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Comment Impossible (Score 5, Funny) 113

But, FoxNews is telling me that ISIS has taken the whole middle east and Europe and they are marching on Russia while sending whole container ships filled with nuclear weapons and Qu'rans to the US so how could they not have an encrypted messaging app BECAUSE THEY ARE SO POWERFUL AND CLEARLY THE NEXT MAJOR SUPERPOWER??????

Please reply by messenger pigeon to my prepper bunker in the woods because the batteries are about to run out on our laptops and satcom gear down here...

Comment Re:Just have medicare for all and get rid of the o (Score 1) 285

with a simple airplane trip?

I would love to move there and I'm trying to but it really isn't as easy as an airplane trip, fool. Getting a job in a country where you are not a native speaker, getting a work visa and all the other friction of moving across an imaginary border are ridiculous.

Why should we pay for medical care for all of Mexico?

Because Reagan and the conservatives voted this into law: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

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