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Comment: Re:When the cat's absent, the mice rejoice (Score 1) 147

> Due process lets murderers run the streets

due proccess keeps innocent men from getting framed as murderers. Its an imperative for law enforcement to act proffesionally, to the end it keeps then honest, and makes them engage in fact based investigations, not willy nilly witch hunts.

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did these people actually touch kids, or did they just get caught with verboten images. Because there is a pretty big diffrence.

It seems to me "child porn" is always brought up when the government is caught snooping online where they shouldn't be. I think there is no way of knowing what other stuff he was *really* looking for, when they drag up a handful of kiddie porn cases to justify their abuses.

Thats the war on drugs in a nutshell, its a wanton power grab, where everyone has become a suspect, and all rights are at the whim of the government, and all they need to do is find a few really dirty scumbags to haul in front of the public to justify their continued operations.

But you see, the larger problem isn't drugs or pedophiles, its well placed cynacism of the government. What you have with them is an British India Python problem, where the enforcers made a business out of enforcement, and see a gain at breeding problems to solve for fun and profit.

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>pursuit of actual crimes.

bullshit. He's been randomly searching intertubes, in a gross violation of civil liberties, and just so happened to be caught when he brought criminal charges.

I don't like pedophiles either, but when you commit extra-legal investigations, its rarely what makes headlines are you sole motivation.

Don't tell me you actually beileve either internet censorship or internet surviallence is actually in place to stop pedophiles.

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by davydagger (#47898443) Attached to: City of Turin To Switch From Windows To Linux and Save 6M Euros
I remember this. It was a big hassle. Its the reason most people stick with windows, and its the reason that most FreeDesktop compliant UNIX desktops work just like Windows, down to the tabstops, decoration buttons, and until recently, start menu.

People bitch when it doesn't work exactly like it used to work. If they were in the mood to try something completely new, they would most likely ditch windows in the first place.

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MSNBC is hardly "extreme left wing", that would imply socialism of some variety, of which they are not. Not even mild ones.

MSNBC tells zingers that support the democratic party. That is all. CNN doesn't tell zingers but they are still extremely biased on how they tell stories.

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by davydagger (#47898127) Attached to: Stallman Does Slides -- and Brevity -- For TEDx
>IMHO, i think Stallman gets tripped up with execution...which is guided by those uber-specific obtuse definitions he uses for concepts like what 'free and open source' mean

not really. He's addressing the "open source" movement, which came afterwards as an attempt to confuse the issue. He's not being obtuse, he's being co-opted, and addressing the very real social politics. Say what you will. There really is a mass slander campaign against him. Its not an unreasonable point.

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by davydagger (#47849837) Attached to: Stallman Does Slides -- and Brevity -- For TEDx
The fact of the matter is, I've yet to see an intellectual dissent against stallman. The only arguments I've seen amount to nothing more than petty propaganda, and fear mongering about far fetched "what if" situations, while stallman's views can be cited against actual events, at best. At worst, its just name calling, and making fun of his personal flaws. Things that if said about any mainstream politician or celebrity would be out of line.

Truth is:

1. Stallman is well spoken, well written, and articulate.
2. Stallman addresses real issues, and has been, long before most of us knew they were issues.

"Oh dear, I think you'll find reality's on the blink again." -- Marvin The Paranoid Android