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Comment: Re:Google Streams (Score 2) 145

by jez9999 (#49558493) Attached to: Google Insiders Talk About Why Google+ Failed

if Microsoft did something like this (which they did in the 1990s), the masses would be at the gates with pitchforks and flaming torches screaming for blood.

No they wouldn't. Some geeks would be pissed off, which they were in the 90s.

When Google behaves like Microsoft did 20 years ago... well, meh, it's Google, they can do that. What's changed?

Nothing. Many of us are pissed off at Google for ruining good products they had. My bugbear is Google Navigate, and the removal of the separate "blue arrow" navigate icon. They totally fucked it up by rolling it up into Maps and changing the interface the way they did. Even to this day I install the old Maps APK on my Android phones.

Comment: Re:Dell, HP, Panasonic (Score 1) 415

by Dog-Cow (#49553223) Attached to: We'll Be the Last PC Company Standing, Acer CEO Says

Just because you act like a fucking piece of shit on slashdot doesn't mean you are one. But we may as well treat you as you yourself act, so there's little practical difference. PC is a term that refers to computers which run Microsoft operating systems on x86-compatible architectures. That some few people use the term differently does not change reality. Idiot.

Comment: Re: Dell, HP, Panasonic (Score 1) 415

by Dog-Cow (#49553201) Attached to: We'll Be the Last PC Company Standing, Acer CEO Says

Also, there's no longer any such thing as "running natively" - today's x86 actually takes every instruction and translates it into microcode - in other words, the cpu is really just an x86 emulator.

For the purposes of discussing computing hardware -- if the CPU executes the instruction, it is native. It doesn't matter how the CPU goes about the business. Idiot.

Comment: Re:Raise Them To Infinity! (Score 1) 298

What rational argument is there that makes it right to strip ownership from the copyright holder after a few decades? Does real estate become public domain after 100 years of ownership?

You have confused ideas with property. The only rational argument for using state force to punish people or make them pay for making a copy of a work is that doing so promotes the creation of more works. That excuse falls off rather rapidly once the author is dead.

A song is not real estate -- if I go into Bob Dylan's house it affects his life, if I sing one of his songs it doesn't -- and so your comparison makes no sense.

Comment: Re:Benjamin Franklin got it right (Score 2) 228

by Mr. Slippery (#49527637) Attached to: UK Police Chief: Some Tech Companies Are 'Friendly To Terrorists'

We trade "freedom" for "security" every day; it's called civilization

If you're trading freedom for security, you're doing it wrong. They are mutually dependent. You have both or neither, not one or the other.

What does it mean to not be free? It means you can't live your life as you want because someone -- the state, the group with a "monopoly on violence", where one exists -- will use violence to stop you. You don't have security when you are subject to state violence that restricts freedom.

And what is the reason we desire security? Because we can only live as we choose -- we can only live freely -- when others do not violently impose their will upon us. You don't have freedom when you are subject to violence that threatens your security.

The question then becomes, how do we organize to defend ourselves against violence, while at the same time not creating an organization that commits violence? The modern police state fails this challenge.

Comment: Re:Define 'Terrorists' (Score 5, Insightful) 228

by Mr. Slippery (#49527381) Attached to: UK Police Chief: Some Tech Companies Are 'Friendly To Terrorists'

Israel didn't start it, Hamas did.

No. The UK started it with the Balfour Declaration, then the Zionist Organization followed by with an invasion. Arabs started to resist the invasion, and the cycle began, with many sins since then by many players. But the origin was British colonialism and Jewish millenarianism. And the recent and ongoing brutality has been primarily of Israeli origin.

Who are the terrorists? The ones launching cowardly, hidden attacks, or the ones defending themselves?

There is nothing "cowardly" about hiding. That's how you win a battle. It's why we invented camouflage. That's the same charge the British leveled against American colonial fighters, that they wouldn't stand out in the open wearing bright colors and be shot like Real Men.

And the Palestinians have been on the defensive since 1917, that's the historical fact.

Comment: Re:What a bizarre statement (Score 2) 252

by Mr. Slippery (#49524531) Attached to: Twitter Rolls Out New Anti-Abuse Tools

To give an example, there are a number of women working in the games space who are targeted every time they express any sort of view. Some of these threats are simply extraordinarily disgusting.

"Targeted"? What exactly do you mean by that?

If you mean that people disagree loudly and vigorously when they speak, well, welcome to being an adult.

If you mean that people threaten them, an actual, credible threat is a crime. And in such instance Twitter should be forwarding info to help the police to catch the criminal.

But hyperbolic speech -- even speech you or I may find "extraordinarily disgusting" -- is not a credible threat. If you don't want to read disgusting speech, Twitter lets you block people. We've had the solution for dealing with asshats on-line since the glory days of USENET. It sounds like this: plonk.

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