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Comment Hackers (Score 4, Interesting) 114

This book has some great stories of the days when solo programmers reigned: It still blows me away that some of my favorite games from Sierra, etc were designed and coded by one person (art and all) while today you can't make a video game without a team of hundreds.

Submission + - Which Movies Get Artificial Intelligence Right?->

An anonymous reader writes: Hollywood has been tackling Artificial Intelligence for decades, from Blade Runner to Ex Machina. But how realistic are these depictions? Science asked a panel of AI experts to weigh in on 10 major AI movies — what they get right, and what they get horribly wrong. It also ranks the movies from least to most realistic. Films getting low marks include Chappie, Blade Runner, and A.I.. High marks: Bicentennial Man, Her, and 2001: a Space Odyssey.
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Comment Re:Tips for employee fidelity (Score 1) 310

Treat your employees with respect. Pay them a respectable wage with benefits. Look out for them and they will look out for you and your business. If you are a faceless megalo-corp that just hires and fires peoplemeat all day then expect to have your store pillaged and burned.

Comment Re:And this is why federal government needs to shr (Score 1) 297

I think you are on to something with all of these. For medicare, I don't think the problem is how much we spend but how much healthcare costs. Healthcare prices are actually set by a group of doctors called the Relative Value Update Committee (RVUC) that meets every 4 months. The meetings are in total secret and if you do get an invite to attend then you have to sign legal paperwork swearing you won't leak what you saw and heard. Here is one scam they run: the balloons used to do a sinus procedure cost $2600 each so the RVUC valued the cost of the materials for the procedure at NUMBER_OF_SINUES*2600 when only one balloon is typically used for all of the sinuses in a procedure. This is how these values get set and there appears to be ZERO oversight.