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Comment Re: IOT isn't as easy as it sounds. (Score 1) 75

Sure, but it definitely doesn't need inbound network access. It shouldn't beed UPnP as the theromostat should simply be polling requests from the central servers.

It could even be used to send a message to your email (outbound connection).

Why these devices require inbound connections at all simply doesn't make sense to me.

Comment Re:Thank you, whipslash! (Score 1) 423

Thanks for the kind words. In this for the long haul

Considering the amount of money BIZX paid for Slashdot and Sourceforge, I would certainly hope so.
Just keep in mind while working your way through the comments here that 33.33% of the commenters are cynical assholes, the next 33.33% is just noise, and the final 33.33% are completely normal/rational people.

Thank you for saving these beloved websites. I hope all goes well and you make a return on your investment.

Comment Re: So Let Me Get This Straight (Score 2) 246

I don't get it either... Outlook is a pile of shit, Exchange may "work" but it certainly is also a pile of shit. Years of cruft, and more added on every year.

I'm not a fan of Google, nor do I use their services, but they are at least based on open standards anyone can use... I don't just mean email, I mean calendars/appointments (CalDAV), contact syncronization (CardDAV), internal messaging (XMPP), etc.

Microsoft and their need to convolute everything until it crumbles in the users hand for the sake of locking everyone in to extract more license fees is frustrating, and a huge waste of company time/money.

Comment Re: Well then... (Score 1) 125

Half hour or more?

You poor, poor Americans and your shitty internet infrastructure.

My 100Mbps fibre connection will dowload a 1200MB movie in ~3 minutes. Sometimes faster*. I just use that time to make some popcorn, mix up a drink, or go take a piss.

* 1200MB / 6MB per sec = 3.3333333 minutes. I can easily reach speeds of 11MB per sec, depending on if the source can keep up

Comment Re: In all honesty... (Score 1) 110

If you have a use case that requires a specific FPS, any of the so called "Desktop Environments" are probably way overkill.

A lightweight WM like Openbox, Fluxbox, enlightenment, or even IceWM is probably better suited.

I use IceWM on my custom HTPC. If works for my needs with very minimal configuration.

Comment Re: Article paid by Apple to boo over it. (Score 1) 456

In Android's case it is the manufacturer's, not Android's, fault for lack of updates. Samsung is among the worst. Don't buy them.

Since Lenovo bought Motorola, they seem to be pushing out updates in a timely manner. I myself own a Moto X Play (not available in US), running Marshmallow. My wife has a Moto G3, also running Marshmallow. Indeed these phones are not very old, so time will tell, but from what I can tell, Lenovo is moving towards a more ASOP experience, allowing updates to be quicker.

Comment Re: I like my LEDs... (Score 1) 338

One per room/hallway.

I live in a townhouse style home. 3 floors. 3 bedrooms. One washroom. Kitchen. Dining area. Living room. Basement contains a play room for the kids, my office, and laundry room. My yard is small will admit. I have a single 60W Halogen floodlamp that fills the yard nicely at night.

1 60W equiv bright white/daylight (4000-6000K) throws a lot more light around the room than a 60W shitty incandecent at 2500K.

Comment Re: I like my LEDs... (Score 1) 338

I think you are out of touch with what LED bulbs cost, and how many bulbs people actually need.

I just bought 12 Philips 8W (60W equiv), bright white (5000K), 900 lumen LED bulbs for $60 CAD (~$42 USD), or $5 CAD (~$3.50 USD) each. If you need 280+ bulbs then the amount of power they use are probably the least of your worries.

The 12 I bought covered my whole house, minus the yard where I use a 60W halogen floodlamp. I have a small house. But I suspect the majority of households use between 15 and 30 bulbs.

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