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Comment You Care About Privacy? (Score 3, Interesting) 117

You have already proven you don't give a shit about the privacy of these photos the second you uploaded them to social media where people can make instant copies and distribute freely till the end of time. Quit being so goddamned uptight about this. Your vacation photos or pictures of your child taking his first shit aren't that goddamned important.

Comment Re:Obligatory Reagan Worship! (Score 4, Insightful) 211

It's funny to see the rose-colored glasses for Reagan these past couple of years considering he tripled the national debt, sold arms to Iran and packed up the troops and left Beirut after ~250 Marines were slaughtered in the barracks bombing with no one held accountable and a whole host of other shit no one cares to remember.

Comment Re:Yet another company that does not need to exist (Score 1) 107

Considering that Groupon is crumbling and the likelihood that GP's business is not laying off/scraping a similar portion of their company than I can safely say that GP is making sound choices and your assumptions about their attitude towards attracting coupon scroungers is off. Carry on.

Comment Re:How long will it take (Score 1) 122

No, it's very on topic, ass master: "Australia's New South Wales police department has added a pair of new cars to their fleet that are going to be very hard to outrun" The summary is implying that they would be used or that they are getting these promotional fast cars because cops should be chasing down criminals at very high speeds.

Submission + - Which Movies Get Artificial Intelligence Right? (gambleslot.ru)

An anonymous reader writes: Hollywood has been tackling Artificial Intelligence for decades, from Blade Runner to Ex Machina. But how realistic are these depictions? Science asked a panel of AI experts to weigh in on 10 major AI movies — what they get right, and what they get horribly wrong. It also ranks the movies from least to most realistic. Films getting low marks include Chappie, Blade Runner, and A.I.. High marks: Bicentennial Man, Her, and 2001: a Space Odyssey.

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