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Comment: Re: Gnome 3 (Score 1) 47

by corychristison (#47415933) Attached to: Plasma 5 Release Candidate Announced

Just want to point out Thunar (the XFCE file manager) also has easily added context menu actions.

I understand the desire for configurability, though. I use Gentoo/Funtoo personally. I have found XFCE to strike a great balance between configurable, stable, and lightweight. I'm not one for flashy, animated windows and effects though. That is in XFCE to a degree.

The last time I used KDE was 3.5(I think), so maybe I should revisit it when 5.0 is out.

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by corychristison (#47381217) Attached to: WebODF: JavaScript Open Document Format Editor Deemed Stable

I own a company that builds custom web-based applications for businesses. Certainly not fortunte 100 companies, but businesses with a dozen or more users doing their job with the system 9-5, Mon-Fri.

Personally I don't use Windows at all. Not sure what the snarky comment about Windows Server was all about. I'm not the IT person for these companies, I am simply familiar with the features offered by it and have seen it in place at most of the businesses we deal with.

For the past two years, targeting IE9 has worked well for us. I've convinced some businesses to use Firefox or Chrome instead, as they were still on WinXP.

We don't use any Plugins, and stick to standards as best we can. We also avoid flashy, animated crap. Its business, not TV.

We also build general public stuff. We dropped support for IE7 over a year ago, its made things a lot easier. We're still discussing when to drop support for IE8 in these projects.

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by corychristison (#47371395) Attached to: WebODF: JavaScript Open Document Format Editor Deemed Stable

This is no longer the trend.

This is why Mozilla and friends have been pushing for web standards the last 12 years or so.

Today we can develop scalable, web-based applications and only require a modern browser. IE9 made great strides and IE10 is even better from what I hear.

Today I can develop something in Firefox, test it across the board (Opera, Safari, Chrome/Chromium, IE, mobile browsers) and they usually just work. No plugins, no bullshit.

Also, any business with more than 25 computers should be using Windows Server on a Domain to enforce upgrade policies. As in, test the updates on a dev box, and push updates if there are no issues.

TL:DR, your point is moot in todays modern web.

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by corychristison (#47306521) Attached to: Florida Man Faces $48k Fine For Jamming Drivers' Cellphones

Every heard of hands free devices? Usually its implemented via Bluetooth.

I'm my car I can press a button on the wheel, say "Call Wife Mobile" and it will call my wifes mobile phone. Never seeing or touching my phone.

I live in Saskatchewan, Canada. We ridiculously harsh penalties when it comes to "distracted driving" (their words). I haven't heard of any province or state that has banned using your phone through a hands free device.

The claim that using a cellphone while driving is dangerous stems completely from the action of taking your hand(s) off the wheel, and eyes off the road. This is exactly what bluetooth hands free systems are designed for, and exactly why they are including it in more and more vehicles.

If you're curious, I drive a 2012 Kia Sorento EX V6 AWD Luxury Edition... Bought it last July for about $22K (Canadian) with less than 50,000km on it.

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by corychristison (#47146745) Attached to: HP (Re-)Announces a 14" Android Laptop

Pretty good deal you got. Was that $450 in USD, CAD, or some other currency? $450 USD back in November would have been closer to the $495 Canadian. Plus everything in Canada is usually more expensive due to levies and such.

Regardless those specs at $500 Canadian would be pretty good. I don't regret my purchase. I like the 15.6" screen, the touchpad sucks but I use a wireless mouse when its more convenient.

Comment: $400 ain't cheap for that hardware (Score 3, Interesting) 121

by corychristison (#47142295) Attached to: HP (Re-)Announces a 14" Android Laptop

In Nov/2012 I bought an HP 15.6" AMD based laptop (notebook?) with 8GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB HDD, USB3, Win7 Home Premium, and Beats Audio for $399.00 Canadian. This was retail price.

Upon purchase, I wiped and installed Funtoo Linux, and have since replaced the HDD with an SSD. It does everything I need it to do. I regularly get 4.5 hours battery life of continuous use. Runs a tad warm but I don't use it on my lap so its fine.

My point is, this is android based notebook is limited as a general purpose machine, and costs more than I paid for mine a year and a half ago.

I do understand is had a touchscreen, larger battery and built in flash based memory, and that can drive costs uo a bit, but in terms of general usefulness I don't think it will fly.

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