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Comment: Re:Such potential (Score 1) 520

by Dog-Cow (#49065769) Attached to: Nim Programming Language Gaining Traction

You are a moron. A truly fucked-up, head-up-the-ass-into-his-colon idiot. And you're stupid.

1) It may not be my blog "engine".
2) Fixing messed up formatting of any C-based language is a keystroke away, so we don't have to waste time making sure some random blog or forum software won't mess it up when it's copy and pasted on any of several OS's or desktop environments.

Using your brain instead of the computer is stupid. That's why we invented computers: to automate and remove the drudgery of manual/mental labor.

Comment: Re:So many invalid arguments (Score 1) 520

by Dog-Cow (#49065735) Attached to: Nim Programming Language Gaining Traction

The purpose of braces are two-fold: let the compiler know what's going on and let the reader know what's going on. It takes no thought at all from the programmer and only needs to be done once. The intent can't be messed up by any of the zillion transmission methods, including, but not limited to, email, web forums, or differences in editors or editor settings. Pretty formatting is a key-stroke away on any code editor worthy of the name, and many will auto-indent code as it's pasted in.

On the flip-side, you have Python, where any of the above transmission methods, plus a whole lot more, can cause the original indentation to be lost. On top of that, the editor cannot infer semantics when code is pasted in, so the programmer needs to analyze the surrounding code and make sure the indentation of the pasted code is correct. In other words, there's no way to automate. Any time you have the developer doing work the computer could have done, you're doing it wrong. The entire purpose of a computer is to automate tasks. (And provide video game entertainment, of course.)

Comment: Re:If they don't allow it... (Score 1) 165

by Dog-Cow (#49064547) Attached to: Cubans Allowed To Export Software and Software Services To the US

Communism is shared ownership of resources. It has nothing to do with who is making the decisions, though there is an assumption that each owner has a say.

Free/Open Source software is fairly close. Each contributor owns his piece. Some projects require copyright assignment, and those have no Communistic features.

Comment: Re:Great for Cuba (Score 1) 165

by Dog-Cow (#49064537) Attached to: Cubans Allowed To Export Software and Software Services To the US

If all, or even most, tech companies trained employees instead of requiring college degrees, they could pay those people less. If those people leave, who cares? Just pick up someone trained by some other company instead. The point is that it doesn't take long to train an employee at most tech jobs, it's significantly cheaper than college and the costs to the company are recouped by lower salaries. It should be a big win for everyone except the poor universities.

Comment: Re:Is semver too simplistic for kernels? (Score 1) 199

by Dog-Cow (#49058747) Attached to: Torvalds Polls Desire for Linux's Next Major Version Bump

I'm going to take "non-technical people" and assume that means people who don't care about the kernel. And then I'll tell you that the version the number of the kernel is irrelevant because non-technical people don't even know what it is. They might know which distribution they're using. Maybe.

Stinginess with privileges is kindness in disguise. -- Guide to VAX/VMS Security, Sep. 1984