does not make it "might as well be a whole new kernel", and so does not enabling things not enabled by default. Also turning on features not turned on by default does not count either. Trust me I've compiled, tweaked and patched enough Linux kernels to know this. While I certainly agree super computer kernels are tweaked, the notion "they might as well not be Linux", does not hold water. You might as well say that every Gentoo user "might as well not be using linux", because they all have custom per-machine user compile time configured kernels, which is required as part of the installation.

Keep on dreaming. If you were to run a fully unoptimized kernel on a phone you'd drain the battery in less than 2 hours most likely. (Please note: I do not consider compiler conditionals the same code. because you could really just put two complete different versions in there and switch between them with conditional constructs) People seem to forget how big of a deal scheduling and power management is on mobile devices. The battery capacity hasn't increased that much over the past years, the power management on the other hand has made huge steps forward.

the wake-locks and power management for android has been mainlined in Linux proper since 3.4. tweaking compile time options is fucking easy, and doesn't change the fact its the exact same kernel, and exact same code. Combined with above comment, its fairly clear you don't have a damn clue what you're talking about. Perhaps you just pick up buzzwords from read computer news.

You wish.

You've never actually used either ubuntu or mint in the last 5 years. Its painfully obvious. I've gotten total newbs to do it.

You don't have the damnest clue what the fuck are you talking about.

Comment: Re:Pointless (Score 1) 754

by davydagger (#49131859) Attached to: Removing Libsystemd0 From a Live-running Debian System

The fact that you think they take a huge interest in what an average person has to say scares me more than the fact that they bother to go over everything they can get their hands on. Also realize some (a.k.a. most) don't live in the US, and we actually think about who we vote on.

implying I'm stalking you because I've taken the time to respond to your arguments thoughtfully and patiently. great analogy, it holds water. You've likewise seem to have equal intrest in this conversation.

Actually I do not like what he has to say, he instantly kills any possibility of cooperation with his behaviour. His "no binary drivers" thing pretty much stops proper hardware support in its tracks.

co-operation with who and what? The only hardware that we really loose are the high performance ATI and nVidia drivers. Everything else can easily be replaced. Guess what, if we start accepting binary blobs and stop pushing manufactures for open drivers, guess what happens to driver quality? It goes down the shitter, because some no name chineese/korean company isn't going to give a shit about "just works" on linux as much as the kernel devs.

Funny you should say that, it took me about 10 minutes to find and download the windows drivers for everything in my latest computer. It took me about 10 hours to get an acceptable performance out of my Intel WiFi chipset on Linux though. And I sort of gave up in the end and use a cable these days

Whats really funny is installing windows where half the devices show up as yellow ?s, and then hunting for drivers. I haven't had a problem with linux wifi in years.(since kernel 2.6.28). I never had to install a driver beyond propertiary ones, and even that is easy.

Yes, because it totally doesn't store the parameters in a series of shell scripts that are executed at boot. *cough*

it doesn't actually. its quite apparent you haven't spent much time really using modern GNU/Linux.

I should point out I stopped reading at "hostile government". Guess what, you determine who's in the government. Its your own damned fault, get your head out of your ass and do something about it in the voting booth next time.

my fault? I vote every time. Anyways, most modern studies conducted by credible(read not think tanks) sources have shown there is little correlation between voting, populist action, and policy, and there is little way to change policy at the voting both. For all intents and purposes we don't live in a democracy, other than the real base observation that they take and count votes, inclusive of many other countries which aren't real democracies.

And this is why we can't have nice things.

We *do* have nice things. If we let in the riff raff, the people who make $500 for in-app purchases, and then get mad about it, we won't have nice things. We don't need the year of the Linux(or GNU) desktop. its counter-intuitive. It will financially incentivise destroying everything good about linux.

If you're vision of Linux, is a closed mess of unfree apps, vendor lock ins, pay-for-premium, spyware, but still has some underlying *NIX support, and mainstream application support, do all of us here a huge favor, and just go buy yourself a mac, and leave us alone.

As far as the GNU/Linux desktop, most of the guts are maintened by Red Hat, Canonical, and a few other companies for the type of people who work on their servers as a day job.(which is me). It suites us fine for what it does.

Comment: Re:To answer your question (Score 1) 279

by davydagger (#49119513) Attached to: Intel Moving Forward With 10nm, Will Switch Away From Silicon For 7nm

back in 1985 mabey. the the i386 archecture is livable, and the AMD64 and i686 more so, especially with all the SIMD add on instruction sets.

In the post y2k world, there are many instances where both SPARC and ARM where playing catch up with x86. For example, the i686 added out of order instructions, something it took Sparc 10 years to catch up. ARM is still playing catch up on a 64 bit implementation, and since the late 90s, has been almost soley the domain of embedded computers, and not feasible for minicomputers, or larger scale deployments.

X86 was a poor ISA when the first 8086 chips were made (but good, given hardware capabilities at the time). That was about 40 years ago. MIPS and Sparc (and ARM) are all better than x86.

the 8086-286 where not bad computers, they were simply a class of computer below mips, sparc, alpha, etc... They were not direct competitors, and sold to vastly diffrent markets and pricing on the groups where diffrent by powers of ten. MIPS, Sparc, Alpha, POWER, where considered minicomputers while the 8086 was considered a microcomputer.

The line between mini and microcomputers has been blurred ever since the introduction of the i386, with a few minicomputer capabilities, and additional models contiued to implement more and more minicomputer functionality until the x86 became a low end minicomputer and was able to directly compete with Sparc and Alpha. While not directly as powerful, they were still powers of ten cheaper and more affordable, while only being powers of 2 less powerful. x86 was by far the best when it came to performace per dollar, the critical aspect when it comes to corporate purchasing.

With smartphones, ARM made an upgrade to the same top tier status as intel, and while not quite as powerful, is a strong competitor in the performance per watt, and performance per dollar. A crown that intel stole from the now extinct mini-computers of yesteryear.

Comment: Let me fix that for you (Score 1) 207

by davydagger (#49101465) Attached to: Wired On 3-D Printers As Fraud Enablers
3D printers are Competition Enablers. The allow unathorized competition to certian companies.

Cyberspace(the internet, and all virtual space on interactive computers), there is no sarcity of goods. Companies can only profit by created scarcity to drive demand, and to do that, they need to ban people from doing things for themselves.

This is no diffrent than a pimp accusing your girlfriend of "stealing" his business by providing sex for "free"

Innovation is hard to schedule. -- Dan Fylstra