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Comment Re: Fuck you (Score 1) 361

This x 1000.

There are a few forum's i am a member of that I haven't even needed to disable Adblock, because the ads are straight <img> wrapped in an <a> served directly from the same top-level domain I am visiting.

I think the biggest banner they have is 250x250px. A few are animated GIF's, most are static images.

I have zero problems with this. If only more sites operated like this. Slapping in a bunch of ad network's javascript code is a very easy way to get the ads blocked before anyone can even see them.

Comment Re: "More Guns" is flawed (Score 1) 1164

Strict gun control, or abolish them completely, is the only answer.

It worked for Canada. It worked for Australia. It worked for many other countries.

Unfortunately I don't think it will work for the United States, because the threat of taking guns away will cause the people to revolt and kill even more people. Nobody wants that.

The United States is too far gone. You're in a situation where there is no winning outcome. Eventually everyone will kill eachother. Seems to be the American way, I guess.

With all of that said, my point still stands. The solution is never more guns. When someone decides to shoot up a place, the second they have killed 1 person, they have accomplished their mission. They have struck fear into peoples lives and taken a life. It is exactly the same as a terrorist's mission. They've already won the game, before anyone has a chance to retaliate.

It is funny you bring up freedom and jail at the end of your post. Last I checked the United States incarcerates more people over petty things than any other country. Are you really free? Can you walk around a college campus with your head held high, knowing you are safe? Probably not. I certainly would not in the United States. Living in fear is not freedom, despite what your politicians would like you to believe.

I hear the phrase "America is the greatest Country in the world" touted a lot by Americans. Americans who are completelt ignorant to what life is like in other countries. Believe it or jo

Comment Re:"More Guns" is flawed (Score 1) 1164

Well, in my country we do not have a war on drugs. We don't spend billions of dollars a year on incarcerating drug addicts.

We help each other in my country. We rehabilitate drug addicts when they ask for help. They then turn around and contribute back to society, and pay taxes because it goes right back into helping more people.

The logic of every single person carrying a firearm will only result in more deaths. It will not prevent it. Not now, not ever.

Comment Re:"More Guns" is flawed (Score 1) 1164

I live in Canada. We are working to prevent shooting sprees by regulating guns, and providing support to mentally unstable people.

We have gun violence, but it is VERY RARE. It seems it is a weekly occurrence when someone shoots up a school in the United States.

Frankly, I am glad we do not have widespread access to firearms. We don't need them. Period. But then again, my country teaches and encourages compassion, empathy, and understanding towards one another. The United States is backwards.

Comment "More Guns" is flawed (Score 2, Insightful) 1164

I know this is an unpopular opinion on this mostly US-centric userbase here, but I just have to say this.

The NRA's "more guns is the answer" is inherently flawed for this single, simple reason: Before any good samaritan carrying a firearm can even react to a murderer, one or more people have already been shot and/or killed. How will everyone owning a gun prevent this from happening? It won't. It cannot. You're trying to divide by zero, here.

Preventing the situation from ever happening is the only sane logic.

Some people may believe that everyone owning a gun will at least minimize the impact. While it is possible that not as many people will die in these situations if everyone were carrying a gun, I fucking gaurantee you will care if it is your loved one who was killed.

Death is absolute. A single death in the hands of a psycho is one too many. It needs to be prevented, not stopped part way through a killing-spree, after one or more people have died. Taking the shooter out will not bring his victims back from the dead. He has already acheived his satisfaction.

I like to believe there are some intelligent people here, but when the gun subject comes up on this site you all turn into backwoods hillbilly NRA-cocksucking drooling morons. /end rant

Comment Re:Good and bad about 5X (Score 1) 208

Yes I would have preferred the X Pure, but it's not available in Canada.

I got my Moto X Play for $260 CAD. Regular price was $410 from Koodo. They have a continuous promo of $50 off if you buy the phone "On the Tab" (ie. finance it). But I got in on an additional launch promo where I could choose a free Moto 360 or $100 Visa Gift Card. I turned around and used the gift card to pay down the tab another $100, effectively getting the phone for $260 out of pocket.

Comment Re:Good and bad about 5X (Score 2) 208

Honestly that is a poor argument, and poor analogy.

Proper optimization of the build can/will curtail any negative effect on the usage of RAM. I assume Marshmallow is going to be better optimized.

Nobody here knows because nobody here is actually using either of these devices.

My new phone is running 64bit Android, with only 2GB of RAM. It performs fine.

Comment Re:Good and bad about 5X (Score 1) 208

I don't understand the RAM argument.

I ran my Nexus 4 with 2GB RAM until about a month ago, never once experienced an issue. I upgraded software the same day I received notifications and always ran the latest android on it.

What the heck are people doing with phones that 2GB isn't enough? I regularly close apps when I am not using them, though.

Comment Re:Good and bad about 5X (Score 2) 208

Back in August, I was considering an upgrade from my LG Nexus 4. I was looking at a few phones and was told by friends to wait and see what the next line of Nexus devices had to offer. I had been watching rumours and I was curious to see what was to become of the Nexus 5.

I caught a good deal on a Motorola X Play (not available in the US) so I took advantage of it at the end of August.

Looking at these specs, I'm actually glad I didn't wait. The Moto X Play has turned out to be a great phone, and the new Nexus 5 appears to be more expensive for less (smaller battery, lower res camera, no SD slot, and I have no use for a fingerprint reader). While the Nexus 5X has faster processor and GPU I really don't think it would make much difference, and I do not play video games so I don't see the need for it.

The only thing I think would have been nice was having it unlocked from the factory... but that really doesn't matter as unlock codes are easy to come by.

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