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Comment: Re:Carmack fully supports the move (Score 4, Insightful) 300

Carmack appreciates impressive technologies when he sees them and has always humbly voiced his support for them. Back in the dark ages he called Ken Silverman, the developer of Duke3D's Build engine -- the supposedly direct competitor of Quake at one point -- the most talented graphics programmers that he knew besides himself. He had similar praise of Oculus VR before he joined the crew.

No, he's isn't a saint in any benevolent sense, but when it comes to commentary on developing technologies, I tend to trust him -- personal disdain for Facebook's sociocommercial business model aside.

Also, Carmack's next Twitter post directly communicates that he's been avoiding creating a Facebook profile up until this point. So perhaps his admiration of the company on a social level is not as strong as his respect for them on a technological infrastructural level.

Comment: So? (Score 0) 300

Brusk and Gifted Independent Developer who Stuck Gold voices his frustration with a major commercial acquisition that the whole tech-concerned internet is on its toes over.

Brusk and Gifted Independent Developer who Stuck Oil tells Oculus that they won't be getting Minecraft for Christmas this year because they made a naughty capitalist decision which advances the looming surveillance state of developed nations.

Brusk and Gifted Independent Developer who Discovered Atlantis is known for having strong and pessimistic views of the game industry which -- surprise! -- strongly favor grassroots development.

I don't see how the complaints of Brusk and Gifted Independent Developer who Developed Minecraft and then Passed it on to an Equally Gifted Development Team add anything more to the Oculus conversation than the thoughts of any other half-informed follower of recently-emerging VR technologies.

Comment: Re:FIRE! (Score 1) 457

by ctheme (#46167001) Attached to: Judge Says You Can Warn Others About Speed Traps
I've driven with Waze for thousands of miles and let me tell you, cops use it too. Frequently I will see a Waze user icon marked on the GPS map where at police car is camped in real life, where a speed trap has been reported in their database. Sometimes I'll see them move and park a mile or two away to set up a new speed traps.

I hate to think that they're picking on Waze users for employing software which might aid them in speeding. But fortunately, American cops have never been known to pull over drivers based on personal criteria without due reason.

+ - Does anybody sees the potential issues with iOS7's new GUI?->

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An anonymous reader writes "Hi, as you know this week iOS7 was announced together with a new GUI, is anybody else annoyed by the lack of buttons? I wrote a little article about it and I was wondering if other people have noticed the potential issues of such changes. Other OSs, like Android, also present similar issues. What do you think?"
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