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Comment I already switched to BSD (Score -1) 316

The tone of Linux kernel mailing list really is atrocious, headlined by the Chief Asshole, Linus. In my company, I find qualified women put bring out better behavior in men. However, Linux is and always be about the survival of those who can kowtow best to Linus, his flatterers willing to endure the abuse. It gives us the unique product we have today. The Linux kernel, matched with that wonder, systemd. I switched to NetBSD 2 years ago.

Comment Re:None of the people I know that Like this Show.. (Score 2) 103

I like it, too; it's got it's problems, but it makes me laugh, which is the point. If anything, though, I see it more as the wet dream of nerds - they all get women (some of them quite attractive, some of them nerdy themselves - which is very attractive to a lot of nerds). I work in a very creative environment, with a lot of animators and artists - and a lot of them like the show. They all have toy collections and nerdy sides to them. The show doesn't have intellectual humor - it just makes you think it does; at the end of the day, it's like a lot of other sitcoms where we watch the lives of a bunch of social misfits - like the Simpsons, Married with Children, Seinfeld...

Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 1) 316

And then what? Did he always need his friends around after that to defend himself against you? I know it didn't feel like it at the time, but frankly, you "won."

I was the fat, slow kid that a lot of people picked on. On two separate occasions - once in middle school, and once in high school, I turned on the guy hassling me and just started pounding. Got in trouble at school; in school suspensions. Neither of those guys hassled me again. My only regret is not doing it sooner and more often.

Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 1) 316

To be fair, this issue really has almost nothing to do with Linux on the desktop. This is about the kernel mailing list. The kernel has been used successfully on Linux desktop systems for over 15 years now; it's really not holding anything up there. Most of it is a solved problem. There's some interesting work still going on there to be sure, but most of it is either for servers/high-performance computing or for embedded systems, not for standard desktops. There's nothing that can be done in the kernel that will magically make Linux a much more attractive option for the desktop.

Almost all the stuff that could be done to improve the desktop experience is in userspace, which by definition doesn't have anything to do with LKML: things like init systems, desktop environments, application software, distributions, etc. The main exception is graphics drivers, but even that isn't really a LKML topic, those things (like Nouveau) are pretty big projects by themselves and aren't conducted on the LKML. And of course, it should be obvious that the biggest impediment to Linux on the desktop isn't really technical at all, it's the availability of application software (though I suppose you could argue that improving WINE would make a big difference here).

Anyway, the point is, this issue is about only one part of the whole FOSS/Linux community; other projects don't have this notoriety.

Comment Re: Teens shouldn't have access to guns... (Score 1) 365

Was this hard for you to comprehend because of your focus on one personal anecdote?

No, I understand perfectly that you're trying to wish away self-defense use of firearms for your own political or ideological reasons. The problem is that such use has been substantially documented in well known academic studies, and even if you want to say that the numbers of uses found in those studies are off (too high) by an order of magnitude, the number of such uses still completely eclipses the number of deaths caused by criminals that happen to be using guns.

I get it. You live someplace where you don't have home invasions, you don't have entire departments of the local police agencies that exist just to deal with well organized gangs like MS-13, and you don't have problems with carjackings, robberies, and women getting accosted as they walk in public. You're probably in a nice gated community somewhere. That's lovely for you. And you think it's dangerous for you if I own a firearm. Why you think that, I can't imagine - considering you're much more likely to get by somebody driving a car while drunk. So am I. But whatever the odds are of my becoming a victim of violence where I live and work, the actual statistics for my family so far are over 100%, as it's happened to me and mine more than once - and not just some purse snatching or a shove from some punk on the sidewalk. We're talking serious assault, home break-ins, smashing of car windows, repeated threats from gang members, the works.

We've had to make a second pot of coffee for the number of cops we had in our house more than once, over local thugs doing violent crap in our neighborhood, and me being one of the few people who will actually name names to the police, pick out mug shots, and stand up to these ass-hats. For which I've had my life threatened, my property destroyed and stolen, and more. Neighbors have had their kids beaten up for not doing what the local gang enforcers demand, and we've watched a local pimp slash the tires of three cars just so he could be sure he got the one belonging to someone who made a call about him roughing up a woman in our parking lot.

Yeah, to you - these are just rare anecdotes, right? You need to get out more. Career thugs spend very little time locked up for doing stuff like this. They have no problem - especially the MS-13 types - intimidating people with machetes, torching cars, and throwing just-killed family pets through kitchen windows to make a point. I don't need a larger fix for "my" situation, we're talking about a problem that is culture-wide in some places. In our case, it's because our county considers itself a sanctuary for illegals, and so we're now a franchise operation for Salvadoran and Nicaraguan gangs. The really funny thing is we have it EASY compared to places like Chicago.

Please carry on with your untroubled life. But stop pontificating about the frequency with which other, less fortunate people find themselves unable to wait 30 minutes for the police to show up and deal with something that's going to happen in the next 30 seconds.

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