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Comment: Re:We need more architectures (Score 1) 81

I believe you are thoroughly outdated in your knowledge of Intel architecture. At the hardware level, the only vestige of compatibility is the instruction decoder. Once you get past that, an Intel chip looks much like any other architecture in terms of features and composition.

(Yes, even x64 has fewer registers than some other architectures, but that's a design choice, not an architectural limit.)

Comment: Re:Here's MY test (Score 1) 515

by Dog-Cow (#49333703) Attached to: A Bechdel Test For Programmers?

Please outline the exact problem with the current situation. Are female programmers starving because they can't get work? Is the trouble in the ME caused by women locked out of programming jobs? Will Putin stop invading sovereign nations if we just hire more girls? Will poverty in the US cease the moment we start affirmative action to hire more women in tech? Will a 3rd party candidate finally be elected President?

Really. What exactly is the problem? What is objectively wrong about the current situation?

Comment: Re:Here's MY test (Score 1) 515

by Dog-Cow (#49333663) Attached to: A Bechdel Test For Programmers?

There has been zero evidence or proof that the current situation is bad in any qualitative or objective way. Thus, any effort to correct it is based on hand-wavy feelings that women should make up a larger percentage of the workforce. Hand-wavy feelings are never a good reason to force whole populations to do things they might not want to do. Basically, it's tyranny dressed up in political correctness.

Comment: Re:Skype is for children. (Score 2, Insightful) 133

Conversations that human beings and coworkers have. I understand that an introverted, socially-awkward basement-dweller such as yourself may prefer not to embarrass themselves by speaking to others, but it's a necessary skill if one wishes to succeed in any number of endeavours.

Comment: Re:HOWTO (Score 1) 1081

by Dog-Cow (#49260995) Attached to: How To Execute People In the 21st Century

You are a moron. Perhaps you could commit suicide, so no one will have to feel remorse.

Allowing murderers to go free is nothing less than assisting in future murder. That was his point. That you read revenge into it shows us your stance: namely, that you have an irrational outlook that has nothing to do with safety and only about some silly feel-good liberal shit. You don't care how many people die, so long as you didn't personally pull the trigger. You are a monster.

Comment: Re:Better Arguments Needed (Score 1, Insightful) 1081

by Dog-Cow (#49260917) Attached to: How To Execute People In the 21st Century

Only retarded idiots think that it's psychopathic to remove a clear threat to one's safety, just because that threat happens to be a human being.

Case in point: A man was released from prison early to make room. He was in for murder 1. He proceeded to hook up with his girlfriend (who was mentally retarded) and murder a couple by pouring bleach down their throats. The wife was pregnant. This happened within months, perhaps sooner, of his release.

Due to backwards morals like yours, a true psychopath was freed to murder 2 more innocent people in a truly horrific way.

When some people discover the truth, they just can't understand why everybody isn't eager to hear it.