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Comment: Re:Republican Hypocrits (Score 1) 98

and the topic is changed. the topic is the Trans Pacific Partnership. Obama Supports it. All of you partisan asses are just as brainwashed. you see someone attacking Obama for any reason and they might as well be talking about secret muslim athiest birth certificate shit.

There is a secret trade agreement, and Obama is supporting the secrecy. If you look at the Democrats supporting it, its going to be the most powerful ones that are running in 2016 for president and have the most sway and favor with party leadership, and detemine party dirrection.

Comment: Re:Razr v3 (Score 1) 311

by davydagger (#49759855) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What's the Best Dumb Phone?

it also is pre-GPS chip E911

unfortunately no. all phones pull a satellite or two starting a generation before the razr as required by law(not user accessable). even with smart phones you can turn the GPS for the same effect.

That said, cell network location is not exactly reliable. If you are in a major city, there can easily be half a million people in resolution radius. E911 is notoriously poor for location as well.

Of course there are more ways to track you besides E911 which only activates durring a phone call to 911. Government backdoors like the ablity to turn on your phone's mic and listen are present in phones of this era.

Even if you could find a phone with no spying capabilities, which is hard because all the GSM/CDMA chips are closed source, and every chip and ever device needs to be approved by the government, you'd stand out on the network as the only device without such capabilities.

Comment: Sell the Sevice (Score 2) 48

Its simple, you use somthing like the Affero license so no one can make changes that you can't access. Since anyone can try, whatever good ideas other people have you can re-incorporate, so you can potentially have a far bigger unpaid developer base. If your product is known to attract hacker types as customers, they can act as force multipliers, easily. As compared to a closed program, you'll have more eyes on the code. Its also your code, and you know it better than anyone else.

Then you simply focus on having the best quality of service. You can copy software, you can't copy quality of service.

Combine these two, its not as easy as you think to compete against someone else with their own software.

You also have your brand name and reputation. which is built on that quality of service. Despite the fact that CentOS is given away for free, people pay good money for RHEL subscriptions, and RH is an economicly viable company.

The support is where the money is. The actual product is a loss leader.

Comment: I Think I understand more now (Score 1) 214

Even more reasons I am glad I am done with the government. Its seems like ever last seemingly innocous habbit I had as a kid the government saw as some part of ungodly conspiracy. From loud rock music, to computer skills, now riding harleys.

I can't win, they know it, I know it. So fuck them.

Comment: Re:compromise (Score 1) 826

by davydagger (#49736053) Attached to: Oregon Testing Pay-Per-Mile Driving Fee To Replace Gas Tax
my thinking exactly. also, a diffrent tax rate for commericial vs residential. Someone might need to drive a 5 ton truck for business, so we give them a little break, so we don't raise the price of goods and services. As long as someone is doing something productive with the vehicle its fine. However we can raise taxes on people who recreationally drive heavy vehicles they don't neccerially need. Not an outright ban, but if you want to drive your giant SUV when you could have used a much smaller car, you need to pay your share of the extra wear on the roads. This is only fair. SUVs are expensive. Gas is expensive. If you can afford the gas, and you can afford the truck, you can afford the roads.

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