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Comment: Re:Knuth is right. (Score 1) 95

Discreet mathematique are the basis for computing

Not at the semiconductor junction level.

You are confusing computing with computers. Indeed, a "computer" used to be a human being implementing algorithms with a mechanical adding machine, and then were tube-based electrical systems, and in the future may use something wholely other than semiconductors; computing, however, remains the same. A bubble sort is still a bubbble sort.

Comment: Re:Going for cop's gun drastically escalates situa (Score 1) 357

by Mr. Slippery (#48667159) Attached to: Study: Police Body-Cams Reduce Unacceptable Use of Force

Brown was shot because he escalated the situation to a "high risk arrest" by going for the cop's gun. Period.

We have no evidence that Brown was trying to take Wilson's gun, only the word of a cop who's been caught lying before. Cops know that "he was going for my gun" are magic words to justify themselves when they commit murders.

And of course it's irrevelvant whether Brown tried to get control of Wilson's gun earlier in the confrontation. Brown was not trying to do so when he was murdered, he was (according to the majority of witness testimony) attempting to surender.

Comment: Re:Big bags of water... that's what we are. (Score 0) 156

by Mr. Slippery (#48648969) Attached to: Can Rep. John Culberson Save NASA's Space Exploration Program?

Yes there are good reasons for going to Mars. Greatest among them is to safeguard the species from any catestrophic impacts on Earth they would extinguish us.

No potential impact to Earth would render it less hospitable to life than Mars is. For speicies survival a set of fortified underground bunkers/mini-cities would be far more practical -- and unlike Mars, we do have the tech to do that.

The suggestion that we currently have the technology to colonize Mars is, in brief, ridiculous. No human has been move than 500 miles from Earth's surface in over four decades, and the farthest we've ever sent a human is under 250,000 miles; at its closest, Mars is 38,000,000 miles away. We do not know how to safely get a human being that distance through interplanetary space, and the first few people we try to send are quite likely to die.

That investment of blood and treasure might be worthwhile if there was something useful for humans to do when they got there, but there isn't. We'll get better scientific results by building and sending better robots.

There is no practical reason to send humans to Mars in the near-term -- say, next five centuries. Especially not when all of our resources are needed over the next century or so to put human civilization on a sustainable footing. We can probably do some useful stuff with humans in Earth orbit and maybe on Luna, but deep space is for robots.

The only justification to put humans on Mars is some vague hand-waving about "inspiration" -- i.e., it's a huge performance art project. Maybe someday humanity can afford that. But not now.

Comment: Re:I blame Microsoft (Score 1) 148

by jez9999 (#48638361) Attached to: Critical Git Security Vulnerability Announced

Right, because it's a daily problem I have that I want to put files called Polish and polish in the same directory. And I can't think of any way to differentiate them other than capitals.

What a dumb argument.

By the way, what about when you can't distinguish them by capitals? What if I want a file about my new table in the same directory as my table of figures? What do I do then?

Comment: Re:I blame Microsoft (Score 1) 148

by jez9999 (#48632147) Attached to: Critical Git Security Vulnerability Announced

Despite the fact that I think case-sensitivity is a Good Idea

Why? I've never heard a single good argument in favour. With programming, you often want case sensitivity to distinguish between a public Name and a private name, but the same need isn't there with files, and case-sensitivity is just more likely to lead to mistakes. I say POSIX should be changed to prefer case-insensitive filesystems.

Comment: Re:SVN? (Score 2) 148

by jez9999 (#48632121) Attached to: Critical Git Security Vulnerability Announced

I have source trees that I can't check out of an SVN server on windows because either the files get overwritten by different case filenames being aliased onto the same file

Windows' behaviour makes sense. What doesn't make sense is having Readme and readme in the same directory. What possible reason could one have for differentiating 2 files on nothing but case?

Comment: Re:Georgia (Score 1) 159

by jez9999 (#48626933) Attached to: To Fight Currency Mismatches, Steam Adding Region Locking to PC Games

I do not consider myself to be US-centric nor uneducated, but prior to the incident at the Winter Olympics in 2010 where a luge athlete from Georgia was killed during a training run [], and here in Vancouver, the host city for the Olympics that year, this incident was pretty major news. I had no idea previously that there was evidently a country that was also called Georgia, although I had certainly heard of the US state by the same name.

Sorry, but you sound pretty uneducated.

Comment: Re: Diversity is good, especially in SciFi (Score 1) 368

by Mr. Slippery (#48595317) Attached to: Overly Familiar Sci-Fi

Science fiction isn't fiction that has elements that aren't science but might appeal to geeks who like science....Science fiction is science that is fictional. Very different animal and naturally restrictive.

You are using a defintion of a term, which is at odds with the defintions of that term used by almost every other educated native speaker of English. This will probably make it hard for you to communicate. You might want to look to that.

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