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Comment: Re:This may be the way to escape from Comcast (Score 1) 406

by Maxo-Texas (#47909229) Attached to: Comcast Allegedly Asking Customers to Stop Using Tor

This was true for me when the modem they gave to me failed to bootstrap. I was charged for the guy to come out, debug the problem, and then swap the modem because it was defective from the factory.

But my only other internet option is AT&T and that's it.

So basically a duonopoly in a city with millions of people.

We need the city to lay the lines and then allow the cable companies to compete for customers on those lines like we do for our electric lines.

Comment: Re:It also buys you (Score 2) 245

by Maxo-Texas (#47895721) Attached to: City of Turin To Switch From Windows To Linux and Save 6M Euros

But you have to compare it to what they would otehr wise be doing.

If you pay them $50 an hour but this sucks out of their water cooler time, then no loss.
If you pay them $50 an hour but this sucks out of "figuring out where the hell the command I always use went on the new ribbon system" then no loss.

Seriously, Ribbons cost me well over 10 hours of time figuring out how to do what I'd always done.

Comment: Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 524

by Maxo-Texas (#47884619) Attached to: AT&T Says 10Mbps Is Too Fast For "Broadband," 4Mbps Is Enough

100mb in a half hour is 100mb/1800s is 1mb per 1.8s is under 1m/s.

I've played multiple videos, played minecraft and done over 12 hours of browsing, streamed music and I've hit 471MB in 27 hours since I rebooted which is a lot lower than 100m/1800s.

Unless you are downloading distros or movies/tv shows or expect sub second response for every page you visit, you don't "need" that kind of speed.

I agree it's NICE to have.

Heck, this entire page is only 40k.

Comment: Re: I can simply ignore all health and diet advice (Score 1) 291

by Maxo-Texas (#47882673) Attached to: Link Between Salt and High Blood Pressure 'Overstated'

But real tobacco (ala pipes and cigars and hand rolled cigarettes) is awesome and if you only smoke a couple times a year, your risk is essentially the same as non smokers.

If you ever have one, you can understand why people smoked before all the weird stuff with commercial cigarettes.

Overeating is higher in risk than light smoking (less than a cigarette per day).

Comment: Re:Seriously? (Score 4, Insightful) 524

by Maxo-Texas (#47857055) Attached to: AT&T Says 10Mbps Is Too Fast For "Broadband," 4Mbps Is Enough

If that is your experience, then your speed isn't really giving you 10m byte.

Seriously man. Something is wrong.

4Mbps is too slow and I think it should be raised to 6 or 8Mbps but that's so you can support some HD quality video since almost every consumer TV now has a HD quality.

Basic web browsing uses almost no data. A friend was able to browse through my lumia last night because her internet was down and 10 minutes of browsing and sending a couple emails didn't even show on the usage summary.

Comment: Re: What the heck? (Score 1) 354

by Maxo-Texas (#47850037) Attached to: DMCA Claim Over GPL Non-Compliance Shuts Off Minecraft Plug-Ins

Mojang is very explicit.

You may charge for access to your server.

You may charge for banners, colored things, vanity items. You may charge for having bright yellow letters saying "VIP" in front of your name.

You may not charge extra and give different/extra items that help players beat the game and other players to only some players.

For example...

You may charge $15 for server access and give EVERYONE the same amount of free diamonds, invisibility potions, and sharpness V swords.

You may NOT charge $5 for 10 diamonds, $3 for 10 invisibility potions, and $1 for a sharpness V sword.

I.e. you are not allowed players to "pay to win" on your server. Apparently they were getting a lot of complaints from customers or parents of customers about servers using this business model. Some have alleged that bukkit members were connected with or running P2W servers so that's why they were so upset.

Reading the bukkit goodbye's, it was probably a lot more complex than that. Some were probably running P2W servers, many were just burned out, some were upset that the original 4 founders of bukkit got jobs but they didn't (and some were apparently more active than some of the 4 founders). At least 6 non founders had made significant contributions to the project.

And a lot took Mojang owning the name and the repository/distribution setup to mean Mojang owned Bukkit.

I think Wes felt bukkit had enough stroke to force Mojang's to give in.

I also think Wes misjudged things, ruined his rep with a lot of people and perhaps with potential employers.

Comment: Re: What the heck? (Score 1) 354

by Maxo-Texas (#47849975) Attached to: DMCA Claim Over GPL Non-Compliance Shuts Off Minecraft Plug-Ins

One of the ironic things is that that Bukkit community was getting upset with Mojang for making changes to the internals necessary to bring out their API because it was breaking Bukkit and making a lot of work for them to stay in compliance.

And least I think it's ironic. Perhaps it's sardonic.

Minecraft has had a lot of API preparatory refactoring for the last 20 months or so.

I appreciate all the work they did on the project and had donated to servers that used their work.

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