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Comment Re: Wrong way around (Score 1) 754

It's been a while since I've done a fresh install... but last time I did it, the docs encouraged OpenRC over other init systems, unless you were planning to run a BSD kernel.

Perhaps it has changed, and I am just unaware. I do have -systemd in my USE flags to encourage portage to not install, or to remove, any systemd related parts of packages.

Comment Re: Why is this news? (Score 1) 164


I was laid off a week before the due date of my second child.

I am Canadian. Birthing a child in a hospital doesn't cost anything.

We ate into most of our savings due to newborn costs (diapers, formula, etc). On the plus side we received plenty of free mildly used clothes from my neices.

From there I focussed my time into my side business and made it my full time job. I was so put off by dedicating years of my life to a business then when I needed the employment most, they let me go.

Looking back it was probably the best thing to ever happen to us because now, 5 years later, my kids are both in school, my wife is working part time while I manage the business full time from home. Lots of leisure time available for the family. It's nice.

Comment Re: Iceweasel for Windows? (Score 2) 199

Sync in Palemoon is based on the old Sync 1.1 in Firefox. Everything is encrypted client-side and your key is never transmitted. Sync 1.5 is what is currently included in recent Firefox builds. It does transmit your key.

You run your own Sync 1.1 server, and configure Pale Moon to use it instead if that tickles your fancy. See here:

Comment Re: browser.pocket.enabled = false (Score 1) 199

I've been playing with Pale Moon on Android and i feel it is more stable than Firefox so far.

I also havd Pale Moon on my Funtoi workstation. Anyone on Funtoo/Gentoo there is an official Pale Moon overlay in layman. Simply run:
# layman -S
# layman -a palemoon
# emerge palemoon

Replace palemoon with palemoon-bin on the last one if you would prefer a prebuilt binary, though that kind of negates the point of Gentoo/Funtoo.

Comment Thunderbird Local Folder (Score 2) 74

I personally store archives emails in a local folder in Thunderbird on my primary workstation.

I then have it backup regularly to a secondary ("backup") drive installed in the system.

From there I have the backup drive encrypt and sync to a backup server (in a vm on a dedicated box) I have in a datacenter for disaster recovery.

Thunderbird automatically creates an Archives folder, with sub-folders of each year, when you use the "Archive" button.

Works for me. YMMV.

Comment Re: That editorial summary tho (Score 1) 100

I once had someone go digging through my car. Nothing was damaged and the only thing missing was a broken ipod touch.
Not exactly worried about it. Didn't file a police report because nothing of value was lost.
Personally i always am ssure to lock the vehicle (my wife would say obsessive). It is entirely possible my toddler had gotten ahold of the key fob and unintentionally unlocked the car. Shit happens. I'm just more careful about where I put my keys and the kids are older now and know not to push the buttons on the key fob.

Comment Re: Remember - Apple is a hardware company. (Score 2) 225

Which version of the Moto X? I've got a shiney new (released end of Aug. 2015) Moto X Play (not available in US)... I have been following an XDA Developers thread where they are putting together a CM12 build for it. Seems they were able to root and replace the bootloader quite easily.

Comment Re: Fuck you (Score 1) 474

This x 1000.

There are a few forum's i am a member of that I haven't even needed to disable Adblock, because the ads are straight <img> wrapped in an <a> served directly from the same top-level domain I am visiting.

I think the biggest banner they have is 250x250px. A few are animated GIF's, most are static images.

I have zero problems with this. If only more sites operated like this. Slapping in a bunch of ad network's javascript code is a very easy way to get the ads blocked before anyone can even see them.

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