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Comment: Re: MariaDB because Oracle does an excrement job (Score 2) 48

As someone who owns a web hosting business, and recently migrated all of their servers from MySQL to MariaDB. It was the easiest transition we've ever performed. On our cPanel boxes it was done in just a couple of clicks.

MariaDB really is a drop in replacement for MySQL. They have done an awesome job ensuring its a dead simple upgrade.

We are currently looking into upgrading our DNS network. We are toying with MariaDB Galera, and PowerDNS. Our initial testing has been very positive.

Comment: Re: Imperial measurements (Score 2) 229

by corychristison (#49454025) Attached to: 220TB Tapes Show Tape Storage Still Has a Long Future

Here in Saskatchewan, Canada, we measure distance in time.

For example:
Person 1: "How far is Calgary from Regina?"
Person 2: "Oh about 7 hours."

I'm not sure why we do this, but this is the honest truth. My wife used to work at a service station, and had people ask how far X was. They would look at her like she was an alien if they weren't from around here.

Comment: Re: Tabs vs Spaces (Score 3, Informative) 428

by corychristison (#49426233) Attached to: Stack Overflow 2015 Developer Survey Reveals Coder Stats

I prefer tabs.

I don't understand the debate here. Use what you like. If you're editing someone else's code, then convert it to your preference or suck it up.

The editor I use will detect tabs or spaces in the file, and automatically convert it to the preference I set it to in the settings.

Why is this so hard? Why don't all editors do this?

Comment: Re: Facebook was written in PHP (Score 1) 182

by corychristison (#49323993) Attached to: Modern PHP: New Features and Good Practices

Disclaimer: I genuinely like PHP.

Facebook was originally written in Facebook, yes. However, you are missing the important fact Facebook took it upon themselves to fix a bunch of PHP's mistakes with HipHop PHP, later named HHVM.

I've actually played with HHVM a bit. It maintains mostly backwards compatability with PHP code, but adds optional static typing and a few other goodies.

Comment: Re: My first SSD died (Score 1) 204

I think that is a fair assessment.

Personally I have a budget ADATA SX900 128GB SSD in my primary workstation as the primary disk. To store all of my family's media, backup files, etc. I have 3x2TB HDDs:
- one for for media files, also exported as an NFS share across the subnet; music, movies, ebooks, etc)
- one for backups; daily rsync of /home, Bittorrent Sync shares/folders (laptop, my phone, wifes phone), misc non-media files too big for primary SSD
- one to backup aforementioned backup drive; cronjob set to run every day at 5am, spins drive up from sleep, mounts filesystem, rsync's data, unmounts filesystem, spins drive down to sleep

Obviously i dont backup the media files, i can always re-rip or download them if needed. I also keep my really important files backed up (encrypted) on a server I have in a datacenter somewhere.

Comment: .blog (Score 1) 185

by corychristison (#49154625) Attached to: Google Taking Over New TLDs

If google is the sole registrar of all .blog domain names, then you never actually 'own' it.

While I understand the convenience aspect of it, the user cannot transfer it out and is forced to use Google Blogger, and ONLY Blogger. Despite the fact that there are thousands of ways to get a blog online.

On the topic of .dev: I also don't understand where they are coming from with the .dev TLD. I can see it being valuable to both developers and device makers. Why wouldn't they try to capitalize it instead of hog it to themselves?

Comment: Say No to IoT (Score 1) 101

by corychristison (#49038597) Attached to: US Gas Pump Hacked With 'Anonymous' Tagline

This idea that we need to connect /everything/ _directly_ to the internet is insane.

Device manufacturers have a hard enough time makin devices work, let alone secure them. Even important things like manage switches and home routers have gaping security holes in them, I don't expect a mass sudden outbreak of common sense anytime soon, so we're all doomed, doomed I tell ya!

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