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Comment Re:Typical Liberal Thinking (Score 1) 260

I see a little bit more what you are saying but it doesn't make sense. You are essentially saying that all of the rich and powerful are trying to induce a crisis of capitalism where workers can't afford the shit they produce. You have a laser-like obsession with inflation as well which leads me to believe you are very much in the Ron Paul camp. As someone very far on the left side of the political spectrum all liberals want is a respectable wage like factory workers had after WW2 where they could work an honest job and own a house, car and have a wife at home with their 2 or 3 children. We are at the stage where two adults with full-time jobs and no kids can barely cover apartment rent and food. CEO's are keeping wages obscenely low to the point a full-time employee can't provide the basic necessities and requires government assistance. That means that the public has to subsidize those corporate wages (i.e. McDonalds). Only customers should be subsidizing those wages through product and service prices. I don't even shop at Walmart or McDonalds so why am I paying to keep those people clothed and fed?

Comment Re:Typical Liberal Thinking (Score 1) 260

Do you really think that people in the real world would be working from such a byzantine, bond-villainesque scheme? It's actually simpler. People that inhabit reality are fed up with corporations that are in bed with politicians and the self-righteous 1% elite that are mostly made up of people that acquired their wealth from inheritance.

Comment Re:Worse than clickbait ! (Score 4, Funny) 386

This is counted as a counter-terrorism success story??

1. Richard Reid—December 2001. A British citizen and self-professed follower of Osama bin Laden who trained in Afghanistan, Richard Reid hid explosives inside his shoes before boarding a flight from Paris to Miami on which he attempted to light the fuse with a match. Reid was caught in the act and apprehended aboard the plane by passengers and flight attendants. FBI officials took Reid into custody after the plane made an emergency landing at Boston’s Logan International Airport.[3]

I'm fucking laughing so hard.

Comment Re:How can there be? (Score 2) 622

These services are built around the idea of a normalized distribution of usage. If one user uses a million times the average of the rest of the users, then "unlimited" offers can't be economically sustained.

How the fuck is Joe Shithead supposed to know this when all the marketing literature says "unlimited?" It never really was "unlimited" was it? So, it was a fucking lie.

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